Here are the retired headers. You have served us well.


hyun bin (design by tae)


kim ha-neul (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by tae)


song joong-ki (by tae)


won bin (by tae)


kim jae-wook (by tae)


gong hyo-jin, gong yoo (by tae)


lee min-ho (by tae)


yoon shi-yoon (by tae)


go hyun-jung (by tae)


Athena‘s cha seung-won, jung woo-sung, kim min-jong (by tae)


lee seung-gi (by vere)


min hyo-rin (by vere)


seo woo (by vere)


shin mina (by awsomelyy)


park shin-hye (by asomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by sae-byuk)


sohn ye-jin (by sae-byuk)


kim bum, song joong-ki, go ara, kim tae-hee, lee kyu-han (by gemini28)


kim hyun-joong (by gemini28)


kim jung-hwa (by kris)


shin mina and yoon eun-hye (by dhen)


lee chun-hee and park ye-jin (by kris)


kang dong-won (by kris)


kang ji-hwan (by snikki)


park shi-yeon (by snikki)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


jang geun-seok, shin se-kyung, choi siwon, yoon eun-hye, u-know yunho, lee min-ho (by awsomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by alert)


go hyun-jung and chun jung-myung (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


song hye-gyo (by vere)


yoon eun-hye (by vere)


choi siwon (by snoopyvkd)


han hyo-joo (by sae-byuk)


won bin, yoon eun-hye (by luv)


so ji-sub (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


han ga-in, kim jae-wook (by jicks)


won bin (by jicks)


rain (by jicks)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by haart)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by lovewls)


yoo seung-ho (by clarisa)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


park shin-hye (by princesslucky)


moon geun-young (by awsomelyy)


ham eun-jung (by malisza)


song joong-ki (by malisza)


yoo ah-in (by malisza)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by nervie)


chun jung-myung, shin se-kyung, song kang-ho (by nabi)


kim nam-gil (by saebyuk)


han hyo-joo (by bo)


lee yoon-ji (by kris)


lee min-ho (by tae)


lee min-jung, daniel choi (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


kang ji-hwan (by tae)


sohn ye-jin (by tae)


park shi-yeon (by tae)


lee chun-hee (by tae)


lee jun-ki (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


jang geun-seok (by tae)


eugene (by tae)


kim sun-ah (by malisza)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


kim so-yeon (by autumnjeanne)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


song hye-gyo (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon shi-yoon (by loft)


song joong-ki (by loft)


go ara (by loft)


daniel choi (by loft)


han hyo-joo (by loft)


lee seon-kyun (by leah)


song joong-ki (by Micca)


kim hyun-joong (by Micca)


shin mina (by Micca)


se7en, park han-byul (by Malizsa)


han ga-in (by Malizsa)


song hye-gyo (by Loft)


eugene (by Loft)


lee young-ah (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


jung so-min (by Loft)


han hyo-joo (by Loft)


yoon eun-hye (by Loft)


han ji-min (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


rain, lee na-young (by jicks)


yoo ah-in (by tae)


im soo-jung, kim min-hee, won bin, han ga-in, jung woo-sung (by tae)


uhm tae-woong (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by lolo)


kim ji-hoon (by toto)


noh min-woo (by Anberlin P)


song hye-gyo (by belovedone)


kim tae-hee (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


lee yo-won (by appie)


cha seung-won (by ellwu)


hyun bin, ha ji-won (by Loft)


hyun bin (by Loft)


ha ji-won (by Loft)


kim bum (by Loft)


go ara (by Loft)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


min hyo-rin (by Loft)


park min-young (by Loft)


yoon seung-ah (by Loft)


lee min-jung (by iexquisite)


yoon eun-hye (by kyun)


park bo-young (by kim)


shin mina (by kim)


min hyo-rin (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


kim so-eun (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


lee dong-wook, kim sun-ah (by autumnjeanne)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


han ye-seul (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


gong yoo (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


song joong-ki (by Loft)


song seung-heon (by Loft)


han ji-hye, uee, song joong-ki, yoo ah-in, min hyo-rin, lee min-ho, yoon shi-yoon, go ara (by Loft)


gong hyo-jin (by Loft)


lee min-ho, park min-young (by ellewu)


kim bum (by HaiDuong)


han hyo-joo (by HaiDuong)


lee ki-woo (by HaiDuong)


lee min-ho (by HaiDuong)


yoon eun-hye (by HaiDuong)


go soo, kang dong-won (by jicks)


shin mina (by Kim)


go soo, song joong-ki, jung il-woo (by kasia)


park yoochun (by lilsu)


kim haneul (by AutumnJeanne)


jung il-woo (by ydoodler)


jung woo-sun, shin mina (by Kim)


so ji-sub, shin mina (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by kasia)


daniel choi (by Kim)


ji jin-hee (by lena)


kim soo-hyun (by sjkwifey)


joo-won (by Tishi)


kang so-ra (by Tishi)


moon chae-won (by Gold)


park shi-hoo (by Gold)


jung ryeo-won (by Ali)


lee min-ho (by Ali)


joo-won from Gaksital (by Ali)


