about javabeans

I love Korean dramas and I write about ’em. (And write about ’em. And write about ’em. You may have noticed that brevity is not my friend. I want to be ITS friend, but it shuns me regularly.)

I’ve been watching Korean dramas (on and off) as long as I can remember, for almost two decades. My first Korean drama was the 1992 hit Jealousy, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Man does that make me feel old.

I started this site because I couldn’t find a site providing meaty (or any) analysis for K-dramas, a longtime guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy marveling at the pretty as much as anyone, but also wanted to express appreciation for quality that didn’t automatically dismiss something for being popular. Or, on the flipside of that same coin, to discuss something popular that went beyond surface discussion of the plot or hot cast. (Although, let’s be honest! Hot cast = a nice bonus.)

My underlying modus operandi: Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean discourse has to be shallow. I’d like to sustain a fun but hopefully substantive level of conversation, mixed with some irreverence. Because it’s not worth it if it’s no fun.

I occasionally tweet (@javabeans). And even less occasionally blog (elsewhere, that is). There’s also a Dramabeans Facebook that gets ignored a lot.


about girlfriday

I’m 50% writer, 50% couch potato. I lean left; politically, not footwise. I like to make snap judgments, then reconsider them to a pulp. I enjoy grammar, if only to break some more rules. I’m a tv junkie, a critic, a fan, but mostly importantly, I’m a writer who likes to procrastinate by watching k-dramas. The fact that I can do both now blows my mind.

I feel very strongly that people can have thoughtful discourse on just about any topic, and that art—mass, pop, high, pulp, whatever it may be—can and should be discussed intelligently for the thing it is.

Hence, I thought Dramabeans would be a good place to exercise my brain. Or was it exorcise? That would explain the confusion.

About the name: A Girl Friday could rule the world, if she really wanted to. You know her—the best friend smartypants, the plucky assistant who always knows exactly what the private eye/cop/secret agent/superhero needs? She’s cute and clever and sassy and loyal, and pretty much smarter than everyone in the room. I mean, could Jack Bauer have saved one day, let alone eight, without Chloe O’Brien?

My favorite Girl Fridays are of course ones that break the mold. Willow Rosenberg and Veronica Mars are the contemporary evolution of the classic character, and give us all hope that the geeky outcast can and will save the world.

Just think of me as Dramabeans’ girlfriday: the Miss Moneypenny to javabeans’ Bond.

I sometimes tweet things I shouldn’t. And ramble on in a blog.


Meet the rest of the Dramabeans staff.

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806 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 251 titab

    hi dramabeans,

    i am a fan. love reading your posts and have tried to watch everything you’ve recommended. and of course, loved your recaps and comments.

    just wanted to know if you’ll continue your recap on “the world they live in”…just like you, i was hesitant to watch this but after reading your comments, i decided to go along and give it a chance…maybe shk will improve…

    thank you very much…


  2. 252 AnothaiDara

    Hello Javabeans,

    I must say, I absolutely love your site. I’m addicted to it. I can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner. Lol. Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the great work. You are a great inspiration to me as Thai fansubber.

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I will be backtracking to your older posts to catch up. Lol.


  3. 253 Tha1

    I love this site! I come here everytime I log on. More than myspace and more than youtube! And because I can NOT make the cake, I just eat it. I’m full everytime. Thanks for feeding me!!!

  4. 254 bobo

    hi dramabeans, its a wonderful site and i hope you keep it up here!cos im often visiting to get the latest recaps of kdramas.uh can you speak/write korean?

  5. 255 b_lizard

    Thanks so much for your recaps, songs and updates on K-pop culture. Like quite a few people here, I found this website during the Coffee Prince craze. I’m not Korean but I like quite a few of the songs you’ve posted on this website (more to my taste than J, Taiwanese or HK pop). Through your drama recaps, reviews and ratings I’ve found quite a few dramas that I like. I read your blog too many times a day. Keep up the good work!

