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Doctors play the survival game aboard MBC’s Hospital Ship

The last episode of Man Who Dies to Live aired today, which means we are less than a week away from the premiere of MBC’s upcoming Hospital Ship, yay! It’s been a while since I’ve looked forward to a medical drama, but its lead Ha Ji-won (The Time I’ve Loved You) and the promise of warm human stories have drawn me in, and I’m really liking the grand, uplifting feel of the teasers.

The newest teaser for Hospital Ship begins in the operating room with Ha Ji-won’s character, Song Eun-jae, a surgeon whose skill attracts the attention of more senior surgeons, for better or worse. She fits the “cold, no-nonsense” descriptors to a tee as she commands her assisting doctor to hold the vein she’s pointing to. I’d be quaking in my boots if Ha Ji-won was speaking to me that way, with that glare.

Due to an incident that results in her public ruination, she ends up aboard the hospital ship, which doesn’t have any of the fancy medical instruments she’s used to: “This ship doesn’t have even the most basic of surgical equipment. What am I supposed to do here?” I feel like I’m having a Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim flashback. Thankfully, it looks like she adjusts to her surroundings enough to carry out a surgery while Kang Min-hyuk’s character (Entertainer) looks on in worry.

While medical dramas tend to be pretty procedural, I’m excited to see that Hospital Ship’s focus might focus more on character development, specifically on Ha Ji-won’s. While she might complain at the lack of equipment, and even get threatened by islanders, she’ll come to perform operations outdoors and fight to treat potential patients: “You choose. Whether you’ll leave this patient to die, or if you’ll leave them in my care!” The teaser ends with the words “The young doctors desperately playing the game of survival.”

In terms of charisma, I find Ha Ji-won hard to beat, so I look forward to her bringing the badassery back, even if it’s not in an action sense. MBC’s Hospital Ship will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting August 30.

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