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This list contains songs NOT found on the official soundtrack, since you can always buy the official soundtrack from (that’s the first OST; here’s the second OST). This list is for people who love the songs not readily available on the OST. (I know you can download the soundtrack, but I’m leaving those selections (mostly) off my list.)

Most (if not all) songs are in mp3 format. Many are batched in RAR files. RAR is an archiving format similar to ZIP. (The reason I used RAR is because it preserves the Korean language encoding, while ZIP does not.) If you don’t have a program that can unpack RAR files, Download WinRAR here for PC users, StuffIt Expander for Mac users. The programs are free and easy to use.




[Batch file for Ep. 1 songs: Download]

TEARLINER – “Young Racer.” Eun Chan on her scooter.

THE MELODY – “Goodbye.” Han Sung and Yuju.

MILVA – “Tango Italiano.” Jajangmyun eating contest.

FREE TEMPO – “Immaterial White.” Yuju and Han Gyul walking by streetside peddlers.

KIROTS – “청소슝슝” (cleaning). Eun Chan’s cell phone.



[Batch file for Ep. 2 songs: Download]

FANNY FINK – “November.” The song playing over the montage from the previous episode.

DEPAPEPE – いい日だったね (ii hi datta ne / It was a good day). Eun Chan eating ice cream with Han Sung.

JULIE LONDON – “Fly Me to the Moon.” Han Sung’s place.

LOVEHOLIC – “화분” (hwabun / flowerpot). Han Sung’s memories of Yu Ju.

BLUE KNIGHTS – “Red Night.” Eun Chan shopping for clothes.

BLUE KNIGHTS – “Copacabana.” Blind date fake-out kiss.

TEARLINER – “아이들” (children). Taekwondo kids.



[Batch file for Ep. 3 songs: Download]

유희열 (Yoo Hee Yeol aka Toy) – “라디오천국” (radio cheon-guk / radio heaven). Running in the rain with toys.

현경과 영애 (Hyun Kyung and Young Ae) – “그리워라” (geu-ri-weo-ra / yearn). The vinyl song that both Han Gyul and Eun Chan’s father owned.

CASKER – “Mocha” (on OST). Han Sung and Yu Ju goofing around.

TEARLINER – “Novaless.” Han Sung and Yuju.

TEARLINER – “Regretto.” Milk delivery.

나윤선 (Na Yoon Seon ) – “그리고 별이 되다” (geu-ri-go byul-i dwe-da / and it becomes a star). Yu Ju sings this to Han Gyul over the phone.

TAKE THAT – “Back for Good.” Cafe, Han Gyul and Yu Ju.



[Batch file for Ep. 4 songs: Download]

LEE SEON KYUN – “바다여행” (Ocean Travel). Han Sung sings to Yuju.

NATALIE COLE – “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love).” Princes prepare the café for opening.

EZ HYOUNG – “Hello My Barista”

BELLE EPOQUE – “May.” Han Gyul dances for Yuju.

DAVE KOZ – “Cuban Hideaway.” Eun Chan versus Min Yub.

KULA SHAKER – “Hush.” Basketball scene.

THE WANNADIES – “You and Me Song.” Fountain.



[Batch file for Ep. 5 songs: Download]

THE MELODY – “Polly.” Eun Chan and sleeping Han Gyul.

INGER MARIE GUNDERSEN – “Sad Song.” Han Sung with Yuju on couch.

“올챙이와 개구리” (tadpole and frog). This is the children’s song Eun Chan sings.

TEARLINER – “밤나무빛슬픔” (Piano ver.오수경). Roughly translates to “sadness of the light of a chestnut tree,” Han Gyul and Eun Chan outside.



[Batch file for Ep. 6 songs: Download]

TEARLINER – “Raincoat.” Eun Chan cries on bus.

FORTUNE COOKIE – “헛소동” (much ado about nothing). Sun Ki looking for his old love.

MIKA – “Lollipop.” Coffee Prince “commercial.”

AS ONE – “White Love Story.” Ending scene.



[Batch file for Ep. 7 songs: Download]

MNI민재 – “For a while.” Han Sung drives Eun Chan.

MAXIMILIAN HECKER – “I’ll Be a Virgin, I’ll Be a Mountain.” Yu Ju and Han Gyul while away their day.

TEARLINER – “Wishy-Washy Boy.” Eun Chan on drums.

NO BRAIN – “넌 내게 반했어” (You’ve fallen for me). This is what Eun Chan and Han Gyul sing on the street before going to the fountains.

TEXAS – “Getaway.” Fountains.



[Batch file for Ep. 8 songs: Download]

BASEMENT JAXX – “Do Your Thing.” Eun Sae auditions.

“Heart and Soul” – This is the song Eun Chan and Han Sung play together on the piano.

DIRE STRAITS – “Money For Nothing”

LUCID FALL – “보이나요” (Does it show?). Han Sung’s ringtone.

