Here are the retired headers. You have served us well.


hyun bin (design by tae)


kim ha-neul (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by tae)


song joong-ki (by tae)


won bin (by tae)


kim jae-wook (by tae)


gong hyo-jin, gong yoo (by tae)


lee min-ho (by tae)


yoon shi-yoon (by tae)


go hyun-jung (by tae)


Athena‘s cha seung-won, jung woo-sung, kim min-jong (by tae)


lee seung-gi (by vere)


min hyo-rin (by vere)


seo woo (by vere)


shin mina (by awsomelyy)


park shin-hye (by asomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by sae-byuk)


sohn ye-jin (by sae-byuk)


kim bum, song joong-ki, go ara, kim tae-hee, lee kyu-han (by gemini28)


kim hyun-joong (by gemini28)


kim jung-hwa (by kris)


shin mina and yoon eun-hye (by dhen)


lee chun-hee and park ye-jin (by kris)


kang dong-won (by kris)


kang ji-hwan (by snikki)


park shi-yeon (by snikki)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


jang geun-seok, shin se-kyung, choi siwon, yoon eun-hye, u-know yunho, lee min-ho (by awsomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by alert)


go hyun-jung and chun jung-myung (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


song hye-gyo (by vere)


yoon eun-hye (by vere)


choi siwon (by snoopyvkd)


han hyo-joo (by sae-byuk)


won bin, yoon eun-hye (by luv)


so ji-sub (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


han ga-in, kim jae-wook (by jicks)


won bin (by jicks)


rain (by jicks)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by haart)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by lovewls)


yoo seung-ho (by clarisa)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


park shin-hye (by princesslucky)


moon geun-young (by awsomelyy)


ham eun-jung (by malisza)


song joong-ki (by malisza)


yoo ah-in (by malisza)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by nervie)


chun jung-myung, shin se-kyung, song kang-ho (by nabi)


kim nam-gil (by saebyuk)


han hyo-joo (by bo)


lee yoon-ji (by kris)


lee min-ho (by tae)


lee min-jung, daniel choi (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


kang ji-hwan (by tae)


sohn ye-jin (by tae)


park shi-yeon (by tae)


lee chun-hee (by tae)


lee jun-ki (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


jang geun-seok (by tae)


eugene (by tae)


kim sun-ah (by malisza)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


kim so-yeon (by autumnjeanne)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


song hye-gyo (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon shi-yoon (by loft)


song joong-ki (by loft)


go ara (by loft)


daniel choi (by loft)


han hyo-joo (by loft)


lee seon-kyun (by leah)


song joong-ki (by Micca)


kim hyun-joong (by Micca)


shin mina (by Micca)


se7en, park han-byul (by Malizsa)


han ga-in (by Malizsa)


song hye-gyo (by Loft)


eugene (by Loft)


lee young-ah (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


jung so-min (by Loft)


han hyo-joo (by Loft)


yoon eun-hye (by Loft)


han ji-min (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


rain, lee na-young (by jicks)


yoo ah-in (by tae)


im soo-jung, kim min-hee, won bin, han ga-in, jung woo-sung (by tae)


uhm tae-woong (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by lolo)


kim ji-hoon (by toto)


noh min-woo (by Anberlin P)


song hye-gyo (by belovedone)


kim tae-hee (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


lee yo-won (by appie)


cha seung-won (by ellwu)


hyun bin, ha ji-won (by Loft)


hyun bin (by Loft)


ha ji-won (by Loft)


kim bum (by Loft)


go ara (by Loft)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


min hyo-rin (by Loft)


park min-young (by Loft)


yoon seung-ah (by Loft)


lee min-jung (by iexquisite)


yoon eun-hye (by kyun)


park bo-young (by kim)


shin mina (by kim)


min hyo-rin (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


kim so-eun (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


lee dong-wook, kim sun-ah (by autumnjeanne)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


han ye-seul (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


gong yoo (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


song joong-ki (by Loft)


song seung-heon (by Loft)


han ji-hye, uee, song joong-ki, yoo ah-in, min hyo-rin, lee min-ho, yoon shi-yoon, go ara (by Loft)


gong hyo-jin (by Loft)


lee min-ho, park min-young (by ellewu)


kim bum (by HaiDuong)


han hyo-joo (by HaiDuong)


lee ki-woo (by HaiDuong)


lee min-ho (by HaiDuong)


yoon eun-hye (by HaiDuong)


