Turns out, I won’t have to bail on my friends for our little valentine’s day tradition this year.. he doesn’t want Friday, he wants Thursday.

“Give me Thursday!”, he says.

“What?”, I’m confused, rightfully so. We were just talking about Friday, like, we are in a conversation about Friday, he just changed his mind.

He looks something up on his phone and goes: “Okay, wait, wait, wait!”. Wait for what? I’m not doing anything, I’m not saying anything, just looking at him, super excited suddenly, for God knows what. He actually opens the calculator on his phone and he’s doing some weird calculation. I ask him what he’s doing, he smiles to himself and doesn’t look at me (Seriously, WHAT?!).

When he’s done with whatever that was he goes: “Yes, I need Thursday.. what are you doing Thursday morning?”
“Going to work!!!”, I tell him.
“Do you have something important, can you skip it?”
“What?” I said that before but that’s all I manage to say right now, I’m too confused and he’s too excited, his face literally goes red and I’m wondering what idea is it that just hit him! It’s my first time seeing him like this and it makes me want to laugh. He says he wants to take me somewhere to show me something, he doesn’t say where or what, but he says it has to be Thursday!

“I won’t ask you to meet me on Friday, I promise!” (He uses this word we use in our language, more like I swear!). “Just give me Thursday, please!”

Like, he really expects me to skip work and go to some mystery place with him, which, he tells me, will take us about 2-3 hours drive (depending on traffic) to get there and, he tells me, we’ll most probably find ourselves the only ones there! Yes, he’s definitely planning to kill me, isn’t he? Why else would he say he’s not going to ask to meet on Friday, unless I’m no more, I’m dead, buried somewhere in that mystery place of his, that calculation he did is most probably how long it will take him to dig a hole in the ground that fits me (Yes, I’m totally panicking).

I’m telling you, Beanies, if I don’t show up on DB Thursday night and/or Friday morning, send in a rescue team for me (Preferably, Oppa’s), because yes (against my better judgement, against what dramas have taught me about not trusting guys who look like him because they usually turn out to be psychopaths or serial killers, or both), I said yes to giving him Thursday!

Un update and..
Love, February, I guess.