THE MELODY – “Love Box.” Han Gyul with his grandmother.

LOW-END PROJECT – “연애를 망친 건… 바로 나라는 걸 알았다” (I know I’m why the romance failed). End scene.



[Batch file for Ep. 9 songs: Download]

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE – “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From.” Yu Ju and Eun Chan in cafe.

ARCO – “Perfect World.” Yu Ju and Han Sung.

ROD STEWART – “Have I Told You Lately.” Supermarket.

BLUEDAWN 푸른새벽 – “Last Arpeggios.” Walking on the beach.

AZURE RAY – “Across the Ocean.” Han Gyul watches Eun Chan sleep.

KIM YEON WOO 김연우 – “나는 사랑이 뭔지 모르나봐요” (I must not know what love is). Eun Chan and Han Gyul spend their day separately.



[Batch file for Ep. 10 songs: Download]

ARCO – “Alien.” Played in Han Gyul’s car.

“Jave Jive.” Sung by the Coffee Princes.

RUFF ENDZ – “Someone To Love You”

BASEMENT JAXX – “Where’s Your Head At?”

TEARLINER – “Space Island.” Han Gyul and Yuju talk.

어른아이 (Adult Child) – “Sad Thing.” Last scene.



[Batch file for Ep. 11 songs: Download]

TEARLINER – “Love Song” (piano version)

DJ GURU – “X x.” Han Gyul drives away from the cafe angry.

BLUEDAWN 푸른새벽 – “호접지몽.” Eun Chan plays with toy in tears.

어른아이 (Adult Child) – “Make Up.” Last scene.



[Batch file for Ep. 12 songs: Download]

CLOUD CUCKOO LAND – “다시” (acoustic). At café.

FREE TEMPO – “Sky High.” Yu Ju’s ringtone.

CLOUD CUCKOO LAND – “Coffee Is.” Last scene.

BELLE EPOQUE’s “May” is the chestnut scene song. It is already posted under a prior episode.

BLUEDAWN’s “Last Arpeggios” is in the park bench scene. Also posted previously.



[Batch file for Episode 13 songs: Download]

EPHEMERA – “Balloons and Champagne.” Eun Chan plays with block toys with Han Gyul on the patio.

FANNY FINK – “좋은 사람” (good person). Yu Ju returns.

CASKER’s “Mocha” is posted in a prior episode. Scene where Eun Chan draws signs for Han Gyul at his apartment.



[Batch file for Episode 14 songs: Download]

MYRRA – “Taxi Driver.” Han Gyul and Eun Chan at café.

어른아이 (ADULT CHILD) – “Star.” Dinner party.

SONDRE LERCHE – “Once In a While.” Streetside and kids’ store.

AQUIBIRD – “Different World.” Piggyback song.

LOW-END PROJECT’s “연애를 망친 건… 바로 나라는 걸 알았다” plays while Han Gyul makes the paper airplane. It is posted in a previous episode.



[Batch file for Episode 15 songs: Download]

GENTLE RAIN – “The Night & Sweet.” Jazzy background song when Eun Chan has lunch with Han Gyul’s mother.

BLUR – “Sweet Song.” Garden proposal.

MISSING ISLAND – “Maiden Voyage.” Han Gyul’s imagined bed scene.



[Batch file for Episode 16 songs: Download]

YANNI – “Reflections of Passion.” Opening scene.

PINEAPPLE – “이별전의 발렌타인” (“A valentine before farewell”). Han Gyul and Eun Chan at cafe.

MISTY BLUE – “위로.” Eun Chan writes on leaf.

DONAWHALE – “Running.” Eun Chan running to Han Gyul’s apartment.

THE MELODY – “Paradise.” Last scene.



[Batch file for Episode 17 songs: Download]

REASON AVE. – “My Carol.” Breakfast on the patio.

MAXIMILIAN HECKER – “Flower Four.” In car on the way to work.

HAN DONG JOON – “너를 사랑해” (I Love You). The song Han Gyul sings.



[Batch file for additional songs: Download]

DEPAPEPE – “Start”

THE MONGOOSE – “Pink Piano Punk Star”

THE MONGOOSE – “Pintos.” Background song in previews at the end of each episode.

TOY – “첫사랑” (first love)

Additional credits to DC Inside’s Coffee Prince gallery.

Special thanks to hua, secret admirer, 1st Coffee Prince (KOR), jiangzemin, and anyone else who’s helped identify or locate a song.

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    Let me know if you are interested and how you would like for them to be sent.

  7. Angel

    Yup I have some of the missing songs as well and others also..took them from another chinese forum where the chinese fans compiled them! Let me know as well!

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    Wow awesome. I’m thinking of the songs the characters themselves sung? Like Mr Hong on the guitar in the apple orchard in ep5, and when Han Gyul and Eun Chan just made up and they were singing before they hit the fountains in ep7, before the texas song starts playing in the background.