go soo, kang dong-won (by jicks)


shin mina (by Kim)


go soo, song joong-ki, jung il-woo (by kasia)


park yoochun (by lilsu)


kim haneul (by AutumnJeanne)


jung il-woo (by ydoodler)


jung woo-sun, shin mina (by Kim)


so ji-sub, shin mina (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by kasia)


daniel choi (by Kim)


ji jin-hee (by lena)


kim soo-hyun (by sjkwifey)


joo-won (by Tishi)


kang so-ra (by Tishi)


moon chae-won (by Gold)


park shi-hoo (by Gold)


jung ryeo-won (by Ali)


lee min-ho (by Ali)


joo-won from Gaksital (by Ali)


choi woo-shik, jung seok-won, lee min-ho from Rooftop Prince


yoo inna




jung il-woo


jung yumi


lee seung-gi


lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


park shi-yeon



lee jin-wook




han hyo-joo


lee jong-seok


gong yoo


park min-young


lee je-hoon


jung hye-young (by hellochloe)


park se-young (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah (by hellochloe)


song joong-ki


jung so-min


jung yumi


eun ji-won (by hellochloe)


ji jin-hee (by hellochloe)


jung kyeo-woon (by hellochloe)


ji sung


yeon jung-hoon, go ara (by hellochloe)


jang hyuk


go soo (by Jomo)


won bin, song seung-heon, ryu seung-ryong, jung woo-sung, jo in-sung (by lolo)


song joong-ki


ji hyun-woo from Queen In-hyun’s Man


kang ji-hwan


seo in-gook


song seung-heon


kim min-hee, suzy (by hellochloe)


kim yoo-jung (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah, lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


yoon eun-hye


ji hyun-woo, yoo inna (by nervie)


yoon shi-yoon


kim myung-min, park hae-jin


park shin-hye


han hyo-joo, lee yoon-ji


shin mina


hyun bin, jung woo-sung


kang so-ra


ji sung


uhm tae-woong, bae doo-na


shin mina, moon geun-young (by hellochloe)


sung joon


jo in-sung


song ji-hyo


jung woo-sung


song jong-ho


kim so-yeon


lee kwang-soo


lee min-ho


yoon shi-yoon


yeo jin-gu


lee min-ki


song ji-hyo


kang haneul



lee da-hae


lee yo-won


song ji-hyo


krystal, lee jong-seok


gong hyo-jin, so ji-sub




jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, sohn ho-joon, go ara, baro, kim sung-kyun


jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, go ara


shin mina


lee min-ho



lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


ha ji-won


han hyo-joo


han ji-min


im shi-wan


lee da-hae


shin mina


lee seung-gi


song ji-hyo


lee hyun-woo


jung eun-ji


kim min-jong, yoon jin-yi


so ji-sub


kim kang-woo


kim soo-hyun, jeon ji-hyun from You From Another Star


kim ji-hoon, park shin-hye, yoon shi-yoon


go soo, han hyo-joo


song ji-hyo


yoo seung-ho


jo boa


lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


kim woo-bin, lee jong-seok




yoo ah-in















796 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 Apple

    yey! PSY and KJH have their headers, i hope there can be a header with both of them :o… maybe the phone booth kiss

  2. 52 Luv


    Congratulations on the new design…here’s a little “housewarming” gift…hehe…



    It’s Won bin & Yoon eun-hye titled “Love hurts” 🙂

    Btw…I haven’t been able to reach you…wanted to talk to you about something.


  3. 53 Sae-byuk

    All this excellent use of texture is inspiring! (And you’re all just inspiring in general.)

    Han Hyo-joo

  4. 54 nabi

    Hope you like this one 😛

    Chun Jung-myung, Song Gang-ho, Shin Sekyung:

  5. 55 nervie

    JB & GF,

    Love this blog and belated congratulations on the new layout!

    Thought to throw in a banner concept using one of the Playful Kiss poster pics… Actually, lovewls gave me the inspiration for the idea… 🙂


    • 55.1 justanotherfan


      • 55.1.1 nervie

        awwww thank you 🙂

  6. 58 Osi

    Oh, luv, you’re back with your great creation.
    Luv it.

