Here are the retired headers. You have served us well.


hyun bin (design by tae)


kim ha-neul (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by tae)


song joong-ki (by tae)


won bin (by tae)


kim jae-wook (by tae)


gong hyo-jin, gong yoo (by tae)


lee min-ho (by tae)


yoon shi-yoon (by tae)


go hyun-jung (by tae)


Athena‘s cha seung-won, jung woo-sung, kim min-jong (by tae)


lee seung-gi (by vere)


min hyo-rin (by vere)


seo woo (by vere)


shin mina (by awsomelyy)


park shin-hye (by asomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by sae-byuk)


sohn ye-jin (by sae-byuk)


kim bum, song joong-ki, go ara, kim tae-hee, lee kyu-han (by gemini28)


kim hyun-joong (by gemini28)


kim jung-hwa (by kris)


shin mina and yoon eun-hye (by dhen)


lee chun-hee and park ye-jin (by kris)


kang dong-won (by kris)


kang ji-hwan (by snikki)


park shi-yeon (by snikki)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


jang geun-seok, shin se-kyung, choi siwon, yoon eun-hye, u-know yunho, lee min-ho (by awsomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by alert)


go hyun-jung and chun jung-myung (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


song hye-gyo (by vere)


yoon eun-hye (by vere)


choi siwon (by snoopyvkd)


han hyo-joo (by sae-byuk)


won bin, yoon eun-hye (by luv)


so ji-sub (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


han ga-in, kim jae-wook (by jicks)


won bin (by jicks)


rain (by jicks)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by haart)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by lovewls)


yoo seung-ho (by clarisa)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


park shin-hye (by princesslucky)


moon geun-young (by awsomelyy)


ham eun-jung (by malisza)


song joong-ki (by malisza)


yoo ah-in (by malisza)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by nervie)


chun jung-myung, shin se-kyung, song kang-ho (by nabi)


kim nam-gil (by saebyuk)


han hyo-joo (by bo)


lee yoon-ji (by kris)


lee min-ho (by tae)


lee min-jung, daniel choi (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


kang ji-hwan (by tae)


sohn ye-jin (by tae)


park shi-yeon (by tae)


lee chun-hee (by tae)


lee jun-ki (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


jang geun-seok (by tae)


eugene (by tae)


kim sun-ah (by malisza)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


kim so-yeon (by autumnjeanne)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


song hye-gyo (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon shi-yoon (by loft)


song joong-ki (by loft)


go ara (by loft)


daniel choi (by loft)


han hyo-joo (by loft)


lee seon-kyun (by leah)


song joong-ki (by Micca)


kim hyun-joong (by Micca)


shin mina (by Micca)


se7en, park han-byul (by Malizsa)


han ga-in (by Malizsa)


song hye-gyo (by Loft)


eugene (by Loft)


lee young-ah (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


jung so-min (by Loft)


han hyo-joo (by Loft)


yoon eun-hye (by Loft)


han ji-min (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


rain, lee na-young (by jicks)


yoo ah-in (by tae)


im soo-jung, kim min-hee, won bin, han ga-in, jung woo-sung (by tae)


uhm tae-woong (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by lolo)


kim ji-hoon (by toto)


noh min-woo (by Anberlin P)


song hye-gyo (by belovedone)


kim tae-hee (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


lee yo-won (by appie)


cha seung-won (by ellwu)


hyun bin, ha ji-won (by Loft)


hyun bin (by Loft)


ha ji-won (by Loft)


kim bum (by Loft)


go ara (by Loft)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


min hyo-rin (by Loft)


park min-young (by Loft)


yoon seung-ah (by Loft)


lee min-jung (by iexquisite)


yoon eun-hye (by kyun)


park bo-young (by kim)


shin mina (by kim)


min hyo-rin (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


kim so-eun (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


lee dong-wook, kim sun-ah (by autumnjeanne)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


han ye-seul (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


gong yoo (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


song joong-ki (by Loft)


song seung-heon (by Loft)


han ji-hye, uee, song joong-ki, yoo ah-in, min hyo-rin, lee min-ho, yoon shi-yoon, go ara (by Loft)


gong hyo-jin (by Loft)


lee min-ho, park min-young (by ellewu)


kim bum (by HaiDuong)


han hyo-joo (by HaiDuong)


lee ki-woo (by HaiDuong)


lee min-ho (by HaiDuong)


yoon eun-hye (by HaiDuong)


go soo, kang dong-won (by jicks)


shin mina (by Kim)


go soo, song joong-ki, jung il-woo (by kasia)


park yoochun (by lilsu)