choi woo-shik, jung seok-won, lee min-ho from Rooftop Prince


yoo inna




jung il-woo


jung yumi


lee seung-gi


lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


park shi-yeon



lee jin-wook




han hyo-joo


lee jong-seok


gong yoo


park min-young


lee je-hoon


jung hye-young (by hellochloe)


park se-young (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah (by hellochloe)


song joong-ki


jung so-min


jung yumi


eun ji-won (by hellochloe)


ji jin-hee (by hellochloe)


jung kyeo-woon (by hellochloe)


ji sung


yeon jung-hoon, go ara (by hellochloe)


jang hyuk


go soo (by Jomo)


won bin, song seung-heon, ryu seung-ryong, jung woo-sung, jo in-sung (by lolo)


song joong-ki


ji hyun-woo from Queen In-hyun’s Man


kang ji-hwan


seo in-gook


song seung-heon


kim min-hee, suzy (by hellochloe)


kim yoo-jung (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah, lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


yoon eun-hye


ji hyun-woo, yoo inna (by nervie)


yoon shi-yoon


kim myung-min, park hae-jin


park shin-hye


han hyo-joo, lee yoon-ji


shin mina


hyun bin, jung woo-sung


kang so-ra


ji sung


uhm tae-woong, bae doo-na


shin mina, moon geun-young (by hellochloe)


sung joon


jo in-sung


song ji-hyo


jung woo-sung


song jong-ho


kim so-yeon


lee kwang-soo


lee min-ho


yoon shi-yoon


yeo jin-gu


lee min-ki


song ji-hyo


kang haneul



lee da-hae


lee yo-won


song ji-hyo


krystal, lee jong-seok


gong hyo-jin, so ji-sub




jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, sohn ho-joon, go ara, baro, kim sung-kyun


jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, go ara


shin mina


lee min-ho



lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


ha ji-won


han hyo-joo


han ji-min


im shi-wan


lee da-hae


shin mina


lee seung-gi


song ji-hyo


lee hyun-woo


jung eun-ji


kim min-jong, yoon jin-yi


so ji-sub


kim kang-woo


kim soo-hyun, jeon ji-hyun from You From Another Star


kim ji-hoon, park shin-hye, yoon shi-yoon


go soo, han hyo-joo


song ji-hyo


yoo seung-ho


jo boa


lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


kim woo-bin, lee jong-seok




yoo ah-in















796 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 301 CKDexter

    Here’s angel Kim Bum from Padam Padam:

    Thanks for everything ya do, DB team!

  2. 302 Stardust

    Coming off my love for QIHM the last episode… I did a quick Kim Boon-.. I mean Ji Hyun Woo hehehe I saw his previous show shots and thought… no wonder this guy can kiss so well…. his last project was 1000 kisses… Hee Jin is a lucky girl? hahaha
    I humbly present this for my fav fav drama blog:


  3. 303 jomo

    This is not technically a good banner, but it made me laugh.

    I have to figure out how to make this one look good.

  4. 304 jomo

    OK OK OK


    It’s making my heart speed up just looking at it. Yikes!

  5. 305 nervie

    This doesn’t really follow the banner style ‘norm’ but thought to throw it out there anyways for the QIHM fans… Hope you like it! 🙂


    Dramabeans team… Thanks heaps for all your hard work!!!

  6. 306 kiwichan08

    here’s one of suzy. It’s pretty simple

    enjoy 🙂

  7. 307 meecheellee

    hey, hai thar(:

    pretty boi… jung il woo

  8. 308 meecheellee

    here’s one for QIHM(:

  9. 309 meecheellee

    and one for kim so yeon (:


  10. 310 meecheellee

    yoon eun hye


  11. 312 nitahe

    hi jb and gf!
    i made Yoo Seungho-So Jisub banner for you
    hope you like it 🙂

  12. 313 starstruck.

    what size must the banners be?

    • 313.1 meecheellee

      980 pixels by 200. Hope that helped! (:

  13. 314 starstruck.


    Featuring Lee Seung Gi. Not sure if the size is right though.

  14. 315 matthewetta


    This is my first try at making a header, hope you like it! 🙂

  15. 316 meecheellee

    I already emailed these, not sure if you got them, but here!

    Shin, (or you may know him as Kyung Joon)

    Jeon Ji Hyun, (looking lika bride… well, because she is a bride)


    • 316.1 meecheellee

      Aishhhh. I screwed up on the Shin one… gah. I’ll fix it later. Later. Yeah. Right.

      And the bride one. Uhm. I have a tendency to flip people on their sides when making headers. Yeah. That’s all I have to say for myself.

  16. 317 _flyawaylove

    Kim Jaejoong

    Lee Minho, Choi Woo-Shik, and Jung Suk-Won (Joseon Rangers)

  17. 318 Rach

    I really love the Park Shi-Hoo header by Gold, and I’m dying to know how to achieve that style/effect with a photo (i.e. emphasis on dark shades, slightly cool look to the pale shades – I have no idea if I’m making sense right now).

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Gold so I can ask her, or can anyone make any suggestions about achieving this style? Thanks!