  7. 59 haart

    Hi, the first time making a header for Dramabeans
    Here is one for My gf is Gumiho ^^

  8. 60 haart

    Sorry, DB
    I paste the wrong code, here is the right one


  9. 61 Kris

    woooowwww! i see some new incredible headers! you guys rock! and yes i’m back with TWO more! 🙂

    *Lee Yoon Ji


    *Song Ji Hyo


    • 61.1 mmmm

      ohmygawd, they’re so pretty!!! <333 and you got 2 of my favorite, underrated actresses! (:<3

      • 61.1.1 Kris

        awwww! thank you! I appreciate the comment! glad you like them…not sure if JB’s gonna use them though…but yeah these two are definitely underrated!

  10. 62 Sumee

    wow love the Headers..I wish I also knew how to make them :-((

  11. 63 Clarisa

    I noticed that there’s no header featuring Yoo Seung Hoo, so I made one! Hope you’ll like it! 🙂


  12. 64 ginnie

    I love the headers.

    So far, my favorite is shin mina (by awesomelyy). It totally grab my attention.

    I miss some of the old headers though…at least I can see them in the “retirement house”. LOL.

  13. 65 Sae-byuk

    One more of Kim Bum 🙂

  14. 66 alert

    One for Coffee Prince:


    Lee Dong Wook:


  15. 67 Sweet

    These are sweet,
    but where Coffee House banners?:(

    • 67.1 Snikki

      I have a couple of them, I have to resize them though. And they’re only of the EunSoo couple.

      • 67.1.1 Jane

        I look forward to seeing them 🙂

        • Snikki

          These may not get picked, but that’s ok. I at least want to share them to you guys. 🙂




          I just noticed I haven’t used any shot of KJH smiling. He’s sorta smiling on that ripped picture anyway…hehe.

          • Sweet

            Loveeeeee it!
            Especially the second one.

          • Jane


            Love them all, especially the second and third ones. I want to steal them but sadly, I don’t own a site called dramabeans. Bummer!

          • Snikki


            @Jane — I’d give them to you without the name if JB doesn’t mind, ‘coz I used her screencaps to create those…hehe. And I’m too lazy to create new ones. 😀

  16. 68 stolenliegh

    aww no kim nam gil headers. sure want to see his face once in a while since we won’t be seeing him grace the screen for two. maybe at least we get to see him as a header :))

    *special request 😀

  17. 69 diana

    seeing the efforts of all these ppl makes me wanna be a part of the creativeness too!!! and im not even creative!! i’ll try come up with something javabeans!!

  18. 70 Nayla

    Do you guys all use Photoshop to make these headers ?

    • 70.1 vere

      I use Photoshop, but you could also use Paint.NET and GIMP. They’re free.

    • 70.2 dubusangtae.

      photobucket has a ps similar program you can use online now

  19. 71 princesslucky

    Hey! It had been a few weeks I guess since I’ve stopped by *stupid real life* and was all OMG NEW LAYOUT. :p I was happy to see you needed new headers cause I could do a little something for you guys for all the fun, news and drama advice you’ve provided me!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you like these, I had so much fun making them. XD

    I thought you were severely lacking in Lee Sun Gyun so HERE HAVE SOME:

    and some Park Shin-Hye, For some cute and pretty. ^_^

    ( Hopefully these links work. Imageshack hates me )


  20. 72 Sweet

    Where Soeulmates love go?
    ONly If I knew how to work photoshop.

  21. 73 awsomelyy

    Loving this photoshoot from Moon Geun-young. Maybe I’ll make more… O:


    • 73.1 Jane

      This looks more like dramaveggies… okay, lame joke. Sorry.

      Nice work, by the way.

  22. 74 Selli

    Wow, everyone is really good, I love all these headers!!! O___O Um, well, fact is, I made 2 headers myself ^^’ There not really good, seeing as I’m not really good at making headers, but I love Dramabeans to bits, and I’m incredibly grateful that this site exists, so I just thought I’d express it this way, if that’s okay!

    I have no idea how to link links, so I’m just going to post the link as it is ^^’

    Yeah, so I thought there’s a decided lack of Ha Ji Won, considering she has a drama coming out soon, so I made a header with her ^^’ I couldn’t decide on the font-colour, so I made two, sorry D:



    There’s another one, though XD I’ve been a fan of Shin Min-ah since Volcano High, so I’m really happy she’s gaining some popularity, as it appears, with MGIAG, and to celebrate that, I made a header of sorts with her too! Or at least I tried to, but yeah XD Didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it too O_O


    I don’t know if you’ll like these, javabeans and girlfriday, but I just wanted to say thank you : ) By the way, the new layout is awesome!!! Change is often good XD

    • 74.1 Selli

      Oh, cool, the links linked themselves!!! =D Yay, that’s awesome!!! XD

  23. 75 Migs


    Made something. Its So Ji Sub.. He so hot can’t help my self…

  24. 76 bandaid

    OMG, the headers are like, so classy 😀 so POSH 😀 LOVE it 😀

  25. 77 Malisza

    SungKyunKwan Scandal header:


  26. 79 theleenbean

    wow, this collection just keeps growing and growing!

    and luv, you’re back!