  6. 256 Sharon

    Do you know any sites like yours but summarizing japanese dramas??
    if you do, can you tell me the name of the site by email??

    but if you dont, its ok. 🙂


  7. 257 iNDiE

    javabeans, if you’re male, marry me. if you’re not, well, marry my brother?

  8. 258 ssmiles

    hi javabeans!

    i just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and insight! after a stressful week of midterms, i just wanted to relax and take a break from reality. haha. so i really appreciated your recap on the “love and marriage” series. btw, i also loved my girl =D.

  9. 259 Kim Yoon

    Hey Javabeans, thanks for sharing all your information, thoughts and rants about Korean popculture. I live in the Netherlands and check your site daily. I love it!

    My major was Japanese so I already was into j-pop/ j-drama’s. One day I bumped onto your site and it has opened a new world for me. Now I study Korean too (I was adopted from Korea, but didn’t spoke a word Korean) and my everyday life is drained with kpopculture.

    And I love the music you like (music is actually my biggest passion).

    Thanks for your hard work. I fear the day you will take a break or even quit!

    You are appreciated!

  10. 260 iluvkdramas

    hi javabeans, i love your site. i came across your site during your recaps for coffee prince. your insights are much appreciated. i enjoyed watching soulmate and capital scandal (albeit you mentioned this in passing) after reading about this from your site as well.


  11. 261 Anne

    First of all, thank you for making me feel “belonged” in the Korean committee.
    Secondly, i love your blog! It’s very rare that a website invovling KDrama/ KPop is actually in English!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! =)

    Apart from Kdrama and KPop, I love watching korean variety shows too. Currently, im hooked on Kko Kko Tour Single Single Sightseeing. However, it is not subbed. Do u knw where i can get the subbed ones online? Would be very,very grateful.

    Plus,great cover on So- Ji-Sub. Found him here when i Googled him. Sadly, don’t think his latest movie will be shown here in Singapore. (And there goes my anticipation..)

    But anyhoo, THANK YOU for this website. you make me feel connected to the Korean world. =)


  12. 262 Moo! I'm at UCF!

    Nice blog, I’ve known about it for a while (I was halfway to becoming a W/S2 timer, but I just didn’t have the time to continue – no pun intended). Hopefully, you’ll see more of me here. 🙂

  13. 263 missperidot

    hey im not korean but im an avid fan of korean dramas. it’s my guilty pleasure. your website is cool just the one that i need for my much daily dose of korean gossip.
    i have a question, is english your first language? your english is extremely good and i can definitely pick up something from you blog. you see english isnt my first language and im just happy to come across your website. thank you for keeping us updated!

    continue blogging. we really appreciate your work! keep it up!

  14. 264 aoun

    First of all thank you very much for the blog. It really helps Korean series fans who don’t know korean, like me:). I have a question to ask … can i find coffee prince novel in english to read? I am Thai, living in the US. I don’t know if there is Thai edition of the book. Will find out when I get home, but for now, it might be easier to find English edition.
    Really enjoy your work here. Thank you very much!

  15. 265 blackangel

    Hi [Javabeans],

    I just ran into your site yesterday and it is so interesting. I’ve been looking for a place where I can find some juicy discussions on kdramas I watch. I mostly may skim around soompi but there isn’t much in the discussion about each episode. like the guy above I too have questions and would like analysis of the dialogue. I really like your episode recaps. [currently watching painter of the wind] when I read that you are part of WITH S2 fansubbers, I feel really thankful. I don’t hardsub anything, b/c too lazy, but I watched some of the dramas that were using your subs. They’re really good. I hope you guys can continue despite freestreaming sites and not get into trouble. I currently watching from viikii.net where members just input their subs, I think that is safer. anyway just wanted to show you my support and Hwaiting!!!

  16. 266 grushenka

    Hi Javabeans,

    Someone reposted your summary of “Worlds Within” on Soompi & I just had find the source.