    Awesome effort, btw – thanks so much!! I really appreciate this =)

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  10. 10 Acey

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    THanks for your hardwork on gathering all these up and sharing it to us!

  12. 12 javabeans

    Sure, if you have songs not on this list, or on this list without file links, send them along! I’ll post them up for download. (mp3 is better than wma if possible.) Thanks for sharing!

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  15. 15 javabeans

    ^ fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s hard keeping track of everything. Heh.

  16. 16 fiction00

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  25. 25 javabeans

    Note — I took down the audio players for the songs because they were slowing down the loading of this page. At least they were for me.

    kyutpinay2o, that song is 바다여행 (최한성 Ver.) and it’s on the OST. The official soundtrack actually has two versions of that song, one by the original artist, and one sung by the actor who plays Han Sung. I’m mostly using this page for songs you cannot find on the OST, since you can buy the soundtrack from

    and fiction00, that song is The Melody’s “Goodbye.” (episode 2, the morning after between Han Sung and Yu Ju.) It’s listed under Episode 1 although I haven’t confirmed the placement of all these songs yet so I’m not sure if it was used in both 1 & 2 (this is arranged from a list someone else compiled, source at the bottom of post).

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  27. 27 hua

    Thanks for organizing this page Javabeans! Here’s a pack (zip file) containing the following (you may have to fix the ID3 tags, as I wasn’t sure how to do that):
    BELLE EPOQUE – “May”
    Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode”
    Dave Koz – “Cuban Hideaway”
    Depapepe – “Start”
    Fanny Pink (파니핑크) – “11월” / November
    Kirots – “Cleaning” Pack B DOWNLOAD
    KULA SHAKER – “Hush”
    Milva – “Tango Italiano”
    The Mongoose – “Pink Piano Punk Star”
    The Mongoose – “Pintos”
    TEARLINER – “Regretto”
    Toy – a song from their “Fermata” album

  28. 28 hua

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    File name: Heart and Soul.mid:
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    File name: Tearliner-YoungRacer.mp3:
    Download link:

    Sorry,one is not in MP3 format. Media Convert just didn’t want to cooperate today (arrghh, pull out hair!). Breath, exhale, inhale!

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  32. 32 absynthefairy99

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  33. 33 Acey

    There’s this instrumental track that’s been recurring – the last it appeared was in episode 10, the dishwashing, handtouching scene – it’s the music that stops when their hands touch. Does anyone know what this song is? I really love its mood

  34. 34 javabeans

    Acey, that’s 바람에 살며시 앉다 (바다여행 Piano Ver.오수경). It’s the instrumental version of 바다여행 (Ocean Voyage), which is the song that Han Sung sang to Yu Ju. All three versions of the song (original, Han Sung singing, instrumental) are on the official soundtrack.

  35. 35 hua

    Thanks for taking me out of spam Javabeans! It’s neat that WordPress has all these little safe guards. I got the error “you’re posting too fast. slow down” error last night. LOL. It’s very interesting to hear “Heart and Soul” in its entirety. thanks secret admirer!

  36. 36 Arriane

    Can you tell me where I can download As One’s White Love Story for free for my iPOD? I love that song, and I’m desperate to have it on my iPOD.

  37. 37 javabeans

    Arriane, you can DL it right from this page. All those links are for downloadable files. If you want more than just 1 song, I suggest you use the batch links for your convenience.

  38. 38 amareally

    Nice songs !! Thanks alot for sharing … my MP3 is totally revived !!

  39. 39 secret admirer

    hope this helps somewhat with the organization:

    Ep 4:
    Dave Koz-Cuban Hideaway
    Ep 1:
    Milva – Tango Italiano

  40. 40 sassy_938

    Hi! Thank you so much 🙂 I love the songs. I do have a question though, where can I find the opening and ending theme songs of Coffee Prince?

  41. 41 Hoju Lee

    Hi, Does anyone know the song playing when Han Kyul kisses Eun Chan in the coffee shop and confesses he likes her (him)? The lyrics go, “I saw you…you with me” It’s really pretty. Thanks!

  42. 42 coiwen

    i love the white love story and thanks so much for the translation. it’s my ringtone in my cellphone and i listen to it often. can you please post the pronunciation lyrics (i don’t know what you call it) so that we, non-koreans can sing along?
    thanks a lot.

    hoju lee, the song is sad thing by adult child. you can find it listed under episode 10.

  43. 43 wildhoney

    you just can’t imagine how happy i am for finding this musics! especially “sad thing”! my heart’s fluttering!
    thanks a bunch!

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    Really2 love all these songs

  46. 46 vsng

    Hey, Im not sure if this song is on the OST or not, but theres a song in ep 10 (in the second half) when Han Kyul is tying the apron around Eun Chan’s waist. Do you know what it is and where I can download it?? Thanks!!!

  47. 47 NGcut

    After going through the album online…the “a song from the fermata album” from toy is called 첫사랑!

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