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I love Korean dramas and I write about ’em. (And write about ’em. And write about ’em. You may have noticed that brevity is not my friend. I want to be ITS friend, but it shuns me regularly.)

I’ve been watching Korean dramas (on and off) as long as I can remember, for almost two decades. My first Korean drama was the 1992 hit Jealousy, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Man does that make me feel old.

I started this site because I couldn’t find a site providing meaty (or any) analysis for K-dramas, a longtime guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy marveling at the pretty as much as anyone, but also wanted to express appreciation for quality that didn’t automatically dismiss something for being popular. Or, on the flipside of that same coin, to discuss something popular that went beyond surface discussion of the plot or hot cast. (Although, let’s be honest! Hot cast = a nice bonus.)

My underlying modus operandi: Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean discourse has to be shallow. I’d like to sustain a fun but hopefully substantive level of conversation, mixed with some irreverence. Because it’s not worth it if it’s no fun.

I occasionally tweet (@javabeans). And even less occasionally blog (elsewhere, that is). There’s also a Dramabeans Facebook that gets ignored a lot.


about girlfriday

I’m 50% writer, 50% couch potato. I lean left; politically, not footwise. I like to make snap judgments, then reconsider them to a pulp. I enjoy grammar, if only to break some more rules. I’m a tv junkie, a critic, a fan, but mostly importantly, I’m a writer who likes to procrastinate by watching k-dramas. The fact that I can do both now blows my mind.

I feel very strongly that people can have thoughtful discourse on just about any topic, and that artโ€”mass, pop, high, pulp, whatever it may beโ€”can and should be discussed intelligently for the thing it is.

Hence, I thought Dramabeans would be a good place to exercise my brain. Or was it exorcise? That would explain the confusion.

About the name: A Girl Friday could rule the world, if she really wanted to. You know herโ€”the best friend smartypants, the plucky assistant who always knows exactly what the private eye/cop/secret agent/superhero needs? She’s cute and clever and sassy and loyal, and pretty much smarter than everyone in the room. I mean, could Jack Bauer have saved one day, let alone eight, without Chloe O’Brien?

My favorite Girl Fridays are of course ones that break the mold. Willow Rosenberg and Veronica Mars are the contemporary evolution of the classic character, and give us all hope that the geeky outcast can and will save the world.

Just think of me as Dramabeans’ girlfriday: the Miss Moneypenny to javabeans’ Bond.

I sometimes tweet things I shouldn’t. And ramble on in a blog.


Meet the rest of the Dramabeans staff.

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806 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 201 daughtersere

    The first non-american tv drama i watched was the first episode of Goong. It was love at first sight. Later my obsession was made complete by Coffee Prince. I can’t begin to tell you how great it feels to have stumbled across this site during my aimless web wandering, but i’m willing to give it a shot. It FEELS GREAT! I love the way you deliver valuable info while being both intelligent an humorus. I never knew there were so many people out there just as nutty as i am.

    [Thanks — I love knowing I’m not the only nut, too. -j ]

  2. 202 JD71

    I LOVE reading your comments, your reviews are usually right on! Nice to meet a fellow K-Drama addict! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just wanted to let you know about a great drama on air right now – “Women in the Sun.” The cliche storyline is totally overshadowed by the superb acting.

    Thanks for this blog, you don’t know how much time you’re saving me b/c I usually watch my next drama based on your review!

  3. 203 Cujie


    I love coffee prince and was site hopping for official and unofficial soundtrack for the drama then I found your site…

    After reading all the summary you made for the drama and excited so much of how i at last managed to download the songs.. i was sad to notice that the links didn’t work anymore.. most probably because I’m too late noticing the drama and thus late in getting all the songs.

    Anyway, do you know where I can download the songs or maybe you can renew the link. I just got to finish the drama last nights and i’m head over heels at the moment with the Han Kyul and Eu Chan…..

    Appreciate feedback!

    Great work!

  4. 204 cujie


    firstly i want to say sorry, because when I tried again the zshare, I managed to download all the song for unofficial ost of Coffee prince.

    so just ignore my msg… and keep up the good work….

    it’s not easy to find a person who is willing to do this unless you have the passion for it… (i’m not suckering ok.. hahahaha)

    anyway… will surely visit your site again… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    [No prob. Glad the dl worked for you. -j ]

  5. 205 goalie

    WOW!! i just found this website and i think its awesome! i really appreciate what your doing, letting us all know whats going on with the Korean stars.