    “Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean discourse has to be shallow. ” My sentiments exactly. I haven’t been able to look through your blog properly but I can my promise you I’ll be visiting A LOT! 🙂

  17. 267 levy

    I found your blog by chance. and now, I can’t leave it. Your blog helps me improve my english and skill of writing essays (I’m just a high-school-student). Thanks a lot. From now on, I will always visit your blog not only for my english, but also for some K-Dramas I like. In sum, it’s a really good kind of you to do this! ^^

  18. 268 diana

    u should try watching koori no sekai (the ice world), i dont know if ur into doramas or not, but nevertheless i’d still recommend koori no sekai and yamato nadeshiko. those are the best jdoramas ever! hehehhe

  19. 269 diana

    btw, i just realize that i havent properly introduced myself.

    where are my manners???


    im from indonesia. but im not actually indonesian. my origin is chinese but i dont write chinese and i only speak ‘lil of it. im currently in the US. so nice meeting you!^^

  20. 270 Blindfly

    the above reminds me of the indonesia overseas students in our dept. the past 2 years. Their origin are also Chinese. speak a little chinese.

    sometimes we talked about kdramas, that’s really a nice time

    maybe someday i’ll meet them here…………………….

  21. 271 Jean

    javabeans ssi, your site rocks!

    I came to your site via hanfever. Interesting postings – different perspective than mine which makes it more entertaining. Just when I was thinking whether there’s a section about ratings of k-dramas, found it. Then I thought ’bout songs/OSTs, and bingo you got it too. Do you have recommendations of singers as well? I really like Kim Bum Soo and Park Hyo Shin’s work. Wow – an eye opener – Korean musicians are really serious about their work! Tei and Park Yong Ha each has some good ones too. Another others that are very good? 🙂

    [email protected]/Canada

  22. 272 Jean

    Dear javabeans,

    Do you sub for a particular site only? I am watching General Hospital 2 now from Viikii and this drama desperately needs english subbers…


    Would you be able to help? Or would you be able to suggest ways to approach subbers to help with this situation please?

    Thanks a million!!

  23. 273 popcorn

    It’s funny how people call you both java/drama beans. I often thought java too but respectful to the name of your website, I use drama.

    Anyway, pop here to say. Love your site!

  24. 274 Jen B

    This website is awesome for picking up the latest news on Korean drama related topics. I’m impressed with the amount of effort you have put into this site javabeans because it really is a useful source for drama info.

    However, although I’m a big fan of this website and its creator. Sometimes you kinda give off an air of condescension and arrogance when you criticize certain dramas and actor/actresses. It truly is a matter of opinion and it’s yours to critique, but don’t you think sometimes you’re a bit harsh?

    Well, sorry if I have offended you, love you and the website, it’s just what i had to say.

  25. 275 Ann

    I just saw your site while browsing and read your review on Witch Yohee so I think I’m going to be a regular reader here 🙂

    I may agree or disagree on some of your reviews, but hey ……….. I like reading what other think about their obsessions that are similar to mine, oh yeah I got hooked with Korean Drama series and I can’t seem to stop 🙂 . It’s so funny because I don’t usually like watching these kind of shows, i’m interested in just reading books before or just watching regular TV shows and the news and attending to my family (I have 2 kids) , just one normal mom on the go 🙂

    Then came Lovers in Paris because a lady at the video store I go to was telling me to buy the video. Since she’s so insistent I said ok, that was one good “OK” and money well spent because I enjoyed the series from start to finish. I just finished watching Marrying a Millionaire ( I love it !) – Go Soo and Kim Hyun Joo looks so good together, they make me smile a lot when I see them together.

    I’ll go browse around your site now 🙂 ……….. I have to keep up! Thanks for a great site….

    By the way I forgot to introduce myself… I’m Ann – Filipina but I’m residing in the US with my husband and 2 kids.

    Have a great day!

  26. 276 Kin

    Wahh! I just finished some of your reviews and they’re great! Thank you so, so much for doing all this, and taking time to write the summaries (I just finished Love Marriage…and wow, is it specific.) And the site overall is great. A lot of times, I see a drama and dislike it, but keep on watching it because I need to know the ending–blogs like yours let me find out what happens without torturing myself (though, Love Marriage was a great k-drama I watched all the way.) And the added comments, plus the pictures to help explain the scenes, are perfect.