    • 318.1 Kim

      I would love to help but I’m a little confused with what you’re trying to ask. Are you talking about the image or the text?

  18. 319 jomo

    Nice Guy

  19. 320 Husnaa

    Joo Won


  20. 321 maydayJ

    I tried making one myself. You’ll probably recognize this from Gaksital. I instantly became a Joo-won fan after I started watching that show and see him in 1N2D just cemented my new found crush on him. :p


    Hope you all like it. heehee 🙂

    • 321.1 maydayJ

      grr. me and my grammar. should be *saw* him in 1N2D

  21. 322 Kim


    Kim Eugene

    • 322.1 hellochloe

      Fuchsia!! So purty *__*

  22. 323 ali

    Lee Min-Ho 🙂


  23. 324 Angel1990

    Moon Chae Won:


  24. 325 Starstruck.

    Lee Seung Gi

  25. 327 Eun

    I wanted to learn how to do headers with photoshop. 🙁

  26. 328 ebsalinita

    Love love love your blog! Don’t know what I would do without Dramabeans. Thank you, ladies! <3

    current kdrama obsession: Gaksital


  27. 329 Angela

    ah, I’ve always wanted to distribute a header and here it is. I’m quite excited for this. 🙂

    Gong Yoo and Lee Min-Jung: http://i46.tinypic.com/2csjcc2.png

    • 329.1 Angela

      mphm, sorry for the second one, I thought it didn’t go through.

  28. 330 Angela

    I’ve always wanted to contribute to the headers and I finally conjured up the courage to finally make one. To be quite honest, I’m very excited. 🙂

    Gong Yoo and Lee Min-Jung: http://i46.tinypic.com/2csjcc2.png

    • 330.1 hellochloe

      ooh me likey. Great job Angela and oddly I get that excitement/nervousness of posting 1st header lmao.

  29. 331 theresa

    Hope you use this header :o)


  30. 332 theresa

    Here is another header…just let me know if you need any changes..ok… 🙂


  31. 333 theresa

    here’s another one… i’m on fire!!! 🙂


  32. 334 theresa

    one more…. 🙂


  33. 335 theresa

    another one? 🙂


  34. 336 theresa

    another header…. 😉


  35. 337 VampirifiedAngel

    What dimensions are used for the headers? I want to try my hand at making one :3

  36. 338 a.j.

    Vampire Prosecutor 🙂


  37. 339 Kris

    Lee Yoon Ji


  38. 340 Tishi

    Made one of Seo In-gook. =) I love the new colors and layout in the site. =)


  39. 341 ani

    would anyone be willing to tell me how to make one? or possibly point me in the direction of a banner of Gu/Ku hye sun? I don’t think i’ve ever seen her on here… 🙁

    • 341.1 theresa

      hi ani,

      you can try this youtube tutorial on how to make one. you would need a software though. it is called photoimpact 12. i guess you can download it for free.
      note: dimension is 980 x 200


  40. 342 KimLuvv

    Not so good but I love her acting so I just had to make one for her <3
    Im Joo Eun <3

  41. 343 starstruck.

    Lee Seung Gi

  42. 344 lolo

    kindly check the one I made 🙂

    • 344.1 lolo

      there names are: LeeByungHeon – SongSeungHeon – Ryu Seung-ryong – JungWooSung – Im Joo-hwan

  43. 345 lilsu

    because I had nothing to do until the last episode of answer me 1997, here you go:


  44. 346 hellochloe

    My god, to think that I’ve been your reader since that fateful drama that lead to the meltdown of servers everywhere – 09’s YAB – all this while I thought the veryyy distracting headers were made by javabeans&co.!

    Oh well, you guys can’t be all *that* perfect 😀

    Speaking of NOT perfect, here is my submissionpleasedon’thateme:


    (Disclaimer: This is my 1st time – got PS hours ago.)

    • 346.1 Ethan

      Nice 😉

      • 346.1.1 hellochloe

        if that was for me I would just like to say thank you for your kindness.

        • 346.1.1.1 Ethan

          its for you 😀

          • 346. hellochloe

            again, thank you 🙂

  45. 347 Ethan

    Hey guys!

    here i have a new photo since ive never put some banner again .. im back right now 😉

    Lee Hyun Woo

    • 347.1 lilsu

      nice 🙂
      but I think you got the size wrong, it has to be 900×280

      • 347.1.1 hellochloe

        ehhhh wasn’t it 980 x 200 hun

        • 347.1.1.1 lilsu

          oops, right, it’s 980×200 ^^

  46. 348 Ethan

    nice nice nice 😉

  47. 349 hellochloe

    Another one! Though I do not have high hopes that it’ll make it, ’cause the bar over here is like *points at old jade fogey’s direction* THAT high…

    HAD SO MANY IDEAS BUT HALFWAY THRU GAVE UP ANY ATTEMPTS TO BE QUALITY. And that’s that. (sorry for the caps but you did say I could rant)


  48. 350 Ethan

    Need to make this right now 😀 been wishing to make my banners shine again like past days 😀

    Wooyoung and IU




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