Wow! Just wow, why did I almost missed such a gooooold show again? Ended up binge-watching it and reading DB recaps of it as well(and okay stalking everything about it HAHA). I’m so happy for myself that I decided to check it out which the main reason is LMK and when he died within just a couple of episodes I thought I will not like it that much but I’m totally wrong—- totally! A very great show from start to finish! The bromance, the casts, plot and every single thing. Big thanks to dramagods for this wonderful show!

• PS. Can somebody please tell me where’s Lee Hyun-jae(Do Il) now? Can’t take my eyes off him since episode 1. And I’m very curious if he’s pure Korean? Cause he doesn’t look like one. I so love him.


    I LOVE SUFBB!!! One of my all-time favorites! So glad you enjoyed it!

    I looked Do-il’s actor Lee Hyun-jae up and it looks like he has only been in a couple of dramas since: The Queen of Office (written by our lovely BTLIOF writer Yoon Nan-joong) and some sitcom called Reckless Family 3. He’s been in several (Chinese?) movies, though, it looks like.


      I think it will also be one of my all-time fave!

      Owww! Thanks for the info. I will check out everything he’s in since I can’t get enough of him. HAHA!