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Drama Recaps
Perfect Wife: Episode 9
by | March 28, 2017 | 56 Comments
We slow down a bit to get some background on why Eun-hee is orchestrating so much of what’s happened until now, and discover the answers to a few of Jae-bok’s burning questions. Even things that seemed random turn out to be part of Eun-hee’s plan, making Jae-bok realize that she’s up against something even bigger... More »

Drama Recaps
Radiant Office: Episode 4
by | March 24, 2017 | 35 Comments
With only one more chance to prove that she deserves to keep this job, Ho-won faces her biggest challenge yet. She must learn how to stop being a victim of her circumstances and take control instead of just going along with the status quo. Help comes from the most unlikeliest of places, if Ho-won can... More »

Drama Recaps
Radiant Office: Episode 3
by | March 23, 2017 | 53 Comments
As hard as Ho-won worked to get her new job at Hauline, it’s nothing compared to what she’ll go through just to keep it. She can’t seem to get anything right, and when she tries to do the honorable thing, it backfires on her in a spectacular way. She’s swiftly learning that what works in... More »

Drama Recaps
Perfect Wife: Episode 8
by | March 22, 2017 | 68 Comments
Hold onto your hats folks, because the surprises this episode has in store for us go way beyond anything we’ve seen so far. I’m just floored at this show’s continuing ability to do the one thing I never expected, and yet I still never see it coming. I don’t know how Perfect Wife keeps one-upping... More »

Drama Recaps
Perfect Wife: Episode 7
by | March 21, 2017 | 35 Comments
My favorite thing about this show is how, every time a mystery is solved, it only leads us to even more (and much scarier) questions. Each episode challenges our understanding of the truth, and the story just grows twistier and more fascinating as more secrets are uncovered. The best mysteries give their audiences an outcome... More »

Drama Recaps
Radiant Office: Episode 2
by | March 17, 2017 | 63 Comments
After surviving the worst day ever, our three job seekers finally get some good news, which they hope will turn their luck around. But getting what you want isn’t necessarily the same as getting what you need, and they still have a long way to go before they see their dreams come true. Unfortunately, the... More »

Drama Recaps
Radiant Office: Episode 1
by | March 16, 2017 | 54 Comments
Radiant Office starts off exactly as I’d hoped, with equal parts humor and heart, and engaging characters that I fell in love with right from the beginning. It’s all about hope versus despair, and whether a disappointing life is even worth living. What starts out as the worst day ever for three strangers could very... More »

Drama Recaps
Perfect Wife: Episode 6
by | March 15, 2017 | 41 Comments
I hope nobody is too attached to their pet theories, because this episode reveals just enough of Eun-hee’s secrets to smash what we thought we knew to smithereens. If there’s one thing this show is proving, it’s that you can never know what a person truly feels, or experience what they’ve experienced. Though Jae-bok tries... More »

Drama Recaps
Perfect Wife: Episode 5
by | March 14, 2017 | 16 Comments
The further we delve into the mysteries surrounding Jae-bok and Jung-hee and their too-good-to-be-true landlord, the more we start to realize that more is at stake than simply a nice apartment. Eun-hee starts to show hints as to her true intentions, but she’s turning out to be a talented manipulator, so though Jae-bok senses something... More »

Drama Recaps
Missing 9: Episode 16 (Final)
by | March 10, 2017 | 87 Comments
It’s all come down to this moment — someone has to take responsibility for the deaths of Jae-hyun and So-hee, but what if the wrong person is being blamed? Justice is difficult to find when the powers that be are working against you, but Joon-oh and Bong-hee refuse to give up on clearing Joon-oh’s name.... More »