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Woohoo Waikiki 2: Episode 12

There’s really nothing better in life than having friends who are always there for you. Whether it’s to cheer you up when you’re down, or tell you when you’re being an idiot, a true friend is worth their weight in gold. But what happens when more serious feelings get into the mix, and suddenly that friend starts to look like so much more?

EPISODE 12: “What’s Your Name?/A Dramatic Night”

Jung-eun sets the table, and when Yu-ri says lunch is ready, Jung-eun uses her alphorn to call the housemates to the kitchen. Jun-ki has such a good ear that he can even tell what’s for lunch by Jung-eun’s playing, ha. It’s cleaning day, but Jun-ki begs off, saying he has plans with college friends.

They’re all surprised when Woo-shik and Soo-yeon arrive home together. Woo-shik says they just ran into each other, and they’re not hungry because they stopped for hotteok. He offers to help Soo-yeon monitor her show, making the housemates worry a little for the state of his broken heart. Alone in his room, Woo-shik’s brave smile falters.

Jun-ki shows up for his college club get-together, the “super strength” club. It’s the first time they’ve met up since school, and he’s happy to see an old friend… but he can’t remember his name. His friend gets upset and storms off, leaving Jun-ki feeling bad enough that he decides to leave early.

He runs into another friend in the restroom, and he can’t remember his name, either, or his face. But the guy clearly remembers him, so Jun-ki just avoids calling him by name. The guy says they should meet up for a drink sometime and Jun-ki agrees, but he still has no idea who the man is.

Back home, Jun-ki whines to the housemates about his problem, and they attribute it to him drinking too much alcohol in school, ha. Ki-bong gets a call about a job opportunity and leaves, and his friends all hope he finds something soon.

Woo-shik heads upstairs, saying that he’s been neglecting work lately, so he’s going to try to write a song and make a comeback. He reminds them that he’s cranky when writing and asks them to stay out of his studio and keep the noise down, and they agree, just happy to see him getting back to something he loves.

The company where Ki-bong’s friend works is called Global Network Marketing Yutnori, and his friend changes the subject when Ki-bong comments on it. He starts talking about retail margin, explaining that it’s the amount an item’s price inflates from wholesaler to customer.

His friend says that his company works to reduce retail margin, which uneducated people misunderstand. He offers Ki-bong a “job” and a lady explains how it works, and it’s totally a pyramid scheme. Ki-bong asks a zillion questions and says that he can’t work this way.

While taking resumes to an agency, Jun-ki runs into his college club friend again, the one he doesn’t remember. His friend says he works there and offers to help him out, so Jun-ki agrees to go for a drink and talk about work, carefully calling the guy “friend” to avoid admitting that he doesn’t recall his name.

Over drinks, Friend says that his company is about to start filming a new movie, and he offers to introduce Jun-ki to the director. Jun-ki is excited, but feeling worse than ever for not remembering Friend’s name, which he needs so that he can find Friend’s number in his phone and use him as a professional contact.

He asks Friend for a business card, but he’s out of them. Jun-ki’s ears perk up when Friend makes a call to confirm a reservation, but when he says his name, the waitress sneezes and all Jun-ki hears is “Park.” Friend repeats his name, but this time the waitress drops her tray.

Jun-ki misses it again, but at least he knows Friend’s family name is Park. He pretends to go to the restroom and calls another club buddy to ask about members named Park who work at Friend’s employer. His buddy doesn’t remember, so Jun-ki asks for a list of alumni named Park instead.

Woo-shik is having trouble concentrating because it’s been so long since he wrote any music. He blames his lack of focus on the mess in the studio, so he cleans up, then fixes a broken fingernail, then looks up pen brands when his pen’s ink has gone lumpy (Okay, has someone been watching me work??).

By now, Ki-bong is arguing the ethics of pyramid schemes with the recruiter (“It’s not right to take someone’s profits without doing anything!”). He doesn’t entirely understand the concept, but he knows it sounds hinky. The recruiter calls in her boss, who says that it’s like striking out but giving your teammate at third base a chance to get a run.

It convinces Ki-bong to give it a try, but the boss pushes the issue and offers to start Ki-bong at a higher level if he makes a pre-payment. Ki-bong says that’s like paying for a promotion and calls it cheating, refusing to work under those conditions.

Friend promises to get Jun-ki auditions for all ten movies his company is making next year. Jun-ki gets that list from his club buddy, but there are seven club members named Park, so it’s not much help. He sings the names on the list, pretending to be shuffling through his contact list, but none of them get a reaction.

Friend takes a call from his mother, who invites Jun-ki over to visit, meaning that his mom is familiar with him, too. Jun-ki goes, hoping that seeing Friend’s mom will jog his memory, but he doesn’t remember her even though she says he used to sleep over all the time.

