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    “And to think, when Shinhwa started we were only yea high!”

    Shinhwa members at their 10th Anniversary Live in Seoul concert, March 30, for which they sold approximately 22,000 tickets to their two performances. The group celebrates while boasting some questionable styling choices...


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    Open Thread #23

      Couldn't have said it better myself: It's been a long week. Thank god it's Friday!   SONG OF THE DAY Spoon - "I Summon You" [ Download ] [audio:http://www....

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    On your mark… [Oh snap]

      ...get set...   Go! Jae Hee makes a break for it on the set of new vocalist Cha Soo Kyung's "Empty Heart" music video. Seoul, Kangbukgu, March 20.

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    Open Thread #22

      Another Friday, another Open Thread. What's up y'all? (Oh, and Happy Easter weekend everyone.) SONG OF THE DAY Earlimart - "Gonna Break Into Your Heart" [ Download ] [audio:http://www....

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    Open Thread # 21

      Happy White Day everyone! (Although I think more of us probably don't observe the holiday than do.) In case you're not familiar with the concept, White Day takes place...

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    Horan, the bookworm author

    Did you know Clazziquai vocalist Horan was a book lover? Well she is, and now she's got a book coming out. But before you disparage her move outside her native...

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    Open Thread #20

    You may have noticed a little change around these here parts. Honestly, I'd never had the intention to change layouts every several months -- this is my fourth layout since...

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    Mighty Mouth, featuring Yoon Eun Hye

      As previously mentioned, actress and former pop singer Yoon Eun Hye has recently collaborated with new hip-hop/pop group Mighty Mouth on a track that's just been released on...

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    Open Thread #19

    Happy Leap Year (Day?)! Any Leap Year babies here? Poor kids -- I always wondered if they had to relegate their birthdays to February 28 or March 1. Been behind on the...

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    Open Thread #18

    Not too much to report today. Let's see -- Oscars are on Sunday. Yawn. I'd probably skip them entirely if not for Jon Stewart, although his brand of humor tends...