I hail from a famously long lineage of k-drama lovers and went through the standard rigorous training in my early years in both pop and drama culture. I memorized lists of actors and actresses, wrote essays on themes and metaphors, and took electives in puns, meta, and boy band names. Other kinds of coursework simply seemed irrelevant.

I spend more time watching and writing about Korean pop culture than I do with those other things called food/sleep/work/life. I’m ecstatic that there’s a place that continually feeds my once guilty pleasure.

I started off in the k-drama realm as a tween, but traveled to other galaxies since then, and made a pit stop at sitcoms and variety shows. It’s nice and cozy here, so I think I’ll stay and share with you about how they can enhance your k-entertainment experience.

The origin of the name is simple – I love gummy worms and mochi. The name is gummimochi, but you can call me gummi. If you find your stash missing, you can blame it on my minions.

You can find me tweeting @gummimochi and more rarely, blogging.



Each day of my life is like a different genre drama, but way less dramatic. I’m an internationally published photographer that loves writing, an opera fanatic that loves heavy metal, a video game nerd that loves reading, a film enthusiast that loves dramas, and a serial monogamist when it comes to my favorite actors. I believe that stories are universal and that a good story is always relevant, wherever that story may be – a high school where adults don’t exist, a hospital where doctors are too busy being in love to save lives, a bygone era where manes of glory reigned supreme, or even a world where a cross-dressing nun can realize her dreams of becoming an idol star. I love the idea that collective archetypes exist no matter the country, culture, or language – and that we all might share this same universal unconscious mind, rooted like a tree (with deep roots).

This is all fancy speak for what really drew me to Dramabeans; the chance to share my love of peddling drama crack along with my love of sharing discourse of all things big or small, swoon-worthy or snark-worthy, and any and all things related to Rain. (Twitter @headsno2)



We’re not actively recruiting new recappers. However, if you consider yourself a writer with a voice and a point of view, we are open to showcasing new voices that love discussing dramas. If that’s you, send us a recap sample.

Word of warning: You may find that recapping is harder than it seems. And just think — you’ve got nineteen more to go, or twenty-three. But if you’re passionate about a show and are confident that you can deliver recaps on a timely and regular schedule (they needn’t be “live” but they do need to be consistent), then send one in to us via our contact form. No attachments; just the text will do.

Some basic guidelines:

  • Pick Episode 1 of any show that is not recapped on this site, and send us a sample recap of the full episode.
  • No screencaps necessary. Just the text.
  • Don’t feel you have to write in “our” style. We’re interested in YOUR voice, so try describing what goes on in the episode in your own natural style. We care more that you can write clearly and can convey what’s going on more than jokes. Stick to the basics.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling and all that good stuff. You don’t need to stress out over every grammar rule, but we want to see something that’s ready to post.


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