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Pasta: Episode 11
by | May 12, 2010 | 31 Comments
What the . . . ?! Tags: Alex, Gong Hyo-jin, Honey Lee, Lee Seon-kyun, Pasta... More »

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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 12
by | May 11, 2010 | 113 Comments
Okay, I will concede that while I like Eun-jo the prickly porcupine, I love Eun-jo the gooey-marshmallow center, in a Teflon shell, wearing a porcupine suit. This week shows a marked shift in her character, and as javabeans noted, it came not a moment too soon. For me, what makes this week’s episodes a breath... More »

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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 12
by | May 11, 2010 | 60 Comments
I loved this scene – it says so much about where In Woo and Hye Ri are in their relationship. He refuses to face her, as though he’s trying to avoid a confrontation with her, while she faces him fully – open and trusting. The distance between the two of them is far enough, but... More »

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Oh My Lady: Episode 14
by | May 10, 2010 | 47 Comments
This was the first episode that made me want to reach immediately for the next episode, and then feel bummed that it wasn’t available yet. (Although it will have aired by the time this recap is up.) Let’s be honest, Oh! My Lady isn’t really a great drama and it doesn’t succeed on several levels... More »

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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 11
by | May 9, 2010 | 81 Comments
So. Cool. What’s wrong with today’s episode? My heart was left in a million pieces after watching it. That can’t be a good thing, right? It means “Hello, audience, prepare yourselves for nuclear disaster levels of angst. Thanks for your attention”. Why don’t I care, and what’s more, I love it? Because this drama is... More »

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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 11
by | May 9, 2010 | 69 Comments
How far these two have come, right? I wish it had come a little earlier, because the shouting and fighting has been getting tiresome for a while now. This drama surely has enough dramatic territory to mine without worrying that a détente between the sisters would detract from the tension when in fact it reinvigorates... More »

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Personal Taste: Episode 12
by | May 8, 2010 | 192 Comments
With most of the anticipated angst swiftly dealt out of the way in the last episode (SO green with envy this week, javabeans), we enter a new stage of development concerning “The Secret of Sang-go-jae.” A clever title, since the meaning is threefold: the secret of Sang-go-jae’s design, the family secret that the house contains,... More »

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Oh My Lady: Episode 13
by | May 7, 2010 | 70 Comments
The drama is stepping things up, which is a good sign since I thought the last two episodes were already a marked improvement. Despite his relative inexperience, after seeing Choi Siwon act in Hyang Dan three years ago I was expecting him to be decent. But I wasn’t expecting him to carry the show, which... More »

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Personal Taste: Episode 11
by | May 5, 2010 | 186 Comments
With the drama really hitting its stride, I’m loath to think what might happen if the potential extension goes through. In any case, I hope they decide quickly so the writers have time to plan accordingly. Wow, ratings jumped up for this episode. Personal Taste drew a 16.2% today, while Cinderella’s Sister had an 18.8%... More »

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Oh My Lady: Episode 12
by | May 5, 2010 | 58 Comments
That’s pretty much the face we all make when looking at Ye-eun, isn’t it? This is actually the first episode that I connected with and made me feel for the characters. It’s a little late, and I don’t think I would have made it this long if I didn’t like the two leads’ interactions with... More »

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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 10
by | May 4, 2010 | 130 Comments
Dang, I know I said Dae-sung should have died, but now that he has, I feel kind of bad about it. It’s just that this is the angst I was expecting in Episode 8; it’s been delayed one very long week, which explains why I agree with some of javabeans’ general lack of enthusiasm for... More »