Can I recap for you?

Maybe. We aren’t actively seeking writers, but you can refer to our instructions here.

Can I request recaps?


Why not?

Can we request that you do the dance of joy when we snap our fingers? (Well, you can always ask. Just don’t expect a yes as your answer.)

Are you ever going to finish recaps for [currently unfinished series]?

The answer is pretty much always going to be, we really really want to. The reality of the situation may be different, because that fourth dimension sometimes closes its doors on us and restricts access to the space-time continuum. She can be a bitch that way.

Can I repost your recaps or news articles on my blog?


Why not? Everyone else does it.

Those people are doing it without permission, and against our wishes. Feel free to link or excerpt, but taking entire posts violates internet etiquette. Possibly also copyright rules, net ethics (nethics?), and basic decency to humankind and kittens. Think of the kittens!

How do you do that nifty rotating header business?

Umm, once upon I time I learned the bare minimum of technical skills required to implement something called a rotate.php script. I installed it and promptly forgot how. But the internet could probably tell you a lot better than I could.

Who’s in that header?

Here’s the master list.

Can I send you a header?

Absolutely! I am much indebted to the graphically inclined readers for the awesome banners on this site. Email a link to the header via contact form, or post it on the headers page.

How do you get music to play on the blog?

I use the Audio Player 2.0 plugin.

How come you’re so sarcastic? Just tell us what happened in the episode/article, without your opinions!

We are not a translation service. What we do on this site is share interesting information from K-dramaland, along with our thoughts on them. That’s the name of the game.

But I want to form my opinion without your bias.

Go right ahead. Please don’t let our opinions stop you from having your own. The comments section is there for you to discuss your differing opinions.

Why did my comment get held for moderation/not show up/get deleted?

It may have gotten stuck in the spam filter, or held because there were links. We’ll fish those out.

If it got deleted: Did you link to a spammy site? Or were you offensive? Be really honest with yourself here β€” did you make an obnoxious comment, attack another commenter, or flamebait for the lulz? Maybe you wrote insults in a language other than English. Or, you know, in English. Check out our Commenting Policy.

Where do you find the time for recapping and watching so many dramas?

After many years of space travel, javabeans finally found the door to the fourth dimension, and has kindly shared the secret with girlfriday.

How do you decide which dramas to watch/recap?

At the beginning of each year we play a sadistic game of Korean Drama Roulette. There is much drinking and gnashing of teeth.

That doesn’t sound like a real game.

It could be. Mostly, we watch the first few episodes of anything that piques our interest, and then we decide if we could write ten thousand words a week on it.

Do you guys know each other in real life?

What is this “real life” you speak of?

Come on, do you?

Yes, but we can’t reveal the details of how we met, since it involves a getaway car, a nine-iron, and a brief stint in the pokey. We may have already given away too much.

How come you guys have such similar writing styles? Are you sisters?

First of all, there’s no such thing as blood relations having similar writing styles. Too busy fighting over shoes. Secondly, we’re not related as far as we know, but then again, birth secrets usually don’t pop up until the third act. Shh, don’t spoil us!

Is it possible you’re the same person?

There are a few Clark Kent/Superman theories floating around, but we’re fairly certain the Podcast is proof we’re not the same person. Or maybe those ventriloquism classes are finally paying off.

Are you Korean?

Yes, we are both Korean, but totally American. We both grew up speaking Korean with our families and watching lots of un-subbed k-dramas.

Are you female?

Uh…what gave it away?

How old are you?

How old are YOU?

Do you have jobs?

Yes. In that “real world” we’ve heard so much about.

Why didn’t you respond to my email? Do you hate me?

Javabeans is notoriously bad at responding to email quickly, or in what might be deemed an “appropriate” turnaround time. She promises to try harder about email replies and to respond as much as possible. Sometimes she might not answer if the email asks a question (example: “When is the next recap coming?”) that will be answered by a forthcoming post (i.e., the recap is posted). If it’s important, you might want to email back in a few days, because guilt really works on her. Girlfriday employs a team of highly trained monkeys to respond to all emails, so you’ll get a quick response, but don’t expect it to make any sense.

What are your favorite dramas?

Turns out we wrote up this handy dandy Ratings List just for you.

Do you have a favorite drama character?

Javabeans: Lee Jung-jae in Sandglass is the guy we all wish we had but don’t deserve. Dal Ja also rocked, Medusa hair notwithstanding. Girlfriday: To be, Kim Sam-soon. To love, Choi Han-gyul.

What about favorite drama tropes?

Javabeans: Forced proximity pretty much rules — reluctant roommates, accidental partnerships. Especially combined with the hate-at-first-sight trope, which transforms to love. So every drama ever. Girlfriday: I’m a sucker for the cross-dressing, the I-love-you-so-much-I’ll-go-gay-for-you, and the strong silent type.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pretty much this, but with bundles of cash. Does anyone know how to combine “writer” with “gajillionaire”? Yeah…so pretty much this.

