Shin Hye Sun, the ultimate goddess in this messed up drama universe. Dancing and interpreting her own version of Giselle – I was with her throughout her whole performance, being moved once again. #Angel’sLastMission:Love

This week’s episodes’ highlight for me was Yeon Seo’s character growth. I was so proud to see so many great changes in her. She put herself in Giselle’s shoes, went so deep into her character, and realized that she was the same. She cannot hate the man she loves; she longs for him, she misses him, but hate and anger are far from what she feels even if this love puts her in so much misery.

”True love cannot be defined by any means; it’s a cluster of adjectives. It’s crazy, passionate, complicated, painful, but most importantly true love is real. It’s that feeling of being inexplicably drawn to another person. Love isn’t finding someone you can escape reality with, it’s finding someone who makes reality worthwhile…”