    Anyways, this blog is great. And your hard work is amazing. I look forward to immersing myself in this site!

  27. 277 Amerie

    i love your website, and your writing is absolutely beautiful!

  28. 278 spunah

    Hey Javabeans,

    Just wanted to say thanks for everything that you do with this site! If I should depend on any reliable source out there for my Kdrama needs, it’s you! I’m extremely happy that somewhere, someone, with the ability to write WELL is spreading the Kdrama love. With that said, I’ve always been curious about who you are and what you do – not that it’s any of our business. Still, I sometimes imagine that you are some kind of writer who freelances from home or maybe works as an editor at an office. Either way, a picture forms of someone with pen tucked behind the ear and hot coffee computer-side.

    Keep up the good work!

  29. 279 Penny

    Thank you so much.

  30. 280 Sophia JiHye

    I love your blog! I’m Italian and I’m Korean drama addicts.
    As you wrote, there is not a site with interesting and deep analysis of Kdrama. I often translated your news in my language to spread the korean drama fever in Italian Asian drama forum (giving you proper credits).

    Thanks you very much for your hard work!!

    PS and I’m a big of Kang Ji Hwan 😀

  31. 281 sophie

    just wanna say: I love your blog. Really enjoy reading it !

  32. 282 MINOUCHA

    i start to be a k-drama addict only 2years ago watching “sad love story” then “my name is kim samsoon”..and now i m watching the new hit drama “boys before flowers” it’s really very intresting and i found “lee minhoo” the main character very good ..
    i m not korean but a big fan for koreans actors..i m from TUNISIA..
    i still waiting the new episode of BBF..
    i really want to learn korean langage because i want speaking korean with my korean friends..soon i will coming to 한국

  33. 283 Marres77

    Hi! Have only been watching kdrama’s for about a year now (so sad to think of all the time I could have been watching them!!)….my first drama was Coffee Prince and was completely hooked since then!!!!!!!! I only recently discovered your dramabeans website……..and frankly……. I LOVE IT!! Many compliments on your blogs……their funny, witty and insightful and i really enjoy the reads!
    Am currently watching “Boys before flowers”, “Beethoven’s Virus” and reading your re-caps at the same time, just fantastic. Can i ask why there are no re-caps for Beethoven’s Virus episodes 17/18? Or have i just missed them?
    My favourites:
    1. Coffee Prince
    2. Soulmate
    3. 2 outs in the 9th innings
    and many more besides………… “Flowers for my Life” on my list to watch!
    Thanks for you blog! Its the best!

  34. 284 itonishi

    i just found your blog i love it …i am korean drama addicted too!

  35. 285 coolchica22

    Hey Javabeans!
    I’m a Korean living in Tonga so therefore I LOVE your site! It’s a lifesaver!
    I went to Korea for holiday this year and started watching Boys over Flowers. But I had to come back and I raided the internet looking for a decent site which would summarize the episodes. I can’t even believe I got here!
    I love your recaps because they’re so detailed. You also put pics in, which makes it seem as if I’m actually watching it.
    Since my internet is slow, and I’m not allowed to watch dramas on youtube, your site is my cure.
    Thanks a lot for the great work you put in here. I simply love your writing style and your opinion on each drama.

  36. 286 peachys2sleep

    hey javabeans, thanks for all the great work that you do =D will be you continuing the return of iljimae recaps?

  37. 287 joyce

    hi javabeans

    i love your blog… you’re really good at it..i love what you do in every drama that you watch….good thing you can still understand korean…that’s a big plus especially because you love kdramas….i myself is starting to learn hangul..i love kdramas too..i started w/ full house… hehhehe i am a filipino based in canada…i can speak my native language but i have always been a fan of other asian languages espeacially hangul…so do you have advise on where i can find websites to help me with learning the language? or maybe you can help me practice hehehehe…email me please [email protected]…THANKS… it would be nice to be ur cyber chatmate hehe..hope to hear from you soon…

  38. 288 retsnom_Adedekutsu

    Just saying, I love this site!

