[Theme of the Month] Write an alternate ending to a drama whose ending sucked

It’s November (oh my god), which means it’s time to roll out a shiny new Theme of the Month. Goodbye, escapist dramas in alternate realities, hello alternate endings.

We’ve all seen a drama or two (…hundred) with endings that left us feeling deflated, or disappointed, or in some cases, frothing at the mouth in outrage. We’ve already made a list of some of our most disliked endings—although I’m noting that that post was back in October 2015 and a few new contenders have come and gone in the interim, threatening some of those entries’ places on the list.

Well, time to do something with that bitter disappointment and make an ending that sucked a little less sucky.

Rewrite the ending of a drama with a disappointing ending.

Maybe it was an awesome drama that was so exciting that it was impossible to make an ending live up to its promise, so the finale felt like a letdown. Maybe the show fizzled out with a bland ending, turning the entire drama into a forgettable affair. Or maybe it was just a real stinker of a conclusion, with WTF plot twists or nonsense logic or lazy resolutions—or worse yet, non-resolutions. Or maybe by some unholy magic, it was all of those things.

Now’s your chance to make it all right again and give us a chance to wash our brains of the original endings with what could have, and probably should have, been.

To submit:

  • Email your submissions to [email protected] If you have a registered Dramabeans account, include your handle so we can link to it.
  • Include at least 1 image, though more is preferred.
  • Suggested length: Between 500 and 1,000 words.
  • Deadline: We will post these on a rolling basis, so we’re taking submissions now. We will cut off accepting submissions on November 25. If you miss this month, join us for a new theme next month!


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