Can I recap for you?

Maybe. We aren’t actively seeking writers, but you can refer to our instructions here.

Can I request recaps?


Why not?

Can we request that you do the dance of joy when we snap our fingers? (Well, you can always ask. Just don’t expect a yes as your answer.)

Are you ever going to finish recaps for [currently unfinished series]?

The answer is pretty much always going to be, we really really want to. The reality of the situation may be different, because that fourth dimension sometimes closes its doors on us and restricts access to the space-time continuum. She can be a bitch that way.

Can I repost your recaps or news articles on my blog?


Why not?

Everyone else does it.
Those people are doing it without permission, and against our wishes. Feel free to link or excerpt, but taking entire posts violates internet etiquette. Possibly also copyright rules, net ethics (nethics?), and basic decency to humankind and kittens. Think of the kittens!

How do you do that nifty rotating header business?

Umm, once upon I time I learned the bare minimum of technical skills required to implement something called a rotate.php script. I installed it and promptly forgot how. But the internet could probably tell you a lot better than I could.

Who’s in that header?

Here’s the master list.

Can I send you a header?

Absolutely! I am much indebted to the graphically inclined readers for the awesome banners on this site. Email a link to the header via contact form, or post it on the headers page.

How do you get music to play on the blog?

I use the Audio Player 2.0 plugin.

How come you’re so sarcastic?

Just tell us what happened in the episode/article, without your opinions! We are not a translation service. What we do on this site is share interesting information from K-dramaland, along with our thoughts on them. That’s the name of the game.

But I want to form my opinion without your bias.

Go right ahead. Please don’t let our opinions stop you from having your own. The comments section is there for you to discuss your differing opinions.