Can I recap for you?

Maybe. We aren’t actively seeking writers, but you can refer to our instructions here.

Can I request recaps?


Why not?

Can we request that you do the dance of joy when we snap our fingers? (Well, you can always ask. Just don’t expect a yes as your answer.)

Are you ever going to finish recaps for [currently unfinished series]?

The answer is pretty much always going to be, we really really want to. The reality of the situation may be different, because that fourth dimension sometimes closes its doors on us and restricts access to the space-time continuum. She can be a bitch that way.

Can I repost your recaps or news articles on my blog?


Why not? Everyone else does it.

Those people are doing it without permission, and against our wishes. Feel free to link or excerpt, but taking entire posts violates internet etiquette. Possibly also copyright rules, net ethics (nethics?), and basic decency to humankind and kittens. Think of the kittens!

How do you do that nifty rotating header business?

Umm, once upon I time I learned the bare minimum of technical skills required to implement something called a rotate.php script. I installed it and promptly forgot how. But the internet could probably tell you a lot better than I could.

Who’s in that header?

Here’s the master list.

Can I send you a header?

Absolutely! I am much indebted to the graphically inclined readers for the awesome banners on this site. Email a link to the header via contact form, or post it on the headers page.

How do you get music to play on the blog?

I use the Audio Player 2.0 plugin.

How come you’re so sarcastic? Just tell us what happened in the episode/article, without your opinions!

We are not a translation service. What we do on this site is share interesting information from K-dramaland, along with our thoughts on them. That’s the name of the game.

But I want to form my opinion without your bias.

Go right ahead. Please don’t let our opinions stop you from having your own. The comments section is there for you to discuss your differing opinions.

Why did my comment get held for moderation/not show up/get deleted?

It may have gotten stuck in the spam filter, or held because there were links. We’ll fish those out.

If it got deleted: Did you link to a spammy site? Or were you offensive? Be really honest with yourself here β€” did you make an obnoxious comment, attack another commenter, or flamebait for the lulz? Maybe you wrote insults in a language other than English. Or, you know, in English. Check out our Commenting Policy.

Where do you find the time for recapping and watching so many dramas?

After many years of space travel, javabeans finally found the door to the fourth dimension, and has kindly shared the secret with girlfriday.

How do you decide which dramas to watch/recap?

At the beginning of each year we play a sadistic game of Korean Drama Roulette. There is much drinking and gnashing of teeth.

That doesn’t sound like a real game.

It could be. Mostly, we watch the first few episodes of anything that piques our interest, and then we decide if we could write ten thousand words a week on it.

Do you guys know each other in real life?

What is this “real life” you speak of?

Come on, do you?

Yes, but we can’t reveal the details of how we met, since it involves a getaway car, a nine-iron, and a brief stint in the pokey. We may have already given away too much.

How come you guys have such similar writing styles? Are you sisters?

First of all, there’s no such thing as blood relations having similar writing styles. Too busy fighting over shoes. Secondly, we’re not related as far as we know, but then again, birth secrets usually don’t pop up until the third act. Shh, don’t spoil us!

Is it possible you’re the same person?

There are a few Clark Kent/Superman theories floating around, but we’re fairly certain the Podcast is proof we’re not the same person. Or maybe those ventriloquism classes are finally paying off.

Are you Korean?

Yes, we are both Korean, but totally American. We both grew up speaking Korean with our families and watching lots of un-subbed k-dramas.

Are you female?

Uh…what gave it away?

How old are you?

How old are YOU?

Do you have jobs?

Yes. In that “real world” we’ve heard so much about.

Why didn’t you respond to my email? Do you hate me?

Javabeans is notoriously bad at responding to email quickly, or in what might be deemed an “appropriate” turnaround time. She promises to try harder about email replies and to respond as much as possible. Sometimes she might not answer if the email asks a question (example: “When is the next recap coming?”) that will be answered by a forthcoming post (i.e., the recap is posted). If it’s important, you might want to email back in a few days, because guilt really works on her. Girlfriday employs a team of highly trained monkeys to respond to all emails, so you’ll get a quick response, but don’t expect it to make any sense.

What are your favorite dramas?

Turns out we wrote up this handy dandy Ratings List just for you.

Do you have a favorite drama character?

Javabeans: Lee Jung-jae in Sandglass is the guy we all wish we had but don’t deserve. Dal Ja also rocked, Medusa hair notwithstanding. Girlfriday: To be, Kim Sam-soon. To love, Choi Han-gyul.

What about favorite drama tropes?

