Beanie level: Rooftop room dweller

Thank you right back, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. Thank you for your music, your hearts, your time, your energy, and the casual waterfall that’s hanging around my house.


Week 7~

β€˜In this silent moment
I feel everything about me’

And in these quiet moments this week, I found joy in : an exquisite song, the vastness of the hills, glittering green branches, new life peeking out after the rain, and buds of lavender.

(I also found joy in watching Boyfriend and The Last Empress, but I gotta day, those were some really loud moments.)

Have a fantastic, wacky week, Beanies!


Hello οΌˆοΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎοΌ‰


Week 6~

Through the busy busy of life this week, I confess to neglecting my mission a bit, and I had to scrounge through the photos I took instead of having them prepared.

Nevertheless! Let me share with you : dewdrops smattering the roses, gold glittering on newly-made chocolate, my cinnamon-dashed hot chocolate, autumn-touched leaves warming in the sun, and the sky.

β€˜Cause the sky is cool. And I bet you were getting tired of reading my wannabe-poetic descriptions of my findings this week.


*throws some good foods at you to warm your belly and your heart*

Have a good day and a good week, Beans of the land!


@egads Is five enough for you? Consume with tea and a drama of your choice for maximum enjoyment!


Recipe For Gooey Insides With A Side Of Slump-Rescuing

Ingredients :
– Park Bo Gum
– A camera
– A book
– Hugs with Mom
– Fruit-selling
– Dancing with a little girl
– Gentlemanly behavior
– Turtlenecks (white, for health)
– Suits (blue or navy, for indulgence)
– Ramen slurping
– The most stupidly adorable drunk behavior that you can find (rarely seen at local supermarkets)
– A wrist-grab subversion

Method :

1. Mix to combine in two episodes. Inject with beautiful cinematography.

2. Let the mixture set up in a warm, draught-free area. After an hour and ten minutes, move it to a colder climate until you think you can breathe again.

3. Garnish with dazzling smiles.

Notes : This recipe is delicious, but terrible for the heart. Consume in appropriate doses.


Oh, hey there, my Ultimate Bread.

I haven’t even worked up the courage to start your new drama yet, but I’m pretty sure that I’m already fully halfway in love with you already.

Sheesh. I heard that books, cameras, turtlenecks, and kiddos are involved. How about you don’t shoot straight for my heart next time, please and thank you?

P.S. Stop smiling so much, I get all weak-kneed


The stages of watching The Last Empress go a little bit like this :


Week 5~

Hope you had a lovely week, Beanies! I went on a mini-excursion over the weekend, and on my way, I found :

my pasta (intentionally green), my shadow (β€˜twas waving when I found it), my cookie (the size of my face, nearly), windmills (seemed like there were a million, dotting the landscape), and my lovely view out of the window (that car seems familiar, does it not?)

and all these sights, I wish to share with you, because you deserve wonderful things, too.

(Aren’t I evil, sharing a cookie you can’t eat? What a punk.)


Week 4~

Woohoo, a month already!

Ok, I’ll be honest with y’all :
Yesterday was not good. Foggy brain, sluggish and tiredness all throughout stressful situations, a bunch of navigating with uncooperative but lovable people… it culminated into some cuts and bruises, metaphorical and physical.

However, at the end of the day, I had snickerdoodles. And it didn’t fix everything, I still felt pretty terrible, but it was nonetheless a good, warm presence in the day. It’s always a comfort to know that us and our problems don’t occur in a vacuum.

So for this week, we have : snickerdoodles, beautiful and fiery skies, the moon, sugar sculptures, and cinnamon rolls.

Have a fantastic one, Beanies. And if you disobey this order, well… come take a hug, if you will. Or a book. Or tea. It’s all a pile of good things and bad things, yeah? Let’s add to the good things.


Week 3~

Things that made me smile, that I hope can help you smile, too :

A poem, a street name, calligraphy on a bench, the sight of something delicious, and friendly decals!

Don’t forget to be awesome, Beanies. (As if I have to remind you.)


Keeping with the tradition of unconventional wedding quirks, I have decided to make these cinnamon rolls in place of the wedding cake :

(The guests can have these cream puff swans!)


I’ve brought some fusion dishes for dinner! #minminweds


Treasure hunt for Mindy’s Bachelorette Party!
For Challenge #2: Take a selfie with a random stranger. This weirdo is pretty nice. Can I adopt him?

#minminweds @mindy @crysta


We gotta have all the gals here!


Some more arrivals, who can never be late!


By the way, does the groom have the flower for his lapel yet? If not, I have some options here!


As the guests float around, I need some assistance! Can someone bring some servers by? We need to portion out and transfer these snacks to some platters! (Can someone pass me some cinnamon sugar, too? The pretzels are a bit misshapen, but it’s nothing a little dip won’t solve.)



Emo Rabbit Just Don’t Carrot All, But Perhaps Us Beanies Do

Hello, dear Beans! Rabbit recently updated, causing a lot of headaches and problems. The app and desktop version are currently incompatible, although they hope to switch to the new version across all platforms soon.

What this means right now : We still have our main chat groups on desktop, and are trying to figure out a way to preserve our Crock Of Beans to make sure we all stick together, and can still watch, snark, and talk together. We don’t know when the desktop version will update, as well.

For now, please :

This is the link to the new chat that you can access on mobile :

In the best case scenario, Rabbit will figure out through feedback that we don’t like this new format and change it back, and for that, I’d like to ask for your help.

If you could contact them/fill out a request ( letting them know that we aren’t onboard with these new changes, that would be amazing.

Sorry for talking so much, thank you for reading, and have a great day! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I’ll try to help in any way I can.