    Im a huge fan of Kdramas and i think its cool how you put up music too!

    Thank you so much! (^_^)

  6. 206 fluffy

    I’ve been a Kdrama addict for two years now and it shows no sign of ending!
    Your website is one I check daily..sometimes twice or three times even.
    Love and enjoy everything about your site…Keep up the great work…<3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 207 Alice

    I just wanted to say I love Epik High too. And I love Tablo even more. How do you feel about his short stories that are about to be published? I sincerely want to read them. Especially the one that got an award from Wolfe.

    I was surprised you never posted news about that. You can find it on the english kbs.

    Enjoy the remaining days of summer!


  8. 208 jen

    hi there…. just browse thru and saw the articles regarding Sung Yuri. Could u tell mi where or which web sit can i join her fan club? thank you veri much…


  9. 209 wing

    great site

    [Thanks! -j ]

  10. 210 wing

    love your site

  11. 211 G.mAriO

    Great blog……and i wish it to be last forever…!
    For me rate Kdramas as the best dramas in the world..
    KD rocks!!!!!!!

    [Yes, kdramas rule. -j ]

  12. 212 Jessie


    I am looking for the link to download movie of Woman In The Sun … Who knows about that link, pls give me url. I do appreciate to you for your help.


    [Hm, if it’s not at d-addicts, I’d recommend using clubbox (d-addicts has directions for non-koreans). I think there are sites out there that have direct downloads if you google. -j ]

  13. 213 jbourne

    hi! i started watching Kdrama 2 years ago – stairway to heaven and fell in love with the leading actor, forgot his name. after that, i haven’t watched kdrama until this month, i watched my girl and found it good! not too heavy to make you cry all the time!!! and the guy is sooo cute, i have problem in remembering their names! what other good kdrama you can recommend, or english website that you can suggest where i can read article about the leading actor in my girl?? i missed watching the 1st episode of my girl and can’t find a good version in You Tube! do you know any site??


    [Her name is Lee Da-hae, in case you want to google her and read more about her. She’s got a promising career ahead. I think My Girl and subs are available at d-addicts. -j ]

  14. 214 tena


    I just fell upon this site while surfing the net.
    It’s very impressive~ I love your blogs and ramblings~ They’re very interesting~
    I will definitely check out the dramas that you’ve rated!

    Thanks for all your hard work~!

    [Thanks and you’re welcome! -j ]

  15. 215 Sharon H.

    Hi, Dramabeans,
    I just became a K drama addict. Before I couldn’t finish one episode of any Asian drama..found them too slow, too “fake”, and/or too boring until I started wtching Yi San (By the way, are you going to rate that?). Then, the rest was history. My second K/Asian drama was Delightful Girl (Randomly selected from your rating list 0)…thought that was truly delightful. Am totally charmed by Jae Hee. Then watched a few episodes of Witch YH..didn’t like the show nor JH’s “look” in that show that much, but still think his acting was wonderful. Anyhow, heard from your site that he’s enlisted. Since I’m new to this K culture and stardom, what would happen to his career after he finished his service? Will he be able to work on more films or will his popularity fade away? I hope I am not biased. I really think he is talented. What do you think?

    [Oh, he’ll be back (and I’ll be waiting). Most stars make pretty immediate comebacks after finishing their military service. -j ]

  16. 216 Sharon H.

    Dear Javabeans,

    I forgot to thank you this great website. This is the only blog I’ve bookmarked. 0)
    You are the best! ThanX!!