Javabeans: Forced proximity pretty much rules — reluctant roommates, accidental partnerships. Especially combined with the hate-at-first-sight trope, which transforms to love. So every drama ever. Girlfriday: I’m a sucker for the cross-dressing, the I-love-you-so-much-I’ll-go-gay-for-you, and the strong silent type.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pretty much this, but with bundles of cash. Does anyone know how to combine “writer” with “gajillionaire”? Yeah…so pretty much this.

What motivates you to keep writing?

You guys!

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  1. giddygirl108

    Love the updated FAQ section πŸ™‚

  2. sajor

    fun read… seems like you’re answering all but not answering all πŸ™‚

  3. pinksoysauce

    Love the FAQs, but I have so many questions that I’m still itching to ask…but am afraid to ask because of the monkeys. πŸ˜‰

  4. lovenyc52

    haha love this FAQs. you two are already hilarious individually… together you’re unstoppable πŸ˜€

  5. Shirls

    haha, you guys are so funny!

  6. MyLabyrinth

    You witty folks, you never fail to impress me with your distinctive writing style.
    When you say us guys are your motivation for the writing does that mean that you do NOT get paid anything for this site? If not , for shame!! Although, I suspect you do in your ‘real life’ jobs, get paid for writing that is…
    Oh and I am LOVE this site, even more if it solely a labour of love,
    P.s @ Girlfriday – Gong Yoo is MINE, all MINE. Like Portishead’s ‘All Mine’ style. πŸ˜‰

    • 6.1 pauline m. hernandez

      You are so witty I like your writing style I used to be a K-Drama closet fanatic that is, I used to watch K-Drama secretly (I feel guilty sometimes sneaking at midnight just to watch K-Drama when my two teenage kids are already sleeping) but discovering Cha Seung Won recently made me “come out” (Greatest Love and Athena) He’s so good looking and hilariously funny there should be a law against men in their forties who looks and talks like him πŸ™‚ I stumbled upon your recaps on City Hall and although I finished all 20 episodes already I’m going through them again after reading your recaps… knitting together your insights with mine and coming up with new perspectives and that makes it more enjoyable and fresh… here’s looking forward to more of your k-drama insights!!!

  7. pabo ceo reom

    I laughed so much! You guys are hilarious πŸ™‚

  8. Sumee

    I love DB..& Girlfriday – I am not giving up on Gong Yoo..I will fight till the end ..Aye Aye CAP’..love you both so much..PS the FAQ is hilarious..monkeys go Fish.. Gong Yoo is still mine πŸ˜‰

  9. soysauce

    LOL, I love this FAQ, hilarious to read yet also quite informative.

  10. 10 gilagorrila

    this faq feels like some conversation i accidentally stepped into lol.

  11. 11 Sonia

    Brilliant, as usual.

  12. 12 Anon

    I love you guys! :p

  13. 13 kandykokoro

    you girls are awesome !!!

  14. 14 JeanCBloom

    I really can’t remember what I used to do in the morning after pouring a cup of coffee before I found Dramabeans …

  15. 15 ferngully

    You guys are hilarious. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  16. 16 daisy!

    haha, you guys are so funny! i love love love your site and i practically check it everyday, multiple times a day……humm that makes me sound like i have nothing to do all day but, seriously i love dramabeans πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Ace

    best non-answers ever. hey! how about politics as a career?! ; )

  18. 18 destriana

    haha you guys are so hilarious. thanks God i have found your web, because you always make a good view about the drama before i buy the dvd. just keep up the good works girls…
    btw i’ agree with you for the drama tropes. haha, it’s so funny and remind me how ridiculous i am to be a drama lover. and totally agree with want to be sam soon and in love with han kyol. oh God, hove i can have that kind of man, haha.
    ohya, do you mind if someone like me or maybe another fans of your web help you finish the unfinished recaps like painter of the wind maybe. so your web will full of “really full list drama recaps”.

  19. 19 destriana

    btw, are you indonesian cause sometimes i read something like “duh”, “tinular”, or “gajilionare”, it sounds like indonesia you know, haha. if yes you are indonesian, what do you think about indonesian drama? i’m give up watching tv because of them. it’s totally make me sick.

  20. 20 'cille

    JB & girlfriday – i love your team up!! you guys are awesome individually and together.. keep up the awesome writing!!!

  21. 21 dweji-tokki

    LOL ! this is super funny! i enjoyed reading the FAQ! i can’t last a day without visiting this site..and with girlfriday, it just becomes more and more FUN!

    two brilliant writers in one site plus daily dose of kdrama… what more can we ask for? πŸ˜‰

  22. 22 Larissa

    So much fun! Dramabeans was excellent even before girlfriday joined and I believe it will be so much more fun now with the both of you!

