SailorJumun’s BeanieBox Review: Sweets for the single dog mom

We asked SailorJumun to review our February BeanieBox. Each box is full of tasty Korean treats so make sure to subscribe by March 16th to get this month’s box. Shipping is free to the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, and Hong Kong!
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I’m a newbie to subscription boxes, the only snack service I’ve ever used being my mom (thanks, Mama ❤). Of course, the mom can’t always send loving care packages, no matter how much I beg, so I was interested in turning to the BeanieBox. I tried the boxes for November and December, and they actually became delightful monthly surprises.

The box I’m writing about, however, is the February box, A.K.A the Valentine’s Day themed box. This came at the perfect time, in the midst of me stressing over my master’s thesis. When writing my thesis, I get in this weird headspace, and I often forget to take breaks for food or for puppy play time (because, yes, I’m also a single working dog mom). But even my busy schedule had enough wiggle room for a quick unboxing, together with my curious girl. She always insists on sniffing out my mail, in case there happens to be treats or toys. In this case, she took one look at the not-so-pet-friendly Korean snackies and walked away, as if to say, “‘Ight, Imma head out.”

As usual, the box was completely stuffed, without any of the contents getting smashed or broken. I was happy to see the return of some of my favorite snacks from previous months, as well as some new ones that the included catalog claimed were newly released items that they were able to snag. The popular reccuring character Maxim Gold was a no-show, replaced by a cute instant cappuccino cup called See’s Coffee. I loved this little thing, along with the marshmallow cereal snack, udon cup noodles, and a freaking stainless steel rice bowl, which I was not expecting! Of course, no space was wasted, and the bowl was filled with sweet treats like red ginseng candy.

This being the Valentine’s Day box, there were plenty of other sweet treats, ranging from chocolatey to fruity. Though I like to use this month to indulge on my craving for chocolate, I was impressed with a lot of the non-chocolate options. The standout for me was the Orion Fresh Berry Pie cake. Confusing name, I know — it’s basically a Choco-Pie-like cake that tastes like a sweet but subtle strawberry pie. It was absolutely amazing paired with the strawberry cheesecake ice cream I already had in my freezer (you know, for emergencies).

This is kind of a weird thing to mention, but for some reason, I really like collecting the pretty catalogs, as they’re almost like Dramabeans greeting cards. A suggestion I have, maybe to spice it up a little, would be to include a separate postcard, or something of that nature, within the catalog. What comes to mind are K-pop albums that include random photocards of the members. Perhaps we could have surprise photocards of our favorite actors like Hyun Bin or Kim Tae-hee. I’d certainly get a kick out of that.

All in all, I love everything about the BeanieBox, whether that be the delicious snacks or the adorable packaging. I’d keep the boxes themselves if I could, but they’re beginning to take up way too much room in my tiny apartment. One thing’s for sure: my cluttered room mirrors my cluttered head. Back to work!


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i would love to see individual pricing or 3 months pricing back. i can't keep paying all year but i did try one and it was delightful. i am kicking myself for missing out on the 2 for offered just a bit ago too


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