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    Open Thread #18

    Not too much to report today. Let's see -- Oscars are on Sunday. Yawn. I'd probably skip them entirely if not for Jon Stewart, although his brand of humor tends...

  • 27

    Even sex symbols can be self-conscious

    Another celebrity with an upcoming ten-year anniversary is pop singer, widely renounced actress, and all-around sexpot Lee Hyori, who first debuted as a member of the questionably named girl group...


  • 26

    Shinhwa turning 10

    Pop group Shinhwa has had an amazingly successful career -- eight full-length albums (a ninth on the way), four compilation albums and one best-of, one Japanese album, numerous CFs, a...


  • 30

    Open Thread #17

    Okay, so I'm sure most of you have already seen, or heard of, the Will.i.am video that used as its base the "Yes We Can" speech made by...

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    Rain, watch out for that — *thunk!* — glass ceiling

    Forewarning: This is a rant. Some facts, mostly opinions. So the latest Rain/Bi news is that he is newly repped by Hollywood's William Morris Agency, lending perhaps some legitimacy...

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  • 29

    Open Thread #16

    Ring in the Rat Year! Any Rats around? Anybody think there's anything to each zodiac sign's characteristics? I don't really pay too much attention to astrology or numerology or any...

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    Modernizing the hanbok

    I don't really care about fashion much, and I don't blog about it, but I saw various mentions on the interwebs of Canadian actress Sandra Oh's above tribute to the...

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    Open Thread #15

    Wow, I totally missed my blog's first anniversary (sometime mid-January, although the actual start date's a little hazy). I don’t really think it's a big deal, except that it's...

  • 9

    Ivy resurfaces

    Where's pop singer Ivy's "Leave Britney alone" guy when she needs one? She's had a pretty tough year, what with the allegedly violent and angry ex-boyfriend blackmailing her regarding an...

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    Jang Geun Seok rocks Black ‘N Jean, “Black Engine”

    Seriously, if there's one thing Korea knows how to do right, it's branded entertainment. They did it with the Anycall series (Anyclub, Anymotion, Anyband), and many of their commercial ad...

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