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Chungmuro is a district in Seoul that came to be known as the original center of the South Korean film industry (think: Korean Hollywood). Though many studios moved away from Chungmuro, it is still known as home to artists and film culture.
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Chungmuro/Film News
Ha Jung-woo takes on a legal thriller
by | November 29, 2009 | 3 Comments
After much success in a thriller role (with The Chaser), film actor Ha Jung-woo is about to take on another thriller, the movie The Client [의뢰인], which is still the working title. (A production company source explains that the details aren’t finalized yet, but it appears as though the project will go through.) The legal... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Sequel in the works for Go-sa: Bloody Midterms
by | November 28, 2009 | 6 Comments
Perhaps you’ll recall the Kim Bum high school horror movie Go-sa: Bloody Midterms [고사 : 피의 중간고사], which also starred Lee Beom-soo as a teacher and former Seeya member Nam Gyu-ri as a student and Kim Bum’s love interest. It had a pretty successful run last summer with sales of 1 million tickets, which is... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Kim Hyo-seo cast as Won Bin’s love interest
by | November 22, 2009 | 9 Comments
The female lead has been cast for Won Bin‘s new movie Ajusshi [아.저.씨.], and it’s relative fresh face Kim Hyo-seo. Ajusshi is the second film for director Lee Jung-beom, whose first was 2006’s Cruel Winter Blues, a “Korean-style noir” with Sol Kyung-gu and Jo Han-seon. Ajusshi garnered attention the moment Won Bin signed on, and... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Movie “Actresses” blurs line between fact and fiction
by | November 17, 2009 | 52 Comments
Talk about an all-star line-up: the new film Actresses [여배우들] features a whole slew of high-profile names, such as Queen Seon-deok‘s Go Hyun-jung and Hallyu princess Choi Ji-woo, pictured above, in addition to Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden), Kim Min-hee (I Like It Hot), Kim Ok-bin (Thirst), and Yoon Yeo-jung (The World They Live In).... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Into the Gunfire casts Cha Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo
by | November 16, 2009 | 37 Comments
Confirmed: Into the Gunfire [포화 속으로], which is set to begin filming shortly, has cast Cha Seung-won (City Hall) as a North Korean officer and Kim Seung-woo (IRIS) as his South Korean counterpart. As previously announced, the Korean War film formerly known as 71 (and originally starring Kim Bum and Yoo Seung-ho) has been reworked... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Yoon Kye-sang’s new omnibus film
by | November 15, 2009 | 4 Comments
Yoon Kye-sang (Executioners) has announced his next project, which will be an omnibus film called Just A Little Closer [조금만 더 가까이] in which he’ll act without pay. The film will weave together five vignettes and will be made with a relatively modest 100 million won budget ($86,000). Each storyline is a different kind of... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Song Seung-heon and Lee Min-ki’s noir remake
by | November 12, 2009 | 57 Comments
Song Seung-heon and Lee Min-ki have been cast as the leads of a Korean remake of Hong Kong noir film A Better Tomorrow, the classic 1986 John Woo crime thriller that starred Chow Yun-fat, Leslie Cheung, and Ti Lung. The remake, Invincible [무적자], boasts a blockbuster budget of more than 10 billion won and comes... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Gu Hye-sun busy at work on her next film project
by | November 10, 2009 | 50 Comments
Actress-musician-director-screenwriter-artist-novelist Gu Hye-sun is currently engrossed in work on her next screenplay, as she explained at a “Good Downloader Supporters Day” event that took place on November 10 at Myungdong’s Lotte Avenuel. (She was described as looking very tired, but smiling.) A rep from her management company explained in an interview the following day that... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Kim Hyun-joong cast in remake of Kimi wa petto
by | November 9, 2009 | 264 Comments
I say this without snarkiness (a quality I think is growing far too overrated these days anyway): One would have thought that idol singer Kim Hyun-joong‘s stiff, uncomfortable acting debut in Boys Before Flowers earlier this year would have convinced people to STOP casting him in high-profile projects, but alas ’tis not the case. He... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Jang Nara on her new movie and its controversy
by | November 9, 2009 | 22 Comments
Bad news for Jang Nara: Her film company has decided to pull their recent film Sky and Ocean from theaters a mere twelve days into its run. The company says this is in response to the controversy the film has sparked, but no doubt the abysmal ticket receipts are also to blame. For being a... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Foreign interest heats up for hero movie Jeon Woo Chi
by | November 7, 2009 | 40 Comments
Looks like buzz for the upcoming fantasy-action movie Jeon Woo Chi — starring Kang Dong-won and Im Soo-jung — is heating up. The film has just sold to nine overseas markets even before it makes its Korean premiere later this winter. According to CJ Entertainment, Jeon Woo Chi screened a five-minute promo video at the... More »