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    Rockin’ Monday

    Egads, I'm running behind! This is why I was wary about watching a third show... If I were doing two, I'd only be one recap behind, but now I'm THREE!...


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    Moving in

    I've moved! Please update bookmarks and feeds and all that good stuff. The javabeans.wordpress.com site will stay up indefinitely, but I'll be updating here instead. I'd been thinking...

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    Half a Million and Counting

    Woot woot! I marked my 100,000th hit (well, I was lazy so it got pushed to 150,000) with some House Rulez. Speaking of whom, have you checked them out yet? They're...


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    Korea, Calm Down. Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Hate Rain.

      Oh, good lord. Rain fans (and Korean media) need to calm waaayyy down. SONG OF THE DAY Rain / Bi - "태양을 피 하는 방법" (How to Escape the Sun) -- I prefer this...

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    Fansubs and drama addictions

    Clearly I'm a kdrama addict, and if you're here, you probably are too. So you might want to hop over and check out Popseoul's new fansubbing-related post to see how...


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    Music Rec: HOUSE RULEZ

    You guys are just too awesome. I created this blog some months ago, but I started posting in earnest with my Dal Ja's Spring recaps -- Episode 1 was posted on...

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    Some blog changes

    I'm sure you can all tell without this post telling you so, hehe, but I've been making some changes around here. The lovely header was pulled from some of my...

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    (Goong S) Song of the Day

    Just thought I'd share one of the songs that's cropped up in some significant scenes in the later episodes of Goong S. It's not an easy song to find (or...


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    Inaugural Music Post

    I am totally getting the hang of blogging. I thought I'd try posting a "song of the day" at the end of each post... I'm just playing around for now,...

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    Yet another side project

    (Cast of GOONG S: Kang Doo, Heo Yi Jae, Seven, Park Shin Hye) . Part of my latest set of distractions has been getting sucked into the world of kdramas... They're...

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