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Running Man: Episode 106
by | August 19, 2012 | 44 Comments
To what lengths would you go to find your one true love? To the ends of the Earth? This week, the Running Man circle and run around Jeju Island to find out just who Han Ji-min’s first love is. And just when you think you’ve figured everything out, another clue will confuse you again. Can... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
1 Night 2 Days: Episode 399
by | August 17, 2012 | 51 Comments
EPISODE 399. Broadcast on August 12, 2012. javabeans: So we return to Part 2 of the gyopo trip, and can I just say that already I’m nervous about this episode? girlfriday: Because of Dokdo? javabeans: Pretty much. Dokdo as its separate issue is enough of a political lightning rod, but with all the recent additional... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Running Man: Episode 105
by | August 12, 2012 | 37 Comments
What starts off as an innocent MT for our Running Man cast turns out to be a brutal name tag grabbing, fierce t-shirt pulling, and biting hour all centered around money. If I had to sum up this episode, I’d use Warren Buffet’s quote, “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
1 Night 2 Days: Episode 398
by | August 10, 2012 | 55 Comments
EPISODE 398. Broadcast on August 5, 2012. girlfriday: We open on Seung-woo… wait, he’s not sitting on a toilet is he? No, just a weird angle. javabeans: I was worried for a second there. girlfriday: He gets a file at home, and he starts to whine that there’s homework now. He reads through the personal... More »

Dramabeans Podcast #13: Standby
by | August 5, 2012 | 51 Comments
Hello, folks! This is a podcast we hadn’t planned, exactly, but ended up recording because that just seemed easier, given how far along we’re in Standby at this point, compared to the last time we covered it. It’s a show that I’ve been watching regularly, and while it’s not rocking my world, there are enough... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
1 Night 2 Days: Episode 397
by | August 3, 2012 | 59 Comments
EPISODE 397. Broadcast on July 29, 2012. javabeans: We continue with the Straight-Ahead Trip that sends our cast to the eastern shore. Dinnertime rolls around, and we open with a shot of the waves crashing on shore and the cameramen telling each other they should get a shot of this. Is this foreshadowing? girlfriday: That’s... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Running Man: Episode 104
by | July 29, 2012 | 71 Comments
How many idols does it take to change a lightbulb? Er, I mean can fit in a Running Man episode? Apparently 7. It’s the 2012 Running Man Olympics where Team Running Man will face off Team Idol. Who will grab the gold and attain the highest honor? Note: Because of the actual Olympics, Episode 105... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
1 Night 2 Days: Episode 396
by | July 27, 2012 | 50 Comments
EPISODE 396. Broadcast on July 22, 2012. girlfriday: We open a new trip with footage of young Seung-woo as a gangster in one of his films, and cut to present-day Seung-woo, yelling and losing his cool with the PDs. Is there an outburst on the horizon? javabeans: Even funnier is how we start with footage... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Running Man: Episode 103
by | July 22, 2012 | 48 Comments
This week it’s Beauty and the Beast on Running Man and it is not your happy Disney fairytale. Wait a second, are you sure there’s only ONE Beast? ‘Cause I think Spartakooks easily falls under that category. EPISODE 103. Broadcast on July 15, 2012. Right away we’re introduced to the Beast: musical and film actor... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Running Man: Episode 102
by | July 15, 2012 | 72 Comments
With the minion’s embarrassing loss last week, the Boss will have to step in to salvage the goods. It’s time to recover the real golden turtle right under the Running Man cast’s nose this week. Just watch your back because someone is always watching you… EPISODE 102. Broadcast on July 8, 2012. Tags: featured, Haha,... More »

Sitcoms/Variety Shows
1 Night 2 Days: Episode 394
by | July 13, 2012 | 99 Comments
EPISODE 394. Broadcast on July 8, 2012. girlfriday: One by one, the boys get picked up by the crew — Tae-hyun at home, Joo-won at the salon, and when they get to Jong-min, he’s like, “But we’re taking my car?” Yeah that’s not much of a pick-up service then. Su-geun reacts very suspiciously, asking if... More »