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20th Century Boy and Girl adds Lee Sang-woo as second lead

Ooh, this cast is shaping up quite nicely. MBC’s 20th Century Boy and Girl has just added a slew of names to its roster, and it’s a great combination of familiar and newer faces to dramaland. I’m really looking forward to watching a drama with female friendships at its center, and penned by a Answer Me series junior writer, Lee Sun-hye, I’m expecting lots of heartwarming relationships and friends-as-family moments.

Newlywed Lee Sang-woo is considering 20th Century Boy and Girl as his first project post-marriage, and if he confirms, he’ll be reuniting with PD Lee Dong-yoon who he worked with on All’s Well With a Happy Home. His character is a former idol-turned-actor named Anthony, and he’ll start to gain interest in Han Ye-seul’s (Madam Antoine) character, who is herself an actress with an idol background and his fan.

Aw, I’m happy that Lee Sang-woo is considering a return so soon after his wedding, but this means he would be playing second lead to Kim Ji-suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). This show is setting me up for failure if it’s going to make me choose between them.

Oh Sang-jin, Lee Sang-hee, Ahn Se-ha

As for our main trio of girlfriends, Han Ye-seul will be joined by Ryu Hyun-kyung (Empress Ki), who has confirmed her role as a flight attendant constantly on a diet, and newbie film actress Lee Sang-hee (Come, Together) in her first full-length drama role as a lawyer.

We also have some potential love interests for Ryu and Lee’s characters in Ahn Se-ha (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) and Oh Sang-jin (The Family Is Coming). They’ve got to be going for the irony when they named Ahn Se-ha’s character Jung Woo-sung, who is a gynecologist. Oh Sang-jin will be playing highly principled lawyer Kang Kyung-suk, who doesn’t care for money or glory, but rather thinks of his job as his calling.

This is a solid cast, and I’m excited to follow this group of thirtysomethings as they navigate their way around love lives, friendships, and family relationships. 20th Century Boy and Girl will follow The King Loves and premiere in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday slot in September.

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