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Song Ji-hyo’s shoot for Singles magazine
by | November 26, 2012 | 47 Comments
Even though I saw Song Ji-hyo in dramas before variety shows, now I’m so used to her awesomely confident and thoroughly undone, un-actress-like variety persona on Running Man that when I see her all dolled up, it always surprises me. Here she is in a photo shoot for Singles magazine to promote her new movie... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Min-ho’s mostly hot @star1 photo shoot
by | November 24, 2012 | 110 Comments
javabeans: Good news: Lee Min-ho has a new photo shoot, and he’s 5 for 6 on the hotness scale, aka His Usual. Bad news: That 1 of 6. girlfriday: I think this is a case that defies math. It might be 1 out of 6, but it’s tipping the scale. javabeans: You sure about that?... More »

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Kim Soo-hyun gets army physical, not going to army (yet)
by | November 19, 2012 | 67 Comments
javabeans: So Kim Soo-hyun went in for a physical at the military admin office, apparently, and set off a wave of panicked speculation: Is he going to army already?!?! girlfriday: Well when you see the words “Kim Soo-hyun” and “army” in a headline, your heart tends to lurch into your throat. But! It’s not time... More »

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So Ji-sub for High Cut
by | November 13, 2012 | 48 Comments
Some of these High Cut shoots are hit or miss, but you can never go wrong with So Ji-sub doing what he does best: smolder. He’s really someone who’s turned it into an art form, to the point that he’s kind of turned acting into modeling with movement (which I find awesome and unintentionally Zoolanderesque).... More »

Celebrity News
Lee Jun-ki: On army, acting, and Arang
by | November 7, 2012 | 102 Comments
With his drama Arang and the Magistrate wrapped, lead star Lee Jun-ki has been keeping busy by giving lots of interviews. And I mean tons. He’s everywhere! Since Arang was his first project out of military service, naturally this is a common thread in all of the interviews. Lee Jun-ki explained why he picked it,... More »

Celebrity News
Uhm Tae-woong to be husband and father
by | November 4, 2012 | 157 Comments
girlfriday: So… Uhm Tae-woong is getting married?! Did the sky fall down? javabeans: Basically what I’m taking from this is: Tae-woong is a better actor than I gave him credit for (and I give him a lot), because he totally Keyser Soze’d us with the Captain Lonelyhearts routine. girlfriday: I know! All this time he... More »

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Han Ji-min does Americana, sort of
by | October 26, 2012 | 64 Comments
javabeans: Han Ji-min is in the November issue of a lifestyle magazine called The Traveller, and… This concept. I do not get it. It’s like: “Pretty things, we put together, surely it’ll make sense.” girlfriday: This is one of those times where the concept of American exotic-ness does not compute. Because uh… they’re on a... More »

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Lee Je-hoon reports for military service
by | October 24, 2012 | 85 Comments
javabeans: Oh no! Lee Je-hoon (Introduction to Architecture, The Front Line, Bleak Night, Fortune Tellers) is off to army! Drat that draft. girlfriday: Sigh. Takes ‘em all when they’re just peaking. But on the upside, it spits ‘em back out with post-army abs. javabeans: This is one case where I’d forgo the army abs just... More »

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Ji Jin-hee’s November photo shoots
by | October 24, 2012 | 58 Comments
Mmmmm. This man takes a goooood picture. I just love Ji Jin-hee photo shoots, and this month we get two of ‘em. Yay us. Here he is in spreads for Bazaar and Allure, no doubt to promote his new drama The Great Seer (aka Daepoongsoo), currently airing on SBS. Tags: Ji Jin-hee, photo shoots... More »

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Jae Hee is secretly married and a father
by | October 23, 2012 | 112 Comments
And no, I don’t mean that in a drama way. News has come out that Jae Hee is in fact married with a young child, according to a women’s magazine article that seems to have caught the Jae Hee camp by surprise. The article states that he is living a married life though has yet... More »

Celebrity News
Joo-won’s dapper photo shoot for Arena
by | October 22, 2012 | 51 Comments
Why hello there, hot stuff. Joo-won is in an upcoming spread for Arena Homme Plus magazine, and he’s looking dashing and debonair. Definitely my preferred version of Joo-won, aegyo adorability notwithstanding. It’s just awkward drooling over a guy who looks 26 and acts 5. At least in these photos, I can pretend he isn’t the... More »