Woo-shik realizes that he’s been watching videos for hours instead of working (okay seriously, someone has been spying on me!). He makes himself get to work, but as soon as he starts, Jung-eun calls him to eat, and he nearly bites her head off for interrupting him. He goes back to work, lying down because his back is tired.

The pyramid scheme boss is still trying to convince Ki-bong that pre-paying to start at a higher level isn’t cheating, but Ki-bong refuses to even consider it, so they call in the highest ranked guy in the place, Kang Nam-gil (cameo by Yoon Hee-seok). He also puts things in baseball terms, likening pre-payment to practicing hard so that your team makes you starting pitcher right away.

Ki-bong agrees that it makes sense, but he says that he doesn’t have the money anyway. Nam-gil suggests he borrow it from his parents or friends, but Ki-bong says that’s not ethical, and his mother told him never to take out a loan and he always listens to his mom.

He says he’ll just start at the lowest level, wasting all their time and effort convincing him. His friend tells him to leave, but Ki-bong argues that he really needs a job. His friend gives him cab money just to make him go home, awww.

Friend’s mom asks for Jun-ki’s autograph, and Friend tells him to add his name to it. As Jun-ki is panicking, he notices an award on the wall for a Park Jong-oh. There’s a second place award for Park Jong-woo, and he wonders which is Friend and which is his brother.

Friend sees his hesitation and jokes that Jun-ki must not remember his name. Jun-ki says of course he does, calling him Park Jong-mumble and getting away with it. He takes a wild guess and writes “Jong-woo” next to his autograph, and when Friend doesn’t object, he knows he has it.

But when he starts his loooong signature, Jong-woo watches him writing “Leeeeeeeeee…” and thinks, “Lee Jun-ki? It’s not Kang Jun-ki?” He asks if Jun-ki uses a stage name, but Jun-ki says it’s his real name, and Jong-woo realizes that oops, he’s got the wrong Jun-ki. LOL, oh no!

He realizes that this Jun-ki is a stranger, but Jun-ki thinks that he’s finally solved the mystery and is acting like they’re old friends. Jong-woo knows it’s too late to admit that they’ve never met before today, so he says it’s late and Jun-ki should head home.

But his mom invites Jun-ki to spend the night, and Jun-ki happily accepts. They end up sharing a bed, Jun-ki bringing up old club stories and Jong-woo wondering who on Earth he is. He can only suffer when Jun-ki snuggles up on him to sleep, hee.

Naturally, Woo-shik falls asleep while working lying down, and he doesn’t wake up until four a.m. He vows to get some work done for real this time, after a cup of coffee. Downstairs, Soo-yeon is also awake and working, but Woo-shik doesn’t speak to her — he heads back to his studio and starts writing a song called “Even Just For A Minute,” and this time nothing distracts him.

Soo-yeon is tired at breakfast as she tells Yu-ri and Jung-eun that she spent most of last night working. They were shooting a piece about an octopus that can moonwalk — but a drunk customer accidentally ate it, so they had to pick a new story on the fly.

Ki-bong joins the ladies and tells them that Woo-shik already left to record the song he wrote. Jun-ki is confused because Jong-woo is suddenly avoiding him, and Ki-bong is feeling down for not getting that job.

Today is Yu-ri’s first day working her food truck, and Ki-bong asks if she’s finished with her preparations. She says she’s totally ready except she hasn’t driven in a very long time, and needs him to drive the truck to her location. Why are these two so freaking cute?

They get everything set up near a pair of other food trucks, whose chef-owners come over to say hello. The steak truck owner assumes that Yu-ri makes ice cream based on her truck’s name, so she explains her concept of thirty-one different kinds of pasta.

She asks if they have any tips for a first-time food truck owner, and they tell her that the food just needs to taste good, and that tricks aren’t necessary. But the steak truck owner has a guy breathing fire, and the taco truck owner has someone who does magic tricks, which draws all the customers to their trucks.

While Woo-shik is gone, Jun-ki and Jung-eun try to clean his room, which has discarded music scoresheets all over the floor. Jun-ki shuffles through them to see what Woo-shik was writing, and he can tell by the sad lyrics that Woo-shik isn’t as fine as he’s claimed. Jung-eun didn’t realize just how much Woo-shik likes Soo-yeon, but Jun-ki tells her everything that Woo-shik has done for Soo-yeon.

Jung-eun hopes she finds a guy who likes her that much, but Jun-ki laughs wildly, saying that no guy would like a violent, hideous girl like her. Jung-eun grabs him in a headlock, as outside the door, Soo-yeon listens to every word they’re saying. Woo-shik comes home to get something and gives Soo-yeon some hotteok he bought for her on the way, and Soo-yeon isn’t sure how to respond.

