Secretary Baek Jin-hee juggles an explosive time bomb of tasks for Jugglers

After watching the cute teaser for this upcoming KBS drama, I half wish that they had run with the circus theme instead of having just the name Jugglers for an office romance. The title actually refers to Baek Jin-hee’s (Missing 9) character, a super-secretary capable of juggling many tasks at once. She’ll have a romance with her stoic boss, played by Daniel Choi (Big Man).

The mini-teaser begins with Kim Chang-wan (20th Century Boy and Girl) asking what Jugglers means, and being answered by Department Head Gong (in a bubble caption by Jung Sung-ho of Drinking Solo). With a devil-like grin, Daniel Choi throws Baek Jin-hee various tasks, but nimbly she catches her work, overtime, verbal abuse, weekend work, errands, meetings, and etc.

Department Head Gong explains that jugglers are a special kind of elite secretary who can be a multiplayer, managing many things at once, and Baek Jin-hee’s hands juggle faster and faster, despite how many items Daniel Choi lobs in her direction. By the end, he’s the one looking befuddled by the sudden reversal in expectations. She throws the explosive ball of tasks back his way, smiles brightly at the camera, and slowly begins juggling again.

Jugglers is set up to be an opposites-attract love story: Baek Jin-hee is the definition of a very giving, self-sacrificing martyr while Daniel Choi is someone who cares little for others. He plays an outwardly cold manager in the video department of the YB advertisement firm, who has few words, and even less of a concept of hospitality and politeness. But somehow he’s still popular with the ladies (lol, it’s almost a requirement now for all heroes).

I’m looking forward to how he will interact with Baek Jin-hee’s character, especially because it’s the actor’s first drama since his comeback from the army. It will be a nice change to see that the female character will be the all-around capable problem-solver this time. She’ll “shows up whenever her boss is in need,” so I’m picturing a hybrid of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and Protect the Boss.

And one of the best parts is puppy Lee Won-geun (Mystery Queen), who shows his rebellious streak in the stills below, wearing full biker gear complete with leather regalia. He’ll play the director of the sports department at YB, who was born with everything, both brains and money. But he has this impulsive and childish side to him that makes him think that “Project: Run Through 100 Secretaries in One Year” is a great idea. It’s a near-guaranteed setup for romantic hijinks!

Monday-Tuesday KBS drama Jugglers will begin December 4, after the end of Witch’s Courtroom.

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