What motivates you to keep writing?

You guys!

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  1. 101 Renata

    What program do you use to make your gifs?

  2. 102 anne2ken

    you two along with your minions makes me laugh. i love that you are hilariously sarcastic with your opinions, it makes me laugh even more. I get to learn things and understand the meaning behind the puns on the drama in reading your recaps, and your screenshot pics are really awesome.

    thank you so much!!! <3<3<3

  3. 103 anjle gupta

    hey i really like you guys
    i check your website everyday
    its like my morning coffee
    can’t start the day without you
    keep up the good work

  4. 104 indokdramaaddict

    girlfriday: to love- choi han kyul. totally my choice too πŸ˜› the first korean man that i fell for, and since then, have fallen for many. Love the work you guys have done! Especially with the recaps! If I don’t have the time to watch an entire complete series, I read the recaps, and it’s like I watched the whole thing! Brilliant work! πŸ˜€

  5. 105 Raewonkim

    I’m your avid follower. I wish that you can english sub the KBS Entertainment weekly just like in 3days 2 nights. I used to watch the said program at night but due to my work I can’t watch anymore at KBS World since they scheduled it in the afternoon.

    Thank you very much and more power to you.

  6. 106 Kuroky

    Hi can any one tell me what song is in the background music of 2days 1 night at this particular episode.


    The song starts at 20:37.

  7. 107 Dominique

    does anyone know how to get dramabeans to show up on my ipod as the mobile version? i accidentally turned it off while on the mobile site and now i don’t know how ro switch it back….

    if you know please shoot me a direct message on twitter @jjing_jiyoung !!!! THANK YOU!

  8. 108 Connie

    aww I loved reading this FAQ! πŸ˜€

  9. 109 Ivy

    Hilarious and wonderful FAQ’s πŸ˜€ Had me laughing uncontrollably – and mann I couldn’t agree more on the part about Choi Han-gyul – he’s amazing and a total I-love-you-so-much-I’ll-go-gay-for-you-guy with choco abs<3

  10. 110 more

    How come every time i try to post a comment which RARELY ! It tell me to wait for moderation?? But if i use another e mail it get posted right away??

  11. 111 marie

    can i ask where you guys watch your dramas, if you have online source and if you watch them with or w/o subs???

  12. 112 Radhika

    wow u both shud become writers!!
    start making some good $$$ while you write.

    thanks for all the hardwork!!

  13. 113 SiLowWa

    Are you all talking about Choi Han-Kyul from Coffee Prince? What’s so great about him? I love Kim Boong Do from Queen Inhyun’s Man the most <3

  14. 114 dinosaur

    Helllllp~ I don’t know how to toggle between mobile and desktop view >< can someone help? πŸ˜›

  15. 115 geek_girl


    I am genuine “girls friday” πŸ™‚

    Thank you for accepted.

    see you ~

  16. 116 Eve

    thanks so much!

  17. 117 blkasian

    Thank you so very much for adding spice to my life by way of your FAQ. I loved the responses to the questions. You are a creative force second to none. I know you will keep up the good work.

  18. 118 blkasian

    Thank you so very much for adding spice to my life by way of your FAQ. I loved the responses to the questions. You are a creative force second to none. I know you will keep up the good work.

  19. 119 suzzi

    please…upload the recaps of “CRUEL CITY”..It’s a good one….got addicted to it…please do upload it..

  20. 120 s0nflwr

    Hello! I have been an avid reader of your site for years and I’m so thankful for all the time and effort you guys put into your recaps for your readers! Every recap I read, I feel like I’m stepping into the drama and I really have to thank you guys for being such amazing writers! πŸ™‚
    Thank you!

    I just had ONE question… a few days ago I accidentally changed my mobile view off for dramabeans and I’ve been desperately searching to figure out how to turn it back on my iphone. Could you guys help out with this?? πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much again!

    • 120.1 s0nflwr

      that was perfect!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    • 120.2 Nanotskii

      Hey there. =) Can you please tell me how to switch it back to mobile ver too please. I accidentally exited it too and well… ive been stuck for days on my phone. kekeke. Please tell me how to switch back if you can. Kamsahapnida.

    • 120.3 Ahhh

      I’m dying to know too! I always use my phone to go on this site and without the mobile version navigating it is a pain. I hope they (or someone! ) could provide an answer to this.

  21. 121 bunni3

    Reading your blog made me wish I have a talent for writing. But I guess, I’m born to be a bookworm just to read and appreciate stuff like this. πŸ™‚

  22. 122 nissidd

    You guys are awesome. You make my day everytime.

  23. 123 Pandora

    Really love yr website! Get to read up on those missing episodes if I’ve no time to watch. Just wondering able to enlighten what does “song of the. Day” mean – songs payed in the series or yr favorite song?

  24. 124 Jade

    you should make an app! πŸ™‚


    i think i love javabean’s recapping most….tho both of you are doing good…. love ya. pls keep on with it. #hwaiting!!!