    Keep it up. God bless. ^^

  39. 289 Melrence

    Hi Javabeans! I would like to thank you so much for your website. I got addicted to kdrama through Princess Hours and now to BBF. I’m not korean so I get all my update through your website and i really really appreciate it.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work. You don’t know what your website mean to us, non-korean who loves to watch kdrama.

    Thank you once again. God bless.

  40. 290 elaine

    i love the depth/semi-depth you go in to when recapping BOF and other dramas. I am such a fan of this site[: It’s a daily routine now.

  41. 291 Aye

    This is a (not so) small point but one thing I really like about this site is the lack of “I’m first” or “I’m second” or such immensely annoying phrases in the comments sections. I believe, javabeans, you take care to keep those irritating phrases away on your excellent and informative site. I thank you for that, as well as for the insightful blogging about k-dramas and k-pop culture. I am a foreigner so this site helps me better understand all things Korean, which I absolutely love.

  42. 292 new-s

    Oh Mighty One, this is the funniest and most well written blog site ever!!! Plus, the songs (which people can download via MediaFire) is like cherry on top! Now that’s what I call (pause) smart thinking.

  43. 293 EUNWHUI

    java, i absolutely love all your drama recaps especially BOF.
    keep up the great work! 🙂

  44. 294 kristin

    hi… i just love your site… this is where i get fresh infos from my fave kdramas… i always open this site before watching just to know if my fave kdramas are already been updated… thanks so much… take cafe…

  45. 295 sara and nacho

    just writting to tell you we love your blog.
    we are from spain, and since 2 weeks ago we knew nothing about kdrama, about korea or anything. But we found Boys before flowers, we got stuck (it is so cheesy and cute!!)..and we found your blog….now we are following all your ratings, recommendations, etc….thanks for your work! you open a new world for us

  46. 296 Scarlet

    Omg! I love this site! I’m not Korean, so if i watch K dramas and something happens to the subs, I wouldn’t understand it! (believe me, the site i go to, It happens much too often) You make my life a heck of alot easier! I LLLOOOVVVEE this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 297 Auia

    Hey dramabeans!

    I’m not Korean (I’m Filipino) but I love K dramas!! I’ve only seen a few since i just recently discovered this passion. I’m sooo hooked with BOF right now! and i just love reading your recaps and side comments because they are fun. I especially like the drinking game. haha. Ajah!

  48. 298 mira

    hi!! im from philippines, pls take care of sandara park we all love her.

  49. 299 Su

    Hi DramaBeans! I’m so glad to have finally discovered a GOOD site to read up on my Kdramas! I came across your site when I was searching for more info on the latest hype in Korea – Boys Before Flowers. I am Korean and I’ve been watching Kdramas since… idk, around the time when Stairway to Heaven came out? When I watched that and What Happened in Bali and Damo, I was completely obsessed and completely fell in love with all the HOTTEST Korean actors! (Honestly, if it weren’t for the actors i wouldn’t watch them as much, although in some dramas like Coffee Prince Yoon Eun-Hye and her adorable-ness was the ONLY REASON why I watched the show and was completely obsessed… again. haha.

    The dramas that I’m currently watching are East of Eden and Boys Before Flowers. The last drama that I really liked was Beethoven Virus. (I love Kim Myung-Min!)

    I hope to have great Kdrama discussions with you Dramabeans! You are the Best!

  50. 300 Syb

    I’m from Puerto Rico (yeap…Ricky Martin! Marc Anthony, Jlo..) anyways…I TOTALY LOVE this blog! It’s so hard to find site without all the pop-ups and ads that drive me crazy. I also love your off-line comments (like thinking out loud…soooo funny), I laugh a lot with them! So keep posting that I’ll keep reading!

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