  27. 80 1crazynyt


    JGS.. He so smexy showing his belly botton.

  28. 81 1crazynyt


    JGS.. He so smexy showing his belly button.

  29. 82 ixory

    This is my first time making banner for dramabeans.
    Lee seung gi..


  30. 83 ixory

    one more
    Lee seung gi

  31. 84 jo

    Kim Soo Hyun!

    • 84.1 dubusangtae.

      omygosh he is so cutteee XD
      *full spazz attack*
      a very pretty banner :))

  32. 85 jo

    Kim Soo Hyun!

    *somehow my comment isn’t showing up?*

  33. 86 sallyBKK

    your headers always looks great and awesome (much better than other sites), i enjoy most of them.

    but where is my bidam? how can there is no kim nam gil here? and i can’t find my jeon ji hyun (the most beautiful asian star) here either. you’re so cruel, all designers here. T T T T

    more of shin min ah (and kim jae wook) is always welcome but it seems too much yoon eun hye is making me sick.

    • 86.1 awsomelyy

      Well, you can always put your hands into making your own banners if you want to see more of your stars. It’s really fun. (:
      To be honest, I just have too many pictures of Yoon Eun-hye. She didn’t have many banners in jb’s last layout so I’m happy to see more of her! And I definitely want to make more of Shin Min-ah. *-*

    • 86.2 Nani

      You can never have too much Yoon Eun Hye…

      • 86.2.1 Yoon eun hye rocks

        Yea thats right
        she is the best put there ….hehehe for me
        go YEH ( so excited for ‘lie to me” to air

  34. 87 Jenny

    Oh this is my First time:)

    Personal Taste- Jeon Jin-ho and Park Gae IN


  35. 88 Jenny

    Another Lee min ho and Son ye Jin Banner


    • 88.1 Jenny

      ah wrong spelling of blogging^^

      Finished editing…it’s ok now

      check this out!

      Another Lee min ho and Son ye Jin Banner

  36. 89 Alexandra

    Lee min ho (Go Jun Pyo) Banner

  37. 90 Jade







  38. 91 Jade

    This is also my first banner

    Kim nam Gil and Lee min ho Banner


    My two korean actors that I love:) try it

  39. 92 vere

    Excellent job on the new banners, tae.

  40. 93 xylophonic

    @ tae, love the subtitles on your new banners. 😀 Specially the KJH tears for breakfast one 😉

  41. 94 Sae-byuk

    OMG. I love you, tae. I almost choked on my spaghetti when the “tears for breakfast” banner popped up just now.

    LOL. Love it (and the other taglines, too).

  42. 95 tae

    @xylophonic & sae-byuk: the new (wonderfully) hilarious taglines on the newest banners are by the dramabeans team! hahahah. i just took their words ^^.

    • 95.1 xylophonic

      Haha, should have guessed, hey? xD Thanks to you too though!

    • 95.2 jaelove

      did you by any chance post the image link for the yoo ah in banner? if you could, i would be so thankful! thanks 🙂

  43. 96 Sae-byuk

    Since he’s been requested (and since this picture is gorgeous)…

    Kim Nam-gil

    • 96.1 luraaa

      Oooh, he’s hot in here!

  44. 97 koreandramasrock

    I love these new ones.. they go well with your new site. I am just not to fond of the cigarette or the smoke ones.

  45. 98 mellowyel

    LOVE THE NEW HEADERS! awesome and inspiring – you artists are great!

  46. 99 p3rk3le

    I made 2 Yoona nad SiwonYoona if you like them!
    http://i37.tinypic.com/2cyfmd.jpg and http://i37.tinypic.com/e0oa51.jpg I uploaded them in both .png and .jpg didnt know what you use http://www.mediafire.com/file/q3k6q2y5sakh7gy/banners.rar

  47. 100 Jane

    “I will have your tears for breakfast” is the funniest thing I ever saw. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!

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