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Running Man loses two more cast members, plans reset with Kang Ho-dong
by | December 14, 2016 | 126 Comments
Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook Perhaps the writing was already on the wall with the departure of Kang Gary last month, but now it looks like SBS’s Sunday night variety standby Running Man may be coming to an end, at least in the format that we’ve come to know and love. It has been confirmed that... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 324
by | November 10, 2016 | 70 Comments
Saying goodbye is never easy, but how lucky we’ve been to have known someone for so long that bidding him farewell would be this hard. Our cast will come together for a last hoorah and laughs as a memorable chapter closes in their lives and in ours. Tears will be shed, emotions shared, and memories... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 323
by | November 4, 2016 | 30 Comments
Our cast will feel the restraint of being kept on a leash this week when they’re forced to answer to every beck and call of their masters. But this game is also rife with bombs and gold, so these pairings will need to work as a team if they have any shot at victory. This... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 322
by | October 28, 2016 | 16 Comments
Nothing like running around outside to fill up your lungs with fresh air. There’s a healthy dose of competition and nostalgia in this week’s race, where some games will bring back fond memories and others will create new ones. But this day of fun and games won’t be complete without some sort of deception, and... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 321
by | October 21, 2016 | 20 Comments
Having enough money to own property will be a challenge this week when our cast and guests are locked into a house they cannot escape. A cheery outing will quickly turn into a stressful event where every decision will come with a consequence. They’ll soon realize that every penny and plot of land is crucial... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 320
by | October 14, 2016 | 9 Comments
Time to go back to the basics in this week’s race when our cast will take a closer look at the Korean alphabet. Even when they examine the language at its most rudimentary parts, there’s still so much more to learn about how one person’s literary dream evolved into a written language recognized by millions.... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 319
by | October 7, 2016 | 24 Comments
Operation Find Shoe-stealer will be in full swing this week as the cast hunts down the one trying to swipe their kicks. Once that draws to a close, it’ll be a round of Running Man Go where they’ll be the ones hunted by a swarm of guests. But while some will be busy trying to... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 318
by | September 30, 2016 | 25 Comments
Popularity is a fickle thing, but our cast will tap into their individual talents to attract as many fans as possible and top the charts. Covering everything from food to music to exercise in this week’s race, they’ll need to stay on their toes if they want to keep the one trying to steal the... More »

Drama Recaps
Running Man: Episode 317
by | September 23, 2016 | 13 Comments
When a new team of Avengers comes together to play this week, our cast will find out that these celebs aren’t your everyday contenders. Banded together by a unified desire for entertainment glory, the revamped Avengers will pull out all the stops to claim their shot at redemption. All of their senses will be put... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Lee Seo-jin comes back to Three Meals a Day with two new helpers
by | September 17, 2016 | 80 Comments
Lee Seo-jin, Eric, Yoon Kyun-sang Kyaaaah! Season three of cooking variety program Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village is starting next month, and PD Na Young-seok has revealed the three main castaway-mates. Grumpy Uncle Seo-jinnie (aka Lee Seo-jin of Marriage Contract), who was a part of the original Three Meals a Day, is coming back.... More »