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    Open Thread #13

    Phew, exhausted -- have spent the past few days in a manic burst of early spring cleaning. I love things ordered but my natural state veers toward The Clutter (far...

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    Open Thread #12

    Let's see what happened this week… So Hillary cries and Obama loses New Hampshire. (Btw, as much as I'm rooting for Obama, and find Hillary cringe-inducing and calculating -- but...

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    Tablo on school, family, and possibly quitting the biz

    More factoids about Tablo, the ever-eloquent lyricist of hip-hop trio Epik High (and of two-person side project Eternal Morning) --- The rapper and songwriter recently appeared on the OBS TV...

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    Happy anniversary to fansubbers WITH S2

    Happy second anniversary to With S2. Once again, the lovely admins of With S2 have asked if I could post up a notice for the occasion, which also clarifies the...


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    Open Thread #11

    So, it's 2008. Who feels old? Anyone make resolutions? I haven't made any in years, but that's probably because any resolutions I might make are the kinds of things that I...

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    Hm, eeenteresting... I just spotted a new incoming link, and clicked in mild curiosity. To my surprise, despite being a blog I hadn't heard of, it was a familiar template...


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    Poll results for the curious

    Since a few of you were curious about poll results, here they are (the rest beyond the jump), arranged in descending order of votes cast. I expected Coffee Prince to...


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    Open Thread #10

    One holiday down, one more to go. Anyone have big New Year's Eve plans? I'll have limited internet access over the weekend (but I'll still be posting -- the rest...

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    The future of kpop

    The "Oricon Comet" Younha The Korean pop music industry, like the recording industry worldwide, has been in a constant downward slide in recent years. The reasons for that are all...

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    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (Happy Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Generic seasonal holidays?) Hope y'all have a nice, relaxing, energizing, kdrama-filled holiday. As for me, my day is entirely booked -- I have lots...