    [Your ONLY bookmark? I feel honored. -j ]

  17. 217 elle

    hey javabeans! im just curious, what dramas are you watching right now??? share with me so i know which ones are good and which ones to watch! please notice me, haha, if u can[:

    omg i just wanna say THANK YOU for giving me such GREAT drama recommendations. I LOVE flowers for my life, wow, just a moving drama. After i saw that drama, no other drama can compare to that number of moving moments. MIA was just enjoyable as heck! i fell in love with all the characters and i will never forget them. You have GREAT taste in dramas and people like you are rare! so please give me some great suggestions! thanks[:

    [Glad to help! You can check out my “Drama Ratings” page (link at top left) for some suggestions. -j ]

  18. 218 New Drama from KBS

    Any initial thoughts on KBS’ new “Land of the Wind?”
    Not a big fan of historical dramas, but the cast is decent and it seems like KBS put a lot of money into it…

    [I’m keeping an eye on it. The buzz is good. -j ]

  19. 219 purty.sunshine

    I love your blog so much!!

    You have no idea how often I haunt it….. >D

    Please continue your wonderful reviews and all the other hard work you put in around here! It’s very much appreciated <3

    [Thanks! Glad you like. -j ]

  20. 220 beren

    hey! it is great to see someone putting that much effort to compose these writings.. i love kdramas too. didnt really see many of them though. but i learned a lot from here so thanks for that! i dont know how you can find the time for such a beautiful site but keep up the good work please. i will consider your ratings about the next show i am gonna watch:) it seems to me somehow i can count on your word. also i would appreciate any kinda suggestion if you have the time (: will sure visit again!

    [Check out the “Drama Ratings” link at the top left sidebar. You can see how I rated the dramas I’ve seen; maybe those will give you some suggestions? -j ]

  21. 221 Alvina

    As an Indian-Korean living in the USA, it’s really hard to come by good drama… Thank you for your recommendations and episode summaries. They help a lot.

    [Glad to be of service! -j ]

  22. 222 kathleen c.

    Hi Javabeans!!!
    I really appreciate your blog…I’m filipino and i’ve been moving back and forth from the Philippines and SOuth Dakota, USA…currently im in the RP.
    I am addicted to kdramas and k-movies…
    i’ve actually ran out of movies to watch, well good movies anyway..
    i love comedies!!!
    I was just wondering, if there’s any word on a Soulmate Season 2?? I just finished watching the series on mysoju.com bout’ 20 mins ago and i’ve watched all the videos on youtube of alternate scene endings and right now i’m devastated that the ending is a cliff-hanger…
    if you could just visualize my frustration, uggggh!!!!
    i spent my friday and saturday evenings watching the the episodes and by episode 11, i was already a bit anxious cuz’ i was getting a gut-feeling that this was gonna be like hana-kimi…which kinda left me feeling like i was robbed of a great ending bcuz the last episode was rushed and haphazardly cut-off…i’m really disappointed right now and i decided to vent here cuz, maybe somehow you know something i don’t, lol…
    it wasn’t a total loss cuz i fell in love with the songs used in Soulmate.
    i just got iljimae and my sweet seoul in the mail last week…im in the middle of iljimae and i love it!!! lee jun ki is not only good-looking but i was pleasantly suprised that he could pull off goofy while still being hot, lol.
    i’ve seen the first 3 episode of my sweet seoul, its quite scandalous with the age gap thing and all but nothing really new…i’ve realized kdrama key concepts are the gender-bender roles and the older-woman thing…oh and i love how plastic surgery is played off as something readily accepted in korean society.

    wow…this turned out a lot lengthier than planned…well at least my blabfest distracted me from the frustrating ending of soulmates…like i said maybe u know something bout season 2, hopefully if its in the works..hopefully lol.

    again KUDOS on the blog….

    [Unfortunately, I doubt Soulmate will have a season 2… -j ]

  23. 223 Ameera-Chan

    thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    it’s really amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

    keep it up ^^ and i will still here ;p


    [Thanks for reading! -j ]

  24. 224 Quan

    Thank you so much for the project to translate “Feelings”

    You saved my childhood !!!!!

    [No prob — Feelings has a special place in my heart, too. -j ]

  25. 225 dahee4you

    this is a great site.
    i am learining korean and i love watching dramas. this is very helpful to me. (like the drama scripts.. songs,latest news. etc)

    keep blogging..^^


  26. 226 rocketfuel

    I bet the author of dramabeans is sexy as hell….she just won’t share how sexy…..

    [Hehe, that’s for me to know… -j ]

  27. 227 lavy

    I’m just wondering if you have any additional info on IRIS (Lee Byung Hun, Son Yeh Jin, TOP)? I just checked drama wiki and with the scripwriter’s previous projects, I have high expectation for this… Of course, LBH is in it, too!

