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Drama Casting & News
Daniel Choi and BoA’s sweet romance in Anticipate Love
by | August 29, 2013 | 44 Comments
There’s a new rom-com headed to KBS that’s the best of both worlds: it’s short and sweet. The two-episode “situational drama” Anticipate Love will be a drama special-esque miniseries that stars Daniel Choi (School 2013) and pop star BoA in what’s described as a fresh take on contemporary dating issues. I still don’t know what... More »

Drama Recaps
Two Weeks: Episode 7
by | August 28, 2013 | 130 Comments
The happy flashbacks in this drama, I swear. They break my heart each time, just knowing how horribly things go awry and just how far Tae-san falls on his way to the present. There’s something really satisfying about watching Past Tae-san’s decline as the backdrop against Present Tae-san’s struggle to climb out of the depths... More »

Drama Casting & News
Three leading actresses and counting for Thrice Married Woman
by | August 28, 2013 | 34 Comments
I’ll be calling this drama Thrice Cast Heroine from now on, that is, IF they can actually get this one to stick. So far, things aren’t looking so good. Hit writer Kim Soo-hyun’s new weekend drama Thrice Married Woman is going through some serious drama before the drama, with conflicting reports that the third possible... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 8
by | August 27, 2013 | 63 Comments
EPISODE 8. Broadcast on August 23, 2013. javabeans: The halbaes are back with Season 2! We open with a montage of scenes from the first season, and interview snippets with the halbaes. Already I’m cracking up with Il-sub halbae, answering the question of what he recalls of the ten days he spent in Europe: “Melbourne?... More »

Celebrity News
Song Joong-ki reports for army duty
by | August 26, 2013 | 132 Comments
Aw, I hate this part. Time to send another one off to basic training. It’s enlistment day for Song Joong-ki, who reported for duty on August 27 at the Gangwondo Chuncheon military base. He’ll be serving active duty in Chuncheon, and is notably the first celebrity to enter the army after the entertainment unit was... More »

Drama Casting & News
Time-slip drama Mi-rae’s Choice confirms leads
by | August 26, 2013 | 148 Comments
Upcoming KBS time-slip drama Mi-rae’s Choice (or Future Choice, since the heroine’s name means “future,” of course) has finally secured its cast. Yoon Eun-hye (I Miss You) has signed on to play the time-traveling heroine, Lee Dong-gun (Smile Again, Lovers in Paris) will be making his army comeback in his first drama in five years,... More »

Giveaway Hootenanny the II: more OSTs!
by | August 26, 2013 | 456 Comments
With summer winding down and already more than half a year of dramas behind us (I know, how’d we get here, and who spiked my punch?) we thought it’d be a good time to give back some love and music to our faithful readers. Welcome to Giveaway Hootenanny the II! *confetti* Here’s your chance to... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Yoo Ah-in as Busan mama’s boy in Kkang-chulie
by | August 24, 2013 | 41 Comments
Aw, mother-son adorable shenanigans, twelve o’clock. Here’s a peek at Yoo Ah-in (Jang Ok-jung, Live For Love) and Kim Hae-sook (I Hear Your Voice) in their new movie Kkang-chulie (named for his character, Kang-chul) where he plays a tough brawler who has a quirky, heartwarming relationship with his oddball mother.... More »

Drama Casting & News
Lee Yoon-ji’s new weekend drama King’s Family
by | August 24, 2013 | 67 Comments
With You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin winding down this weekend, it’s time to turn to the next KBS family drama headed our way. Isn’t there just something about that timeslot that’s like comfort food? Always a new family every 50 episodes, but they feel an awful lot like the last family, and the family before... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Kim Yoo-jung turns schoolgirl bully in first villain role
by | August 23, 2013 | 32 Comments
Go Ah-sung, Kim Yoo-jung Okay, now this is a project I’m really excited about. There’s a new movie in the works by the PD-writer team behind Wandeuki, about the circumstances surrounding a 14-year old girl’s suicide and the bullying that led to her death. The new film is called Elegant Lie, and stars rising It... More »

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