this is a good drama- VIP, until ep 11, i can see why PSJ is still being a support to Yuri, and at some level she needs it and it is quite human of him to be there! Yuri , though wrong, I still can’t hate her.. Plus I like that atleast until now drama has not turned her into some kind of manipulative person.. For a person so lonely in this world, it is natural to want to hold onto the 1st person who ever showed kindness

And let’s face it.. JNR as wife was not amazing either.. She has been self centered.. If not Yuri. This marriage was going to break apart at any point in time


    I agree with you on Yuri, but not on Jang Nara, it’s not her fault her husband can’t keep it in his pants. He took advantage of Yuri being at very vulnerable moment when he is really not that into her.


      So, i am still on ep 12.. it doesn’t look like PSJ took advantage of Yuri, seems natural attraction.. but right now him being with her (post mom’s death etc) is definitely him protecting Jhang Nara.

      While cheating is cheating and doers have to bear the consequences, but if I take a step back to see what the dynamics of this marriage were.. i see Jhang Nara’s character overbearing and relatively more self centered.. even if cheating would not have happened, this is not a healthy marriage .. and she is so clueless because she doesn’t understand her husband at all.. she can’t comprehend people can be and are different.. her reactions are not the only response to a given situation.

      she did this with her mother.. and we see a repeat with husband..

      on the contrary husband was much more attentive


        She had to tend for herself and her sick mother with no one to rely on and she just learn about her father identity. And here comes this older attractive guy who takes care of her. That’s not very healthy start of relationship and pretty screwed up power dynamic. I can’t see it any other way as him taking advantage of her, even if she willingly participates. As of Jang Nara and her aloofness there is more to this and I don’t want to spoil it. But the choice in the end was his and he has only himself to blame.