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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 11
by | November 21, 2007 | 4 Comments
One thing I find striking about Mixed-up Investigative Agency is how it’s able to convey such emotional intensity in its expressions of love — but not heart-fluttery romance, or in-the-moment passion. Rather, the deep-seated, time-worn bond between long-bygone (but no-less-remembered) loved ones and their survivors. The person may be gone but the memory of their... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 10
by | November 20, 2007 | 10 Comments
I think Episode 10 was the first standout episode of Mixed-up Investigative Agency. Perhaps some other fans might feel it hit that point before this, but for me, I’d always felt there was something a little “not-quite” about the series. Or maybe it’s just that the particularly masterful ending sequence this time was terribly moving.... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 9
by | November 19, 2007 | 9 Comments
Mixed-up Investigative Agency really stepped up its game in Episode 9. From what I’ve seen in the next few episodes, the bar of the series has been raised in its latter half. I’ve been liking the series but haven’t been addicted to it, and though I wouldn’t say I’m quite in addiction territory, the series... More »

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Insoon Is Pretty: Episode 2
by | November 16, 2007 | 42 Comments
Huh. Well now, this is unexpected: I did not like Episode 2. I’m used to finding second episodes to be a marked improvement from the first, but rarely the opposite. It’s strange for me to find an episode 1 to be good and the following markedly less so. Episode 1 was subtly moving, understated and... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 8
by | November 14, 2007 | 13 Comments
Ah, the great schism. Our band of misfits is, very temporarily, the disbanded misfits. Aw. Some pretty strong acting, mixed with angst and betrayal and byootiful scenery. Oh yeah, and the mysterious backstory of Eun-jae’s childhood trauma is revealed! SONG OF THE DAY Brazilian Taco – “Man.” How could I NOT dig a (Latin-inflected Korean... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 7
by | November 11, 2007 | 4 Comments
I liked this episode. There was movement in not only the treasure hunt but also the personal lives of several of our characters, and that gave the episode a bit more emotional depth than it has had so far. It’s quite interesting how this drama is good at eliciting great nuanced emotional beats from its... More »

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Insoon Is Pretty: Episode 1
by | November 9, 2007 | 37 Comments
Man. Another drama I like = another drama with low ratings. Should I even be surprised anymore? Watching Episode 1 of Kim Hyun Joo’s new drama Insoon Is Pretty, I wasn’t sure if it was the kind I’d want to keep watching through the end. Quality’s not the issue; the acting is good, the dialogue... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 6
by | November 5, 2007 | 15 Comments
I need a name for our group of friends. Like the Scoobies in Buffy, or the Freaks and the Geeks in, uh, Freaks and Geeks. Any suggestions? I’m getting tired of calling them the friends, the group, the four, etc., and I don’t want to write out all the names all the time… SONG OF... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 5
by | November 3, 2007 | 8 Comments
Sorry for the extended delay! I may be a few episodes behind on Mixed-up Investigative Agency, but I do intend to keep watching the series. It continues to be fun and fresh, with dashes of unexpected humor. The group is gelling together nicely, with Eun-jae becoming more integrated with the other three. She still isn’t... More »

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Auction House: Lot 3
by | October 25, 2007 | 6 Comments
Cute child actors. Aw. Heart pangs. Cute child actors playing orphans. Poise knife above heart. Cute orphans displaying precocious awareness of their abandonment. Insert knife. Cute precocious orphans who are practically still babies sobbing and clinging to youthful hopes while being forced to exhibit premature adult wisdom. Twist.   Auction House isn’t doing very well... More »

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Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Case 4
by | October 22, 2007 | 5 Comments
Mixed-up Investigative Agency has turned the corner, I think — I hadn’t been ready to jump fully onboard, but now I’m fairly confident it’ll be solidly entertaining. I appreciate that the plot is layered, and reveals itself in stages. The drama also plays with format in a fun, humorous way, and while some of the... More »