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Summer Vacation with Rain
by | July 27, 2008 | 19 Comments
As announced, supa-star Rain held his fanmeeting and birthday party (called “Summer Vacation with Rain”), at Olympic Hall in Seoul’s Olympic Park on July 27. The event commenced at 3pm, hosted by MC Kim Jae-dong, who made his TV debut around the same time as Rain’s singer debut. That familiarity made for a light-hearted time... More »

Kpop News
Byul’s Wanted date
by | July 26, 2008 | 8 Comments
More couples show off their relationships openly: On the 24th, solo vocalist Byul posted pictures on her personal homepage of herself with Jeon Sang-hwan of the R&B vocal group Wanted, which were reportedly taken back in September in Los Angeles. They look too cute. The couple met back in the summer of ’06 at church... More »

Kpop News
Tim’s momjjang project
by | July 23, 2008 | 19 Comments
Balladeer Tim is following in buddy and fellow management-company-mate Sohn Ho-young‘s footsteps in embarking upon a “momjjang project” (“momjjang” meaning hot bod). To this end, Tim’s recently started his goal toward bulking up his naturally thin frame by joining a gym and accepting the advice of self-professed fitness buff and ex-G.O.D. rapper Sohn (to right),... More »
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Kpop News
Because world stars need home fanbases too
by | July 22, 2008 | 18 Comments
First he had that (as predicted) rather forgettable turn in Speed Racer. Then there was that Kung Fu Panda theme song he recorded that was overshadowed by Cee-Lo’s better (and “official”) version, after which he spent some time in Germany bulking up to shoot Ninja Assassin. After such an extended stretch of time away from... More »

Kpop News
Oh. No. They. Di’n’t.
by | July 13, 2008 | 71 Comments
Because it wasn’t enough to trot out fifteen-year-olds who can’t sing as sexually suggestive coquettes, now a nine-member “kiddie group” called Sweety is making its debut, with members ranging in age from 13 down to its 6-year-old “mascot.” (Btw, that’s eight girls, one boy. He be da pimp.) They’re being touted as a group with... More »

Kpop News
Kim Jang Hoon collapses in concert
by | June 28, 2008 | 21 Comments
This should be subtitled, “Korea: The Land of Overworked Pop Stars.” Kind of a frightening sight, isn’t it? Singer Kim Jang Hoon collapsed in concert on June 28 and was sent to the emergency room while performing as part of the “West Coast Festival” concert being held for the benefit of revitalizing the local economy... More »

Kpop News
Profile/Giveaway #2: YI SUNG YOL
by | June 20, 2008 | 152 Comments
First, I’d like to say that I know having lots of ads can be distracting on blogs. I’ve deliberated a lot on which ad blocks to use or not, and I’m never perfectly satisfied. But the ads are also why I’m able to give away free stuff like this, so there’s that silver lining. Since... More »

Kpop News
Welcome to the Jaurim family
by | June 19, 2008 | 11 Comments
Isn’t this adorable? Rocker, songwriter and Jaurim frontwoman Kim Yoon-ah poses with husband Kim Hyung-kyu and their eight-month-old baby son for July’s issue of Marie Claire. The article notes how Kim Yoon-ah displayed a different side at the photo shoot, ditching her glamorous onstage image to spend some simple, quality bonding time with her son.... More »

Kpop News
Just why is Mighty Mouth such a star magnet?
by | June 16, 2008 | 16 Comments
Here’s what I wanna know: Which industry bigwig is brand-new rap duo Mighty Mouth servicing sexually? Or bribing? Or blackmailing? First, Yoon Eun Hye lent her vocals to their debut single, “I Love You,” and her high-profile collaboration helped the track shoot to the top of music charts with stunning speed. The song was then... More »

Kpop News
Jun Jin’s video too hot for network TV
by | June 3, 2008 | 31 Comments
Shinhwa’s Jun Jin is one of the last members to make his solo debut (to date, Eric is the only one left without a solo album to his name, which I don’t believe he’s planning on in any case), and his debut single off his first album is causing a stir — not for the... More »

Kpop News
Tablo and Tukutz hit by drunk driver
by | May 19, 2008 | 15 Comments
Yikes. Another celebrity car accident? This time it’s Tablo and DJ Tukutz who were in a car collision that left the car “half wrecked.” The two were riding in a taxi at 3am on May 20th in Seoul’s Kangnam neighborhood and were rear-ended at an intersection where their taxi was waiting to make a left... More »

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