  28. 228 RYGY


    you live in Korea or in America?

    [USA. -j ]

  29. 229 ChiliPepper


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    I love your blog. It’s the only one I visit everyday.
    Others, I drop by once a while depending on my mood ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have been a great help in “guiding” me through this new interest that I’d just discovered. Hmm, I think it’s more than an interest now. It’s a passion, no, an addiction! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work!!

    [Thanks! It’s an addiction for me too. No, let’s call it a “passion” instead. -j ]

  30. 230 greenish

    Thank you for recap episodes…now I’m really into the drama ‘Love Marriage’. I heard that you were a translator. can you please, please subs for the drama ‘Love Marriage’. I really, really want to watch it…….!!!!

    [Love & Marriage is being subbed by With S2 and already has episodes out. Check d-addicts for download. -j ]

  31. 231 lolaoba

    I super love your site! I just recently got addicted to kdramas and I love your reviews and your blogs. I like the fact that you would often indicate the movie/drama reference of the stars. I really am not good with names and am having a hard time trying to remember where I’ve seen them from and I’ve come to appreciate your blogs even more because of the references ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

    [Oh, good, I’m glad they were helpful. I wondered if they were. -j ]

  32. 232 moonrevenge

    i would like to ask you a favour , i just wondering if you can recognize this song that alex from clazzique sang it in ” we got married ” for shin ae. it start around 5:28 here is the youtube link for the episode part when he sing it or play it: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=7k_uXS-N4xA&feature=related

    [That song is “๋‚จ์ชฝ๋์„ฌ” by Hachi & TJ. (Download) -j ]

  33. 233 nhr

    Awesome stuff. It’s a wonder how I have not ended up here being an obsessed K/Jdrama viewer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for all the recaps~~ Made me squee like a schoolgirl. I’m currently enjoying reading your ‘Love Match Marriage’ reviews than watching the drama itself.

    How is Kim Ji Hoon so utterly perfect and yet so boring at the same time? (^^;)

    [ Boring yet perfect, lol, that’s exactly it. -j ]

  34. 234 ChiliPepper

    Just finished watching My Girl. Hey, I am new so I ‘m just catching up :0). Love that show. Great chemistry between the leads. Lee Dong Wook is hot. (I still like Jae Hee better, and am so glad to see him at the end of the show!) I can’t stand Lee Da-Hae’s buns. Why do the Korean female leads always have those annoying buns? Any reasons behind it? Because of LDW, I also watched Hanoi Bride. (Talk about addiction! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Thought it’s short and sweet. Why did it get such bad ratings? O.K. now it’s time to go to Javabeans’ rating list for the next fix. Ha!

    [ Don’t take the ratings to heart. Short shows in particular don’t get high ratings because they don’t have time to build an audience. -j ]

  35. 235 Fixy


    I love your blog the first time I saw it.

    Particularly when I found out that our taste runs along the same line. Not exactly the same, but close enough for me to use your reviews as deciding factor whether to buy a series or not.

    I marked your blog as one of the favourites in mine.

    1. Please don’t stop writing
    2. Do you know where I can down load English script / Sub title of Potato Boy?

    [ Thank you! I’m not sure about scripts, but Potato Boy is subbed at d-addicts under the more common title Seo Dong Yo. -j ]

  36. 236 cuzz

    Wow… I think you really like Korean dreama..

    although i’m Korean, I hate korean movie and dreama.

    I’can write anymore, because my terrible English..

    …Sorry and Bye

  37. 237 Anonymous


    I like the drama Love and Marriage because it is light and funny. Something to watch when you are tired at the end of the day. Also, Kim Ji-Hoon looks makes it worth while to stay up late, though his acting is not that good. Then again, i’m just watching it because it’s cute.

    Your comment on episode 14 is right. But as i think about it, don’t we all become childish when we are in love? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can i make a request? I was wondering if you could upload the song Come to Me by J and Zza La La by As One. I want to use them to make another music video of the drama. I also used some (love & marriage) photos you have in your blog. I gave credit to you. You can check it at youtube.

