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Angry Mom: Episode 6
by | April 2, 2015 | 75 Comments
Woohoo, now that a certain split personality love triangle is off my plate, I get to join in on the Angry Mom party. I really love Kim Hee-sun in this role, not to mention the hilarity of watching her mix it up with a whole new generation of young actors and blend right in among... More »

Drama Recaps
Ho-gu’s Love: Episode 15
by | April 2, 2015 | 37 Comments
Do-hee and Ho-gu still have a lot of things to clear up before they can be together, but until Do-hee can come to terms with her past and be honest, there’s not much hope. We finally learn who’s grave she’s been visiting all this time, and why that person made such a strong impression on... More »

Drama Recaps
Superdaddy Yeol: Episode 6
by | April 2, 2015 | 10 Comments
Find out where it hurts and why. Fix it. That’s our assignment this week, but it turns out not to be as straightforward as it sounds. Yeol devotes himself to getting to the bottom of Sa-rang’s problem, which isn’t quite what he expects. But we’re in for a taste of crisis, as nothing goes to... More »

Drama Recaps
Angry Mom: Episode 5
by | April 1, 2015 | 68 Comments
Mother-daughter hijinks! Angry Mom has set up the cover story and forced the daughter into going with it, true, but nobody said the daughter couldn’t throw a few wrenches into the works or make Mom’s job harder. It’s a hoot to see that while Kang-ja rules the school and has even the bullies’ bullies trembling... More »

Drama Recaps
Superdaddy Yeol: Episode 5
by | March 30, 2015 | 10 Comments
Mi-rae continues her scheme to turn Yeol into a good father, though she’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming every step of the way. Thanks to Mi-rae’s stubborn insistence, Yeol makes some positive changes in the way he approaches his job and his private life. He also looks for ways to win Sa-rang’s approval,... More »

Drama Recaps
Persevere Gu Hae-ra: Episode 12 (Final)
by | March 30, 2015 | 19 Comments
We’ve made it to the final episode, where everything finds its way full circle. Team Persevere takes on the ultimate challenge of facing Hwangje, through which they realize the power of their team as a unit. Despite the individual contentions or struggles, Team Persevere represents more than a selfish desires and pursuits. They’re in it... More »

Drama Recaps
Missing Noir M: Episode 1
by | March 29, 2015 | 44 Comments
Now this is what I call a slick and smartly-written crime procedural. OCN’s newest Saturday drama Missing Noir M premiered this week, introducing us to a team composed of a highly gifted former FBI agent, an experienced detective, and a hacker tackling on the most difficult missing persons cases out there. Our opening case pulls... More »

Drama Recaps
Ho-gu’s Love: Episode 14
by | March 27, 2015 | 48 Comments
Ah, the ordinary life. Falling in love, holding hands, raising a child that isn’t your own, disappointing your parents. Yep. Totally ordinary. But is being ordinary overrated? Maybe it’s better to just be different so long as you’re true to yourself, even if it means being shunned by society. Or maybe not. Who said making... More »

Drama Recaps
Superdaddy Yeol: Episode 4
by | March 27, 2015 | 40 Comments
It’s an episode where nothing goes to plan for anyone, and like Yeol, I’m getting mixed messages. Do Mi-rae’s ends justify her means? Meanwhile, Yeol has to adjust to his new housemates, whose lifestyle is pretty much the antithesis of his, and everyone finds that it takes more than living together to make a family.... More »

Drama Recaps
Angry Mom: Episode 4
by | March 26, 2015 | 99 Comments
With every episode, this show gets darker, more emotionally charged, and harder-hitting. It’s not without its funny moments, but the humor feels more like a necessary interlude between intense scenes, like a chance to take a breath before diving back into the grimness of reality. I’m a bit amazed to realize we’re only two weeks... More »

Drama Recaps
Hyde, Jekyll, Me: Episode 20 (Final)
by | March 26, 2015 | 146 Comments
On the one hand, the finale of Hyde, Jekyll, Me finally gives me what I’ve been wanting from the show. On the other, I’ve been waiting for nineteen episodes for this stuff to happen, which kind of takes the punch out of getting what I want. It’s time to face the music and decide once... More »