They hear Jun-ki and Jung-eun fighting, and go in the guys’ room to find that they’ve broken one of Woo-shik’s vinyl records. Jun-ki offers to buy him a new one, but Woo-shik snaps that it was a first edition, and he chases Jun-ki and Jung-eun out of the room.

Soo-yeon wanders back to her room, thinking about how she heard Jun-ki say that Woo-shik has liked her since high school, and the other things he’s done for her. A lot of things click into place and make sense, and she tries to think of something she can do for him. She asks Jun-ki which album of Woo-shik’s he broke, then goes online to try and find a replacement.

Yu-ri’s first day running her food truck was a big flop due to her neighbors putting on big flashy shows. Yu-ri says they need to fight fire with fire, but the following day, Ki-bong whines that he doesn’t think this whole fire-breathing thing is a good idea.

He takes a mouthful of vodka and readies his lighter, but he accidentally swallows the vodka in his nervousness, ha. He keeps trying, but he keeps swallowing the vodka, until the bottle is empty and he can barely stand up. Yu-ri tells him to try the rainbow ribbon trick instead, but when she puts the little trick pellet in his mouth, Ki-bong swallows that, too.

Back at the recording studio, Woo-shik asks his friend if he likes his song. His friend says that he thinks it will be a hit, and promises to take it to his company.

Soo-yeon manages to find a copy of the album that Jun-ki broke, but when it’s delivered, it smells funny. She reaches inside the cover and pulls out a package of nori, not the vinyl album she expected. Argh, she got conned. She gets online to find another copy, but this time she insists on meeting the seller in person.

Yu-ri drags Ki-bong home drunk as a skunk, whining that she’s losing money because she has no customers. Jun-ki tries to get Ki-bong to bed, but he says he needs to throw up — then barfs rainbow ribbons. LOL.

The album seller comes to the guesthouse, and Soo-yeon asks to see the album. Everything seems to be okay so she hands over the money. She decides to listen to the album after the seller leaves, but it turns out to be a recording of Buddhist chants with the album cover changed.

The next day, Yu-ri wants to close the food truck early since they have no customers anyway. Ki-bong urges her to keep trying, but Yu-ri apologizes, feeling embarrassed that he spent all of his money on the food truck. She says she just didn’t realize how hard it would be, but Ki-bong tells her they should just focus on her food, which is the best he’s ever had.

Woo-shik falls asleep at the studio, and his friend wakes him up to meet an executive he brought from his studio. She tells Woo-shik that she loves his song, but she doesn’t want to produce an album for him — she wants to have one of their new singers record his song.

Woo-shik says firmly that he’s not selling his song, because he didn’t write that song to sell it, he wrote it to sing himself. His friend tells him to wake up and realize that nobody wants to produce his album. He says that maybe one day they will if his songs get famous first, and not to let a great song could go to waste.

Yu-ri makes some samples, but they can’t get anyone to try them, so she gets discouraged again. When she sees that the truck has a flat tire, she starts to cry. Ki-bong tells her to rest while he changes the tire, and while he’s working, Yu-ri notices that his pretty pretty muscles have attracted some admirers.

The girls look at the menu while Yu-ri tells a confused Ki-bong that she knows exactly what caught their interest. She puts him back to work changing the tire over and over (and stopping for frequent water breaks, hee), and soon there’s a long line of female customers buying pasta and enjoying the show.

Woo-shik caves and agrees to sell his song, but he insists on being allowed to produce it. He meets the new singer, a young woman named Min-ah who used to be his vocal student.

Yu-ri ends up selling all of her food for the day, and she tells Jun-ki and Jung-eun that it’s all due to Ki-bong. When they ask why, Ki-bong gets all defensive and refuses to say, ha. Yu-ri only made a dollar after costs, but she and Ki-bong skip off to have a little party.

Soo-yeon has spent the day scouring used LP stores, and she finally finds a genuine copy of Woo-shik’s broken album. As she walks back to the guesthouse, she sees Woo-shik arriving home and calls out to him. But his student Min-ah gets out of the taxi and drags Woo-shik away for for a cup of coffee, leaving Soo-yeon staring after them.

Ki-bong and Yu-ri drink together in Yu-ri’s room to celebrate her first successful day with the food truck. She thanks him for his help, and for not letting her give up, and Ki-bong promises to keep supporting her as long as she needs him. Yu-ri asks when he got so grown up, and he points out that he’s nearly a foot taller than her.

She says that he’ll always be a kid to her and pinches his cheeks. He slaps away her hands, which sends her falling backwards out of her chair. Ki-bong lurches forward to catch her, and they freeze like that, hearts pounding.

Ki-bong wakes up in the morning in a strange bed with a hangover. He pulls back the covers and finds Yu-ri sleeping on his shoulder, and they both scream.


