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Pop Culture & Society
Korea just got a little pornier
by | October 29, 2007 | 11 Comments
Newsen reports that Penthouse is coming to Korea. Porn lovers rejoice! Penthouse Media Group has made a contract to enter into an exclusive license with Korea’s own adult media corporation, N Tree Media. This new media enterprise between the two groups marks a first step in advancing into the large potential Asian adult entertainment market,... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Minwoo makes a bad first impression
by | October 28, 2007 | 26 Comments
  Actor Gu Hye Sun and singer-actor Lee Minwoo (or just “M”) first worked together in the sitcom Nonstop 5, but they had their first meeting some time before that. And, apparently, Gu Hye Sun was less than thrilled. On the cable program Park Kyung Rim’s Wonderful Outing, Minwoo had a segment where he’d call... More »

Kpop News
Goodbye and good luck
by | October 28, 2007 | 12 Comments
  It’s official. Jisun says goodbye to Loveholic. The woman who fronted successful rock band Loveholic since its inception five years was sent off with tears and best wishes by the band and fans in a farewell-and-thank-you concert on the 27th. (Actually, there are two final concerts; the second and last takes place tonight, the... More »

Celebrity News
A meeting of the minds (and unfortunate wardrobes)
by | October 27, 2007 | 50 Comments
I’ve figured out the reason that two such good-looking and charismatic actors (Gong Yoo and Odagiri Joe) would voluntarily be photographed together looking so sloppy and bedraggled in their respective grannywear. It’s because of the hotness vortex that would cause some kind of malfunction in the atmosphere if they both came in each other’s hotness... More »

Open Thread
Open Thread #1
by | October 26, 2007 | 67 Comments
I’ve seen open threads on other blogs and always wondered what they were. Then I found out and went, “Ohh, why didn’t I think of that before?” Especially considering how I myself derail comments sometimes with completely off-topic comment hijacking. So I’m trying out this open thread thing, which is what it sounds like —... More »

Drama Casting & News
Golden age for child actors
by | October 26, 2007 | 19 Comments
Yoo Seung Ho, Shim Eun Kyung (both from “Legend”)   Longtime kdrama lovers have noted for a while now that Korea’s got some serious talent in the child-acting department. Ever since young Moon Geun Young stole the show in Autumn Love Story, perhaps even eclipsing her adult counterpart Song Hye Gyo (one of Korea’s most... More »

Drama Recaps
Auction House: Lot 3
by | October 25, 2007 | 6 Comments
Cute child actors. Aw. Heart pangs. Cute child actors playing orphans. Poise knife above heart. Cute orphans displaying precocious awareness of their abandonment. Insert knife. Cute precocious orphans who are practically still babies sobbing and clinging to youthful hopes while being forced to exhibit premature adult wisdom. Twist.   Auction House isn’t doing very well... More »

Celebrity News
Handcuff dates and bed scenes
by | October 25, 2007 | 17 Comments
Im Soo Jung, Kang Dong Won   Did that get your attention? Heh. According to a poll conducted on the homepage for the cable show Love Action Season 3, as reported by Osen, netizens were asked which star they’d most want to go on a “handcuffed date” with. Despite all manner of inappropriate comments that... More »

Celebrity News
Of all the sources of inspiration, they picked that one
by | October 24, 2007 | 49 Comments
I have respect for So Ji Sub, not just because he’s a good actor, but because his proclivity for staying out of the public eye (as much as an A-list celebrity can) and his subdued demeanor are a nice change from the other attention-seekers cluttering the landscape, whose constant self-promoting can at times seem desperate.... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Jae Hee back on TV
by | October 24, 2007 | 59 Comments
Jae Hee‘s back! This time, though, he takes on the role of MC for the cable program X-Boyfriend Season 2, which kicks off its run on October 26. When asked if there are any other MCs whose paths he’d aspire to, Jae Hee answered that he’d like to be like the ever-popular MC of... More »

Drama Casting & News
Alex acts
by | October 23, 2007 | 12 Comments
Clazziquai’s lead singer with the velvety voice, Alex, is set to act in his debut role in the short romantic-comedy series Finding Love (연애의 발견). Also cast in the cable drama are Choi Min Yong (from Unstoppable High Kick), Yoon Ji Min (HIT, Korea Secret Agency), and Han Ye In (Coffee Prince, pictured above). The... More »
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