    [ Thanks! The songs are posted now. -j ]

  38. 238 cherio

    OMG. I love this site. I’m so glad that I have found this. This site gives me so much insight on K-dramas, songs, and actors/actress. Keep up with the good work. I just love it.

    This is a great site. i feel like im going to be so attached to it.
    LOL. i even saved it as a bookmark ๐Ÿ˜€

    [ Thanks! -j ]

  39. 239 lolaoba

    hi, i always visit your site and most of your recommended dramas are my faves as well especially when you recommended soulmate ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i was wondering if you can give me a couple of recommendations on some korean movies.

    thanks! appreciate it!

    [ Thanks! I admit I’m better with dramas than films, but koreanfilm.org is a great site for that. -j ]

  40. 240 marci

    Hi, JavaB,
    Did you ever get a chance to catch any of ‘Single Daddy in Love’? The first half was really good, I thought. Very funny.

    [ I did see some of it, but it didn’t hook me. -j ]

  41. 241 Uhhhh

    Currently watching, GoongS. It’s just OK

  42. 242 Hana

    Hiya.. I think the links for the Coffee Prince Soundtracks are broken.. ๐Ÿ™ Wondering if anything could be done?

    [ Hm. zShare seems to be the culprit. Must investigate. -j ]

  43. 243 Eskimo

    Hi Dramabeans,

    Gotta say I love your blog updates on all the k-dramas out there at the mo. Where I’m at, we don’t get to watch K-dramas except thru the web and it’s a bit of a bummer getting new series thru the web. Totally love the entertainment news and your summaries. If you don’t me asking, where do you get all your info from? You seem pretty well informed about the k-entertainment industry.

    Too bad you don’t do summaries on J-dramas as well. That’d be awsome if you could be my one stop shop for all J & K entertainment news.

    Still, totally love your writing style and your blog page. Keep up the good work.


    [ Thanks! I keep up by reading Korean entertainment news and watching the new dramas as they come out. No special talent, just years of a long-abiding addic– er, interest. -j ]

  44. 244 mhay_eun ae

    thanks for your site… it keeps me , updated of what happenning in our idols!
    your the best!.
    nice banner today… i really love yoon eun hye… especially in coffee prince…
    thanks for their OST download!
    more powers to you… and GOD bless!
    chae eun ae

    [ Thanks! I love my banners too. Luv is a genius with them. -j ]

  45. 245 JomeLee

    I was wondering how you got the music players on your site since I’m just starting a personal blog and I have no idea how to put music on it:)it would be much help. thank you javabeans.

    [ I use the 1 Pixel Out plugin. It’s great. -j ]

  46. 246 xiaoSxin

    Hey javabeans! I don’t know if somebody asked you already before, I want to ask what is your opinion of SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BALI? Since watching that drama, i became a fan of Jo In Sung. He looks so hot and acts pretty good too! Can you share your thoughts? Thanks!

  47. 247 travelhip

    Hi Javabeans,

    Came across your blog site while searching for Hong Gildong’s episode recap. Great stuff – recap , comments, views and a BIG thank you. Wonder if you have episode recap for Old Miss Diary… saw the movie version and like to find out more on the drama.

    Great appreciated if you could help…:-)


  48. 248 ReiSoh

    Hi Javabeans,

    l’m sure you are used to all the compliments showered upon your blog. Neverthless, i still like to thank you and salute you for such an excellent blog. You are my source of Kdrama info… A BIG THANK YOU!

  49. 249 Jun the Pretender

    “Just because itโ€™s pop culture doesnโ€™t mean discourse has to be shallow. Iโ€™d like to sustain a fun but hopefully also substantive level of conversation treating the subject with some respect, but mixed with irreverence too. Because itโ€™s not worth it if itโ€™s no fun.”

    that statement is the microcosm of why your site absolutely trumps all the Kdrama/Kpop garbage sites that are everywhere.
    You might be the only intelligent person with artistic integrity that writes about Kdramas that I have found. Thank you for existing =)

  50. 250 Klaudija

    Hi! I’m from Croatia. I really like to watch K Dramas, and I’m glad I have found your blog and daily read news about my favorite actors. Thank you on that.
    Big hello from Croatia.

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