Beanie level: Rooftop room dweller

Week 45~

There’s a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where Calvin looks up to the sky that’s peppered with millions of stars, and yells,

β€œI’m significant!”

β€œScreamed the dust speck.”

And nope, I’m not contesting the fact that we’re dust specks, because we are pretty darn tiny and finite in the grand scheme of things.

That being said, since when does that have an impact on our worth? Dust speck + significance -> hardly mutually exclusive.

I saw.. many sights this past week. Vast plains, mountain ranges, dunes that never seemed to end… and then at the very end, I saw a little, tiny red balloon floating in the bluest sky I’d seen in a long time.

And with its tiny burst of color, that balloon made the view even more gorgeous than it was.

You’re the balloon.

Thank you for existing, you make the world a better place for being in it.

Go dust specks!

Have a wonderful week!


Week 44~

To quote my favorite Lin…


(That friend is me. I like you.)

*grabs my –

(It has just come to my attention that β€œwand” is β€œbaguette magique” and now I’m grinning like a fool.)

*grabs my baguette and flicks it, untensing those shoulders, smoothing out that furrow between your brows, and soothing any aches or pains*

*hits stressors in the stomach*

Not today.

Have a fantastic week,
~ The Whimsy


Week 43~

Brain.. not.. working.. used good words on a course..

*sleepy finger hearts as I shuffle off to bed*

Loveliest of thoughts for all of you, with warm food to keep you company. Thanks for existing, you’re a real keeper. <3

Have a splendid week!


Week 42~

The answer to life, the universe, and everything week.

42, sure. But also, love.

And some words that put things better than I can, right now.

Have a splendid week!


Week 41~

I wish you… a beautiful escape, to another world with dragons, chaebols, magic…. or maybe just one with quiet moments and a place to breathe in deeply, and soak up new scents and clean air.

*arms you with a book and a cup of something refreshing*

Have a good week~


Week 40~

Best of wishes and love on this International Day Of Friends! 💖 C’mere, I have a cozy spot on this picnic blanket for you, and a biiiig, fluffy ol’ pancake that just begs to be shared.

Have a brilliant week!


Week 39~

In case you haven’t had time to stop and smell the flowers and take in all the nature, or maybe don’t have them blooming around you right now… or maybe you have…

Well, you have a delivery!

Breathe it in deeply, and have a good week! πŸ€—


*ring ding dong*

A-yo, shoutout to @jaelegant! I want you to know that it doesn\’t take a sherlock to see that you\’re so amazing and beautiful, and I hope you have a fantastic day, full of chocolate, love, and good good feelings.


Week 38~

To dressing up like a 19th century heroine to go see a superhero movie, blowing bubbles, gallivanting around in search of rubber duckies, climbing rickety play structures, lifting your heels up to touch the top of the tallest tree from your position on the swing, gliding down halls in your socks, and going on wild adventures all while parked on a bench.

Or, to the things that you can do for you and yours, because they bring you joy or peace.

*snatches away any worries or self-consciousness for the week*



Get Memeing!

Hey y’all! Recently, during some of our discord adventures, we found out about custom emojis! Our server can have up to 50 at a time, so now I ask you :

What images would you like to have as your emojis? Do you have serious, wacky, or dramatic ideas in mind? Please comment with any potential ones you would like, or PM them to me on discord, and I shall assemble them into a folder and make them as soon as I can.

Sending the call out to all the discord people, and anyone else who may have a particularly fun face to add~~

@13infamyss @adieunoire @ally-le @minminfan @ayaan @babybeast @lugirl131415 @bluekoi @moomoomoondog @delphy010 @egads
@leetennant @esther95 @fatcat007 @frabbycrabsis @hades @infinitize @isthatacorner @ultramafic @llljr @jaelegant @justme @christina41218 @seashell @katakwasabi
@vivanesca @sensationalfantasy @lordcobol @mindy @noobita @outofthisworld @rukia @maybemaknae @saturtledaisy @shindy @sicarius @superwhopotterlock @hotcocoagirl @umbrellaman @waadmay @zetteceniza


I really really love this. That is all.


Week 37~

*grabs you some custom-made, sturdy trekking shoes, slippers, and Wonder Woman socks*

β€˜Cause the journey is long and you’ve gotta keep trudging on, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made a little bit more comfortable and a little less of a struggle.

Happy dayday~


Week 36~

”Even if I’m bad at it, I like the word beginning”

As the perfectionist I am, I often don’t want to start something that I think I won’t pick up quickly, and struggle with continuing if I have already started.

But there’s a difference between being horrible at something, and lacking the skills because you haven’t had time to settle in. So if you want to learn or try the new thing, please do. And I hope you can do all of the things you wish to, and enjoy them, no matter what objective skill you end up gaining from them.

*shoves other people’s thoughts and judgments to the side*

If you need the encouragement to start… *holds out my hands for you to step up on*

If you have started.. Thank you for your hard work in carrying on even when it’s frustrating. It is appreciated, and you are doing well.

