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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 4
by | August 19, 2010 | 197 Comments
When a show is fast, clever, AND heartfelt, I’m owned, heart and soul. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the wimpy hero, and the super-powered girl who turns his life upside-down. There are so many great reversals—the powerful girl looking up at him like a wide-eyed child, her transformation into a monster frightening... More »

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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 3
by | August 18, 2010 | 227 Comments
It’s a wonderful feeling to be excited about a drama again. To be excited to download the new episode, enthusiastic to share thoughts about the newest happenings, and eager to see what happens next. Also: How adorable is this couple? The Hong sisters are so solid at delivering compelling and engaging main pairings, often to... More »

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Drama Special: The Great Gye Choon-bin
by | August 17, 2010 | 67 Comments
I finally had a chance to give The Great Gye Choon-bin a whirl, which is a standalone episode in the KBS series Drama Special. The story synopsis caught my attention when it was first announced and I like both actors, so I was hoping for a fun hour. The episode turned out to be pleasantly... More »

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I Am Legend: Episode 4
by | August 15, 2010 | 67 Comments
As frustrated as I am with the divorce storyline being dragged out, it’s literally one of the best parts of the drama. It’s all about Ji Wook’s eyes and the dramatic tension that oozes when you put him, Seol Hee, and Seung Hye in the same room. Oh, and Noo Ri is also the other... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 3
by | August 13, 2010 | 56 Comments
Hello! C’est moi, kaedejun, here to take over recapping duties on I am Legend! Hope you’re all not too disappointed. Here’s where I stand on the series so far: loving Kim Jung Eun, hating Kim Seung Soo, “meh” on the name “Madonna Band” and Lee Joon Hyuk’s beard-stache, and going ga-ga over Lee Joon Hyuk’s... More »

Drama Recaps
My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 2
by | August 12, 2010 | 210 Comments
I freakin’ LOVE this show. I don’t even care if it breaks my heart or pistol-whips me later and leaves me for dead. Show, you complete me.   EPISODE 2 RECAP After revealing herself in her gumiho form, Mi-ho takes back her healing fox bead and Dae-woong slumps to the ground. She floats above him,... More »

Drama Recaps
My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 1
by | August 11, 2010 | 138 Comments
Annnnnd we have a winner! What a cute first episode to start off what looks to become an entertaining, zippy ride. Both leads are adorable, but more than that, the story is fresh and innovative. It takes some familiar elements and mixes them with creations that are pure Hong Sisters Originals. (If you’re coming to... More »

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Bad Guy: Episode 17 (Final)
by | August 10, 2010 | 341 Comments
Here we are, the finale! I thought it was better than Episode 16, but frankly that isn’t saying much. At least 16 was entertaining and off-the-wall. This episode, as the wrap-up, was more puzzling. I know there was a three-episode cut-down and all that scheduling madness. HOWEVER, the drama finished filming two weeks before the... More »

Drama Recaps
Bad Guy: Episode 16
by | August 9, 2010 | 104 Comments
Deck the walls with lots of padding / Fa la la la la la la la la / ‘Tis the season to go crazy / Fa la la la la la la la la / Don we now our white straightjackets / Fa la la la la la la la la / Madam Shin is... More »

Drama Recaps
Bad Guy: Episode 15 (Take two)
by | August 6, 2010 | 74 Comments
Goddamn it. Santa Claus totally stole my thunder! Go back to the North Pole, there’s no Christmas in August! Well, not unless you’re Selfridges, at least. But we’re not having that here. SONG OF THE DAY MC Mong – “죽을 만큼 아파서” (It hurts to death) [ Download ] Tags: Bad Guy, Han Ga-in, Kim... More »

Drama Recaps
Bad Guy: Episode 15
by | August 5, 2010 | 165 Comments
Greetings from the North Pole! The girls called me up for a guest spot, so I gladly obliged, because they’ve both been really good this year. Also my reindeer are suing me, and they offered me some legal advice in exchange. I swear I really only ever used “mush” when we were in a big... More »