It’s been 10 years.

10 years of us spending Valentine’s together. We started it off as kids, poking fun at the whole idea but it soon became a tradition. Every year on the 14th of Feb, we get together, dressed in our best, avoiding all colors red (except my face), three cup-cakes, three candles, three us, screaming: Happy Valentine’s!

The first time we were poor, we could only afford a couple (dozen) boxes of Belgian chocolate and the three cup-cakes. In that empty conference room, sitting crossed-legs on the stage, we laughed out loud and gossiped about who was dating whom. At the end we were too sugar-high to attend our classes so we skipped them and decided, instead, to go climb that mountain behind our college. I fell, you guys laughed, that selfie you took with the “fallen” me is still on my wall.

The fourth time I remember, S, you bailed on us. You were dating M and thought he was the “ONE”. L and I complained about that for hours but we still went and got us three cup-cakes. We sent you a picture of us devouring them with a stupid text that said “friends are for a lifetime, boyfriends are not”.

The next year, we regretted it, you two were broken up. You laughed about it and then we cringed together at “he is the one” comments. We made all sorts of puking noises, making people around us look at us in disgust. We drove by his house a few times that night, the plan was to ring the bell and run but we chickened out. You cried that night and L and I thought of throwing our cakes at his car.

L, you bailed on us once, too. Was it the 7th valentine or 8th? I can’t remember. You said you were too busy with work. So this time S and I sent you a picture of our faces with a text that said “This is what you’re missing!”, you sent us a picture of your face in reply. We laughed and then I had to have your cup-cake too, S was on diet and I was too but I never say no to cake!

Last year, we went to the fanciest and the most expensive restaurant in town. It had dim lighting and we could barely see our faces. Music was too soft and romantic for our liking and food came in too little portions for our appetite. People were too quiet and we were too loud. Everything felt off. That bill made our eyes pop so we paid it quick and ran to the restrooms to laugh. We laughed so much, we were literally on the floor. S threw up and there went our money.

This year, you guys have already sent me a list of restaurants to pick from, you’re already planning what to do, what to wear, what movie to watch.. but.. umm.. there’s something you guys seem to forget.. there’s another certain someone who’s already sent me a list, too.. and I’m kind of.. sort of.. like.. a little.. tiniest bit.. leaning toward his list more.. and I’m dreading telling you this but Chingus.. my dear beloved Chingus.. I think.. I think.. the time has come for me to be the one bailing on you. ENJOY!

P.S. if things don’t go well between a certain someone and I *spits on her left and knocks on wood 3 times* I promise I’ll let you guys throw cupcakes at his car next year!

Love, February.