  26. 126 Ahhh

    For all those asking I figured out how to get back to the mobile version if you accidently switched to desktop from your device.

    Allllllll the way at the bottom of any dramabeans page you can find the link that says switch to mobile. It’s in the middle and like I said at the very bottom. It may look like nonsensical fine print if your not looking carefully.

    Hope I’ve helped !

  27. 127 Kooks46

    You guys are awesome!

  28. 128 Sehrish

    How many hits does your site get from the UK in a day/week/month? i’m asking because i wanted a rough idea of how many k-drama fans there in the UK for my assignment.

  29. 130 seeru

    u guys are KWEOOL (very cool) in your own way…

  30. 131 shreya

    hey guys,
    first i want to thank you for posting the tit and bit of korean sitcoms and to tell you the truth i like reading your pov much better than watching the drama (nah m not weird,just love reading).your post’s have ruined atleast 5-6 dramas for me(its a compliment).i’ve read marriage not dating and fated to love you but haven’t got the time to actually watch it.and believe me just like novels turned into movie doesn’t do justice to the books,the expressions of actors got dimmed after i read your detailed descriptions (love how you insert your reactions too..lol)..oh (sorry my “first” was big) and secondly i want to know whats “no.15” that’s written at the beginning of all dramas..

  31. 132 stacy

    Is the mobile version not available anymore? I’d love to read posts on my phone but the mobile link is nowhere to be found, and reading without a mobile link is impossible. Was that option removed because of the addition of ads to the site?

  32. 133 Half-Assed OTAKU

    kahkah that sly and witty FAQ just forced me to comment here.

    Ima diligent silent reader since my hot-blooded uni year and till now every freaking day I come here. Hengsho~

  33. 134 Vera

    Thank you for creating a site and and for your article.
    Thank you/

  34. 135 Jessica

    Dear Javabeans,
    have you ever done a recap for my girl? I have the impression that it was done and then taken down or something, and I’m currently watching it and would love to have something to refer to after each episode
    Thanks for all the recaps you’ve done πŸ™‚

  35. 136 toerist

    I’m so glad that this page does exist!!! I’m from Belgium and not many of my friends watch K-drama’s, so it became hard for me to talk about it with someone; but gladly thanks to you guys I’m not left alone with my own thoughts about it! To be honest, I’m secretively HOOKED on K-drama’s! :p ^^

  36. 137 Rozie

    I would like to thank all the team in dramabeans who always work so hard to recap the korean drama that I love so much…especially Pinnochio. I just loveeee….Lee Jong Suk. πŸ™‚

  37. 138 Ann

    Please this question is being directed at the FAQ, what do I do to see images on my drama recaps? All I see are red X in the Image boxes and is been very annoying. Please reply me and tell me what to do. Thank you

  38. 139 Miko

    Just wanted to say… You guys rock and keep up the good work!! I love everything about you guys, from your fangirling to your sarcasm, to your egyo, to just… GAH TOO MANY AWESOME QUALITIES TO LIST!!!! Anyways, just wanted to send an encouraging note and fighting!! Keep up the awesome asiany work!! >u< μ‚¬λž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹Ή!~~ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…!!!

  39. 140 Cz

    How do I find a song without going through every recap?

  40. 141 Kate

    I just watched my first K-drama last week and it’s just been ridiculous. The only way I can justify this totally binge-watching guilty pleasure is that I keep telling myself I’m going to learn Korean through this (and try to stop wondering why all the guys are so pretty and the girls are so thin). Thanks to both of you for being The Bridge to helping me understand the K-drama universe and for, well, being awesome enough to create this site. There is so, so much I don’t understand:-) But in the meantime, extra kimchi and anchovy lettuce wraps to you!

  41. 142 maverick

    I totally love the sense of humor of you guys.

  42. 143 OhMyLove_Healerya~

    You guys are awesome!! ^_^

  43. 144 Cherry

    Lol some of the answers are really funny:P

  44. 145 maha

    can you please recap some of taiwanese and chinese drama pls

  45. 146 Lina

    I tried to find the recap for Heaven’s Promise/The Promise, but don’t see it. Why isn’t it being recap?

  46. 147 KDramaWatcher2609

    Where do you find the time for recapping and watching so many dramas?

    After many years of space travel, javabeans finally found the door to the fourth dimension, and has kindly shared the secret with girlfriday.

    —> haha, I wish I have time to have more time to sleep and for kdrama-ing but I tend to get overly addicted to them that I’m like a zombie the next day for work, so I have to cut down on Kdrama-ing, unfortunately…

    I actually love your own thinking and comments during your recaps on the drama episodes….sometimes they are so amusing πŸ™‚ Fighting !!

  47. 148 AP

    i just love re-reading and re-reading the FAQ section. hah! love those witty, badass and sarcastic answers.

  48. 149 Hermojeans

    do you guys have an app?

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