[SALE] Dramabeans “K-Drama Addicts” Tote Bag

girlfriday: I’m so excited that we finally got to open the Dramabeans Shop! It’s here! It’s really, really here!

javabeans: Finally. It was a massive and occasionally painful effort (dark circles for monnnnths, folks!), but we think it’s been worth it. We’ve always wanted to be able to make it just a little bit easier for us international fans to be able to get a hold of goodies like drama-themed dolls, or DVDs, or special edition soundtracks.

girlfriday: I WANT THEM ALL. We also plan to constantly add new products, so you may want to check the shop often to see what’s new.

javabeans: Also, feel free to make suggestions for things you’d like us to sell. We picked items we thought would most interest our Dramabeans community, but if we missed an area of interest (like everything in K-pop, whoops—this is not my forte!), we’re happy to take suggestions. (You can email us at [email protected])

girlfriday: As a certified shopaholic, this is both the best and worst thing to happen to me.

javabeans: As a certified Scroogey stingypants, I’m having a hard time deciding what makes the “must buy” list right away, and what to save for later. My shopping cart has changed multiple times daily but I’ve yet to push buy. It’s not ready yet!

girlfriday: It’s a shopping list, not a master’s thesis.

javabeans: That presumes I care about a master’s thesis. Shopping is SRS BSNS! I need something to push me off my ledge of indecision, something like…

girlfriday: A sale?

javabeans: Ha, way to segue.

girlfriday: Smooth, I know. We thought it would be fun to feature items from the shop and put them on sale fairly regularly, picking items at random like a game.

javabeans: Like Russian roulette, but without the death. The fun kind!

girlfriday: So regular roulette then.

javabeans: Oh, right. Yes. That. The kind that makes me money (in that it saves me money).

girlfriday: That logic sounds reasonable to me! The first item we’re going to feature is the Dramabeans “K-Drama Addicts” Tote Bag, which we’ll discount all this week at $19.

javabeans: It seems fitting to start with Beanie Loot, and also because totes seem to be the quintessential piece of merch. Wear your drama addiction loud and proud.