Gege, being the best gege ever! 😭 #LeCoupDeFoudre



Holding the family together in tough times even though he, too, is hurting.

So was this the reason why he let go of his dream to be a military jet fighter and became a doctor instead? It’s more practical, and perhaps to help his father get affordable medical aid by becoming a doctor himself?

Also, how awesome is that he was willing to give all his hard-earned money for his sister? He said his bank account’s password is her birthday… ehhrrmm well it’s his birthday too.. but anyways! Such a thoughtful gege. I’ve never wished for a twin brother (or even a sibling for that matter) until meeting Guanchao! TT____TT

Honestly it shouldn’t have come as a surprised to me that he can sacrifice his dream for his family. Family is his everything.

Now…. If he can change from being a lousy boyfriend too that would be great….. sigh. I guess gege cannot be *that* perfect…. He’s got to have some flaws, no?


    I love him as a brother! His attitude as a boyfriend is questionable tho. He kind of reminds me of my youngest uncle who is a really good brother and son but was never in stable romantic relationships. And guess what? He’s getting married in a few months to a woman who already has a child.

    Not all men like him will settle down but I hope Guan Chao will.


      Got my heart broken with Wuyi right there. She can put behind her feelings for him to be his bestfriend, to be that someone he could freely open up to. I love her so much. In ep 15 now and they both ended in Beijing and looks like their “friendship” looks stronger than before.

      Hopefully your uncle has found true love with his soon to be wife! And that he’ll be a great step dad to her child! 😬


        When I look at Wuyi, I just want her to be happy despite her bad luck in love. I even have trust issues when she’s involved with him.

        That’s nice of you! Actually, we’re more worried for his future wife than for him. But I’m sure he knows what he is doing 🙂