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Disappearing childhood sweethearts in 20th Century Boy and Girl

The first teaser for upcoming romance drama 20th Century Boy and Girl has been released. Accompanied by gentle piano music, it depicts the childhood stages of our main couple Han Ye-seul (Madam Antoine) and Kim Ji-suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). She’ll play a former idol and current actress, while he’ll play a successful businessman.

Directed by Lee Dong-yoon (All’s Well With a Happy Home, Fated To Love You) and written by Lee Sun-hye (junior writer on the Answer Me series), this drama’s story centers around the lives and friendship of three 35-year-old women who grew up knowing each other as neighbors ever since they were young. It’ll capture their journeys as they mature and change in their relationships with the people closest to them.

The teaser begins in a nursery, where a boy and a girl make faces and giggle during nap time as all their classmates remain asleep. Then the scene switches to the boy pushing the girl on a swing set, but soon the younger actors are replaced by their teenage versions (Gugudan’s Mina plays the girl and Kim In-sun plays the boy.)

The relationship between the two stays sweet as they grow up, as the teenage boy peers at the girl napping with puppy dog devotion in his eyes. Then we finally see their adult counterparts, Kim Ji-suk and Han Ye-seul, with her sleeping on his shoulder and him stroking her hair in the very same bus.

During class time, the high school girl surreptitiously opens up her pop idol magazine only to see that the boy has scribbled over her favorite singer. She glares in his direction, and the adult versions replace them again, as Kim Ji-suk laughs over his textbook in Han Ye-seul’s direction. Clearly their dynamic won’t change much as they grow up.

But then… he suddenly disappears and Han Ye-seul makes a forlorn expression as their past memories quickly flash by. She’s shown at an empty playground waiting by herself as Kim Ji-suk disappears in all the memories. But then, he walks up to her in the present, and she breaks into a relieved smile. Their joint voiceover says: “Starting our twenties in the 21st century,” and the teaser ends with the two of them laughing with each other.

MBC Monday-Tuesday drama 20th Century Boy and Girl will begin airing this fall starting September 25, when The King Loves ends its run.

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