So I cannot stop thinking about #SomedayOrOneDay

I thought I was losing interest by Episodes 5-7 because it went into the direction I was not comfortable with. Too dark and twisted for my taste. But Episodes 8 and 9 are so good. The reveals in these two episodes answered the question of the main plot. But these give more twists that needed to be unravelled!!! 😱 Oh wells, at least I have now a better picture of what is going on with these time travelling / alternate universe / body swapping or whatever this is. And I’m glad this drama answered little details like why was her favourite birthday cake taro and how and when did the song from 1998 become the couple song.

The beginning of episode 8 was so sad and triggering. I needed to pause and take a breather. Wang Quan Sheng of 2010, I love you. I wish you knew you weren’t alone in the world.