I cannot get over this drama’s OST! It is absolutely one of the best. Incredibly emotional. It was a song written for Yeon Seo…

🎵It’s alright, it’s alright
Even if I lost everything
It’s alright, it’s alright
Because I have somebody next to me
When I`m crying, when I`m alone
You’ve always been with me

Oh, you are my angel…🎵

Here is its MV with English subs. Very heartwarming.


    the only bad thing is it’s not on spotify.
    I will be crushed if they don’t release it there… (just like they did with Forest of Secrets. Forever waiting on that one😭).


      I know!!! I was trying to find this on iTunes as well and I was 😱😱😱 that I couldn’t find the song! I Shazamed it and it only gave me a link to YouTube. I hope it will be out soon cuz I want to listen to this song during my travel time to and fro work!!


    Those lyrics reminded me for a second from his drama Miss Hammurabi with the Someday Somehow ost. Man! Brought back the feels!