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The World They Live In: Episode 3
by | November 4, 2008 | 41 Comments
I will be useless for rest of today. Am glued to CNN. Free Starbucks voter coffee brings me up, wine calms me down. I feel like Judy Garland. SONG OF THE DAY IU – “Feel So Good,” by a new young (15-year-old) singer. [ Download ] Tags: Hyun Bin, Song Hye-gyo, The World They Live... More »

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Beethoven Virus: Episode 13
by | October 30, 2008 | 28 Comments
Today in class we were asked to vote for Obama… I wonder if the student speaker realizes we’re in Canada? Screencap credit to Luv and sayroo. Isn’t she cute? SONG OF THE DAY 牛奶@咖啡 / Milk@Coffee – “蝶恋花” (The Flower that Loves a Butterfly), by a Chinese indie group. Someone recently reminded me of the... More »

Drama Recaps
Painter of the Wind: Episode 6
by | October 29, 2008 | 23 Comments
First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lateness of these recaps. Things are rather busy with school at the moment, and unfortunately, my education comes first. (Trust me, though, I would much rather be writing these recaps than writing a paper on Thomas King. My heart is with youuuuu!) Anyway. This episode was:... More »

Drama Recaps
Beethoven Virus: Episode 12
by | October 29, 2008 | 14 Comments
First time we hit 0 Celsius this winter, and it has to be with strong wind and snow. Shame that trick-or-treating tends to involve kids in full-blown snow suit intervention. Speaking of which, what are you planning to do for Halloween? I will start referring to the first orchestra (Hee Yun, Yi Deun, Kim, Bae... More »

Drama Recaps
The World They Live In: Episode 2
by | October 28, 2008 | 63 Comments
The good feeling continues. By that, I don’t mean that The World They Live In is feel-good, because it isn’t. It isn’t depressing or tragic or melodramatic, either, but it’s in that category of thought-provoking entertainment. Neither too light nor too heavy, although there are dashes of both. Writer Noh Hee-hyung does insightful like nobody’s... More »

Drama Recaps
The World They Live In: Episode 1
by | October 27, 2008 | 97 Comments
Manseh! Thank god for Noh Hee-kyung. When dealing with mediocre or iffy dramas, I often don’t know how I feel about them until I’m several episodes in; I want to give the drama time to grow on me. With quality dramas, though, you can usually tell right away, and The World They Live In (aka... More »

Drama Recaps
Love & Marriage: Episode 16 (Final)
by | October 22, 2008 | 67 Comments
I knew Love & Marriage would end on a happy note, and that nothing totally unexpected would come in the last hour. But I was still pleasantly surprised with how well the drama wrapped up its romance — even managing to pull out a bit of cleverness to keep the inevitable from being totally predictable.... More »

Drama Recaps
Painter of the Wind: Episode 5
by | October 20, 2008 | 37 Comments
This episode had some aggravating scenes, which made me a little grumpy. But it also had some really beautiful scenes (GAYNESS!), and that pretty much balanced everything out. I will note, however, that I’m still waiting for a really stand-out episode from Painter, quality-wise. But good things come to those who wait, I suppose? SONG... More »

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Beethoven Virus: Episode 11
by | October 18, 2008 | 33 Comments
Only the one episode this week, due to a soccer game on Wednesday. The good news is that the ratings broke 20%. Alas, that this shiny, happy couple is no more. (On the other hand, this does break the trend of having Kang Mae here and weakening some people’s resolve. :P) SONG OF THE DAY... More »

Drama Recaps
Painter of the Wind: Episode 4
by | October 17, 2008 | 27 Comments
Ha! Park Shin Yang in drag. That image has been BURNED onto my BRAIN. I guess that shows you just how much more lighthearted this episode was over, say, episode three, which was Angstfest to the Max. What I appreciate about Painter is that, although it can try a little too hard to be humourous... More »

Drama Recaps
Love & Marriage: Episode 15
by | October 15, 2008 | 33 Comments
Love & Marriage reminds me of the exchange in Clueless — Cher: “He said you gave him a toothache.” Tai: “How’d I do that?” Cher: “It’s an expression. It means he thought you were sweet.” If this drama were a type of candy, all my teeth would have fallen out by now. SONG OF THE... More »