I cannot stop shipping these two, I don’t care how opposite they are, they’re just perfect together. I’ve seen too many dramas to believe that they actually did the drunken deed — but then, they have already kissed, sort of, so it’s not entirely unbelievable. But if Yu-ri was truly Ki-bong’s first kiss, I hope that they didn’t go all the way, because it would be a shame for his first time to be on impulse while drunk. I still want them to end up together, but I want it to be completely sober and voluntary, and I want there to be feeeelings, okay? Ki-bong is a sweetheart and he deserves that.

Is anyone else thinking that Ki-bong’s perfect job is to help Yu-ri with her food truck? They don’t always get along, but they’ve formed a pretty strong bond recently, and no matter what’s going on they’re always supportive of each other. I think they could work together pretty well, especially since Yu-ri is such a strong alpha female and Ki-bong is a total beta male, so there’s no worrying that they’d fight over who’s in charge. And it really is due to Ki-bong that Yu-ri finally had a successful day, not just because he looks good in a set t-shirt (though let’s not downplay his gorgeousness), but because he’s the one who kept picking Yu-ri up when she was ready to give up. He’s her happy pill and she needs him!

I’m so glad that Soo-yeon finally knows all the things that Woo-shik has been doing for her. It’s noble of him not to make a big deal out of it and just do things for her because he wants to help her, but because of that, I don’t think that Soo-yeon really understood the depth of his feelings for her when she turned him down. I think I forgot something important in the last recap — I still agree that Soo-yeon should get as much time as she feels she needs to get her life in order before dating anyone, but she wasn’t making her decision armed with all the information. Woo-shik recently learned that Soo-yeon liked him back in school, but Soo-yeon never knew that Woo-shik liked her, and she still doesn’t know. As far as she knew when she rejected Woo-shik’s confession, his feelings for her are brand-new and not very established. She had no idea that he’s had these feelings for as long as they’ve known each other, and that can definitely change things. Turning someone down who just recently decided they might want to date you is one thing, but turning down the guy who’s loved you for over a decade is another thing entirely.

Now we’re about to toss some jealousy into the mix, and I think that Soo-yeon is going to really get thrown for a loop. She’s always been the prettiest girl in the room and guys have always fallen all over themselves for her, so she’s not going to know what to do when the guy whose attention she wants is (she thinks) looking at someone else. It’s too soon to tell if Woo-shik will really be interested in his student or if Soo-yeon will only think he is, but I kind of hope he at least gives it a shot. Soo-yeon did turn him down, and he has every right to pursue another girl. Plus, I don’t want Soo-yeon to be jealous for no reason — this could be a good life lesson for her, so I hope the competition is genuine.


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Jun KI's story this episode was so relatable. I would definitely act as if I have any idea who this other person is.
I actually remember how I once talked to a girl for 30 minutes thinking I should know her, the thing was she incorrectly dialed my number and the person who she was calling had the same first name as I do


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Me too! That’s exactly what I was thinking— I’m so bad with names and faces, this would totally happen to me. I never say “nice to meet you” anymore, because every time I say it, the other person inevitably tells me we’ve already met before.


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Another great recap.

Soo-yeon and Woo-shik work as a couple who are much alike- and this is very good. Now that Soo-yeon knows the score she also has what appears to be competition- Lollypip is right- this is just what the doctor ordered. And, in the meantime, Woo-shik is starting to have just a sliver of success- also what the doctor ordered.

Ki-bong and Yu-ri are also a perfect match for a different reason- and a different dynamic. Instead of being alike they are much different - but in exactly those ways where they complement each other- each being strong where the other is weak. That relationship works very well- if the two sides can talk to each other. And now they are going to have to.

Their ship has been underway with full sail, top-gallants and all, ever since Ki-bong bought that food truck. So, as nice and deserving as Ki-bong is, I hope that they really did go all the way last night. Because, if they did then they will have to finally confront their actual feelings and acknowledge them- and then say the things that they need to say to each other.

What I am not getting right now is Jun-ki and Jung-eun. I was actually disappointed in Jun-ki's treatment of Jung-eun. But the mistaken classmate story was a classic.

I love the continued use of the Alp-horn- it is a nice touch. When I was growing up our family actually had an entire album of alp-horn music- which is really quite beautiful as well as different.


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I'm Swiss and I never had a album of alp-horn music :p

The groups Sonal put it in some songs, and cow's bells, but it's all :p


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It was a vinyl recording from sometime in the 1960s.


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Ki Bong and the pyramid scheme was so funny. His innocence can be cute.

I'm happy that Woo Shik has his moment in his professional life. At least he can think about something else for now.


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Yes, Ki Bong defeating the pyramid scheme was precious.


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