They’re too cute. Yanzhen looks so comfy staying at his in-laws. Huehehehe. #ArsenalMilitaryAcademy

And they have the audacity to flirt in front of her mom. LOLOL


But of course, Yanzhen, y’know, he takes things to a different level and takes the fun out 😂


    He just can’t resist! It’s in his nature 🤣


      I loved this scene so much!! It made me wish there was an alternate universe where there is no Chinese-Japanese strife, no deaths, no heartbreaks, and Xiang Xiang and Yanzhen are happily staying in town flirting with each other all day. This moment was brief, but it was such a heartwarming scene. Xiang Xiang, Yanzhen and her family having quality time at home like any ordinary household.