    And my fave characters are also Kim Sam-soon and Choi Han-guyl.

  23. 23 estelle

    Javabeans and Girlfriday: I love you babes! ;P

    Keep up the great work~ πŸ˜€

  24. 24 myron


  25. 25 annieee

    you guys rule! kim sam soon is <33333
    please share the secret about the fourth dimension with us! desperately in need of it!

  26. 26 I heart K-dramas

    You know that you both rock, right? Already.. I feel like you two are “friends in my head” ! πŸ˜‰

  27. 27 yolili

    this FAQ was truly a laugh-a-minute for me πŸ˜€

    thank you for deciding to ‘join forces’ & well, dramabeans’ just gets better & better!!

    Oh btw Sarah, I don’t think u r slow in replying e-mails, u replied mine within ‘the appropriate time-frame’ πŸ˜€ And boy, was I ELATED to received it, haha
    It was like receiving a reply from your fave singer or something like that, haha.

    welcome Girl Friday!!

  28. 28 Cartman

    “How old are you? How old are YOU?”

    LOL to that :))

  29. 29 Endroine

    Dayum i really wanted to know how old (young =D?) you are, lol o-o

  30. 30 Lumi

    Hahaha love the FAQs! ^^

  31. 31 red

    u guys are hilarious…love this site <3

  32. 32 oxxy

    Lol Loved your FAQ question, hope you know you’re pretty much known around the world now (I’m from France, so I have the guts to say that if people in France know you then the hole know you…I’m kidding)

    Thanks a lot anyway

  33. 33 sweet synergy

    May I add. as to the fave characters, i cant resist not saying this: i love insung’s mom in WHIB. I find the character very realistic.

  34. 34 supermunchee

    I super love your blog! πŸ™‚

  35. 35 langdon813

    “Why didn’t you respond to my email? Do you hate me?”



  36. 36 Moenyar

    Currently we are enjoying “Giant” & would like to see Recaps in dramabeans like others; such as Cindrella Sister, Prosecutor Princess, Bad Guy….since these recaps are really enjoyable..

  37. 37 PLY

    LOVE you new layout and the FAQ are so funny..Thanks always for the smart and witty comments

  38. 38 Jane

    lol… I also wonder how old JB is hahaha. But I assume we’re in the same age range a.k.a the “It’s not nice to ask a lady her age” age range πŸ˜€ And for me, that began on my 23rd birthday!

  39. 39 maez

    Best FAQ EVER!

  40. 40 Des

    Hi! Totally Agree–Best FAQ EVER in a major major way! More than that, I really totally love your site! You’re just absolutely fab and witty! I appreciate how your recaps turn out! Keep up the great job! Keep them coming please…:)

  41. 41 geeza


    Love you so much gals!
    Thanks for all your hardwork!

  42. 42 linkyo

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ wow, what a great FAQ page! And I must say I admire your endurance in writing down all the recaps. I can’t imagine how you manage your time with those “job in real world”, then watch the drama, then maybe some rounds re-watching the drama for analyzing it, screencapping, and finally writing it down. Ckckckck what a great job! And thank you that you put a lot of effort in writing down these recaps!

    Chongmal kamsahamida….

  43. 43 doozy

    javabeans, i love love your music selection! thanks for sharing your awesome taste with the rest of us. just curious, do you have any favorite artists or bands?

  44. 44 badmarkz

    um, hi javabeans (and girfriday too)!
    i’ve been following this site for a while now, and i must say, i like this new look. but where’s the page that used to contain your list of songs? i forgot to what it called, but i found that quite useful when i need download link for the songs you posted.
    have you deleted it? or is it just invisible?

    • 44.1 meve

      oh yeah i only just noticed now. i love that section..it was one of my go-to places when i wanted to listen to refreshing (meaning “new” compared to the mainstream) music..hope it makes a comeback *puts cutest, most adorable puss-in-boots- aegyo on*

  45. 45 Rizzy

    Love Love this FAQ section! πŸ™‚

  46. 46 jossy

    hehe just stumbled upon this gem of a section!
    lol you two are friggen awesome!

  47. 47 Isabella

    Haha! Love this site so much!!

  48. 48 HARU!!

    I love love this site thank you guys for all your hard work πŸ˜€

  49. 49 jemz

    do you ever think of writing book?

  50. 50 ~G

    site by jpd studio…so they designed the current version of this site? No blogging software mentioned, wondering what blogger s/w you recommend/have used? Is there a site history?


    sent U a ‘contact’ re:The Secret Lovers, my ATF kdrama

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