kim haneul (by AutumnJeanne)


jung il-woo (by ydoodler)


jung woo-sun, shin mina (by Kim)


so ji-sub, shin mina (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by kasia)


daniel choi (by Kim)


ji jin-hee (by lena)


kim soo-hyun (by sjkwifey)


joo-won (by Tishi)


kang so-ra (by Tishi)


moon chae-won (by Gold)


park shi-hoo (by Gold)


jung ryeo-won (by Ali)


lee min-ho (by Ali)


joo-won from Gaksital (by Ali)


choi woo-shik, jung seok-won, lee min-ho from Rooftop Prince


yoo inna




jung il-woo


jung yumi


lee seung-gi


lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


park shi-yeon



lee jin-wook




han hyo-joo


lee jong-seok


gong yoo


park min-young


lee je-hoon


jung hye-young (by hellochloe)


park se-young (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah (by hellochloe)


song joong-ki


jung so-min


jung yumi


eun ji-won (by hellochloe)


ji jin-hee (by hellochloe)


jung kyeo-woon (by hellochloe)


ji sung


yeon jung-hoon, go ara (by hellochloe)


jang hyuk


go soo (by Jomo)


won bin, song seung-heon, ryu seung-ryong, jung woo-sung, jo in-sung (by lolo)


song joong-ki


ji hyun-woo from Queen In-hyun’s Man


kang ji-hwan


seo in-gook


song seung-heon


kim min-hee, suzy (by hellochloe)


kim yoo-jung (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah, lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


yoon eun-hye


ji hyun-woo, yoo inna (by nervie)


yoon shi-yoon


kim myung-min, park hae-jin


park shin-hye


han hyo-joo, lee yoon-ji


shin mina


hyun bin, jung woo-sung


kang so-ra


ji sung


uhm tae-woong, bae doo-na


shin mina, moon geun-young (by hellochloe)


sung joon


jo in-sung


song ji-hyo


jung woo-sung


song jong-ho


kim so-yeon


lee kwang-soo


lee min-ho


yoon shi-yoon


yeo jin-gu


lee min-ki


song ji-hyo


kang haneul



lee da-hae


lee yo-won


song ji-hyo


krystal, lee jong-seok


gong hyo-jin, so ji-sub




jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, sohn ho-joon, go ara, baro, kim sung-kyun


jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, go ara


shin mina


lee min-ho



lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


ha ji-won


han hyo-joo


han ji-min


im shi-wan


lee da-hae


shin mina


lee seung-gi


song ji-hyo


lee hyun-woo


jung eun-ji


kim min-jong, yoon jin-yi


so ji-sub


kim kang-woo


kim soo-hyun, jeon ji-hyun from You From Another Star


kim ji-hoon, park shin-hye, yoon shi-yoon


go soo, han hyo-joo


song ji-hyo


yoo seung-ho


jo boa


lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


kim woo-bin, lee jong-seok




yoo ah-in















796 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 251 bleu

    To celebrate your 200th OT ^^


    • 253.2 anonymous

      Goodness, if you consider those banners uncreative, what would you think of as creative then? Because those banners are not at all uncreative. I love the whole feel to them (especially the YEH one!), although I can’t quite explain why. Maybe it’s the pure simplicity of the whole thing? Nonetheless, these are beautiful.

      • 253.2.1 Kim

        @anonymous: Oh no, I didn’t mean it that way. Awesomelyy works are beautiful. I love the simplicity of them. I was just curious about what he/she means when he/she typed “uncreative is uncreative.” I understand that not everyone is as talented as he/she is, but his/her words is a little harsh in my opinion. I was only questioning her words, not criticizing his/her works.

        • anonymous

          Oh, no no. I didn’t to direct that comment to you, it was meant for Awesomelyy. Sorry if you misunderstood >.<

          • anonymous

            *I didn’t mean to direct

          • Kim

            It’s okay ^_^

  2. 254 anonymous

    i wonder when are they gonna update the 1st page of this thread: the one where you could see the smaller versions of all the headers used…hmmmm…

  3. 255 aurohm

    I have one of Gong Yoo…. It’s my first one so forgive me if it seems amateurish..kekeke…. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


  4. 256 mud

    Loving the new (and old!) headers<3

  5. 257 jastinel

    dramabeans, may I request for LDW and KSA header!

  6. 258 Muselatte

    Kim Sun-Ah.


  7. 259 lilsu

    After seeing all the new headers today (Love the City Hunter one!!!!! <3) and Yoochun in High Cut; I made this:
    Park Yoo Chun

  8. 260 ydoodler

    Here’s a header to thank you for your awesome blog and recaps!

  9. 261 Guin

    I’m not sure which is best…you decide!
    Featuring Girl K:


  10. 263 ellewu

    a Chwa Chi Soo banner…kekeke πŸ˜€

  11. 264 jelly-jamboree

    So… It might be a little too late into the holiday season, but I couldn’t help feeling some Christmas spirit and making this πŸ™‚

    Lee Seung-gi

  12. 266 SoffeaRahim

    why no jung il woo? T______T omo I want a woowoo header!

  13. 267 ali

    Happy New Year!! πŸ™‚

    Yeon Jung-hoon/ Vampire Prosecutor

  14. 268 mems

    Wow, all of you are mad creative people! Wish I had the artistic eye, too. :/

    Would love to see a Joo Won banner around here. πŸ˜‰

  15. 269 CKDexter

    Graphic design student had nothing to do one day over winter break. Thus:

    Jung Il Woo, looking mighty sauve –

    You’re Beautiful cast being cute –

    Thanks for everything you do, Dramabeans!

  16. 270 Alaa


    Lee Yeon Hee

  17. 271 krstjb

    Choi Daniel


  18. 272 KDrama Fan

    Wish we could have all these headers on rapid rotation-like 1 minute for each.

    BTW totally surprised at the Uhm Tae Wong header. Couldn’t figure out who it was and then when I knew I was like ‘UTW?! Are you sure?’

  19. 273 nuri

    Puppy with puppies!! now, you really have to do that! *drool

  20. 275 lena

    so, instead of studying i tried my best/worst at creating a header…. and this is it

    and the b/w version

    • 275.1 lilsu

      I like the b/w header!
      great job!

  21. 276 lilsu

    Park Yoo Chun header

    (…and though I love JYJ my bias is NOT Yoochun! =D )


  22. 278 HungryBird

    Wow, all of the banners are awesome! Thanks all the volunteers generously shared artistic talents.

  23. 279 Gold

    Hi JB,

    I’m not sure which is best…but you decide! πŸ™‚

    Moon Chae-won

    Park Shi-hoo

    Hong Soo-hyun

    I’ve left a comment but it was not added for some reason. So trying it here again.

    • 279.1 jelly-jamboree

      I’m lovin’ the first two, but especially the one with Park Shi-hoo.

      It’s interesting that he’s so immediately recognizable even though you only get a snip-it of his face!

      Good job πŸ™‚

      • 279.1.1 Gold

        Maybe even his eyelids are unforgettable? πŸ˜‰
        Thanks for your comment, jelly-jamboree πŸ˜€ I’m glad that you like them.

  24. 280 sjkwifey

    Yoon eun hye and t.o.p
    First ever header, not nearly as nice as the ones on here

  25. 281 Sarah


  26. 282 Tishi

    Here’s a couple of Kang Sora banners if you guys want ’em. =)


  27. 283 nonski

    hi just wanted to share my first take of making a header for DB, hope you will like. will try to make some more next week.

  28. 284 d.crazy

    jus wanna say awsome headers jb!!!been following yur blog fo some time n am sooooo totally in love w it!at least i am comforted that i aint alone in my ‘enthusiam’ fo all k.drama!!!

  29. 285 Osi

    TK2H is my new crack. I loooove this drama to bits.
    So here’s Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won header.
    Hope you guys like it.

  30. 286 kiwichan08

    made a Taecyeon header ^^


  31. 288 ali

    Jung Ryeo-Won πŸ™‚


  32. 289 sjkwifey

    Thought you might like a kim soo hyun header πŸ™‚

  33. 290 madi

    how do you make headers?

  34. 291 jomo

    This is prolly too amateurish, and it also may too soon, but I LOVE THIS SHOW!


    • 291.1 jomo

      This show being Queen In-Hyun’s Man…

  35. 292 jomo


    One for Queen In-hyun’s Man…

  36. 293 jomo


    Queen In-Hyun’s Man

    I know this style isn’t really clean, but these are so much fun to make, I can’t help it!

  37. 294 Almond

    Javabeans, will you use the headers I sent you? I kind of worked hard on them, I keep coming to this page with the hope you updated the headers list..

  38. 295 jomo

    And by MINE, I mean MINE. QIHM

  39. 296 ixory

    I hope you like this banner…:)
    Lee Seung Gi..

  40. 297 OMG

    how and where do u guys make these banners…i have sooo many idea..!!

  41. 298 nonski

    hi jb and gf,

    made this banner, not a pro but i hope you will like this one.


    nonski xx

  42. 299 auvre

    song seung heon

  43. 300 ilikehim

    So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho

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