*whispers* You can fly!

Have a good week, errybody~
Thanks for listening to my musings..


Holy mother of megazon.

I’ll just be over here…

screaming and swooning…

until the movie comes out.

I am so flipping excited. What the actual heck.


Some News And A Farewell

Hello, dear Beanfriends.

As many of us are aware of at this point, our wonderfully terrible group-watching site/app Rabbit is shutting down. (If you’d like to know a little bit about the situation :

We aren’t sure as to when it will cease to exist, but we have a couple of backup plans forming. Several of us have been looking into alternative sites and apps, although it’s rare for them to have both in one.

For now, we have a main chat on Discord, which seems to be the best option, with a chatting function outside of watches (which helps with coordinating times and plans) along with a screen-sharing function.

The link for that chat is here :


As frustrating and buggy as Rabbit could be, I am so grateful for the opportunities it gave us all to chat in real-time while watching/listening to things we love (or hate).

The initial idea was borne out of feverish desperation, a need heightened by 2AM excitement to share music with some Beans who didn’t have yet streaming access.

After the success of that first room, we thought to spread the news in the case that anyone else might be interested in the little site.

It’s been a over a year now since then, and in that time, around a hundred Beans have been brought to the dark side.

We’ve had hours-long music rooms, absolutely amazing live-translation watches (@kimbapnoona and @jenmole, have I mentioned that I love you recently?), crack watches,”I’m in this for the robot” watches, hate watches, accidentally traumatic watches, “put this dumb episode on 2x speed so we can get it over with” watches, “we’re replaying this five-second clip of Mr. Thornton for scientific research” watches…

And best of all, we’ve had a space to connect, to bond together through expertly-written keyboard-smashes and stimulating, intelligent discussions.

I want better words to describe my feelings for all that Rabbit has facilitated for us, but I’m afraid they are beyond my possession right now.

The experiences we’ve had over the past year are irreplaceable. Thank you all for sharing them with me and making them so very amazing. I’ve loved getting to know you all a little more through Rabbit.

P.S. I believe @babybeast among others are organizing farewell watches in the bunny’s honor, so please do join us, if you wish.

P.P.S. Lee Min Ki would look good in a mohawk. That is all.

P.P.P.S. If anyone has any questions regarding the changes, or has any insights into steps moving forward, please let me know! Thank you so much!

@greenfields, @fatcat007, @neener, @waadmay, @mindy, @estee, @hotcocoagirl, @kimbapnoona, @outofthisworld, @natzillagorilla, @giegie0384, @cloggie, @hades, @tspmasala, @isthatacorner, @rukia, @suriyana-shah, @sweetiepie54, @pbnjelly513, @jenmole, @lcaro13, @seashell, @samantha1, @parkchuna, @fencejumper, @delphy010, @paperclip, @minnetter, @shindy, @ally-le, @khalessymd, @manohira, @moomoomoondog, @ultramafic, @justme, @earthna, @baieda, @stpauligurl, @tsutsuloo, @kdramaswimmer, @giocare, @obsessedmuch, @vivanesca, @leetennant, @chingu, @sicarius, @coffeprince4eva, @miraalmano, @marybee, @jaelegant, @charlieblue17, @frabbycrabsis, @luzitania, @jaelegant, @crysta, @mollyp, @whoopeeyoo, @babybeast, @silvermists, @esther95, @beesgiggle, @zetteceniza, @dokutokunaneko, @feenah9895, @egads, @noobita, @samurai, @adieunoire, @christina41218, @saya, @festerfaster, @ravennightstar, @adieunoire, @blissfulennaira, @1tea1, @bebeswtz, @saturtledaisy, @snarkyjellyfish, @lordcobol, @llljr, @amilia, @katakwasabi, @infinitize, @superwhopotterlock, @minminfan

and alllll of the other Beans who have fallen into the bunny crock. (So so sorry if I missed you, this list hasn’t been updated 😭)


Week 35~

Thank you.

I hope in the following week, you have all of these in some measure :

– the courage to step out of your comfort zone, should you need to
– laughter, even in the harder moments
– remembrance of the fact that your mistakes aren’t what define you
– and that you are allowed to mistakes, because I’m 99% sure that you’re human
– hugs, good news, and more laughter

the funnies and the softies


β€œMaybe it hurts more because I thought it’d be easy.” 💔💛


Week 34~

Take what you need today.

A hug, a resting place, some reassurance, someone to shout or cry or laugh with or, or cheer you on… (Maybe you need a poke in the side? Who knows?)

It’s your Room of Requirement. Do what you will, but make it yours. It’ll be beautiful.

Decorating ideas for the room


A very very happy anniversary to the fellows who have inspired me, lifted me up on hard days, and facilitated the start of some absolutely beautiful friendships.

Thank you for your time, your artistry, your philosophy, your vulnerability and honesty, your heart. It is a precious gift.


Week 33~

”If you fall back a little, just rest
You’re doing fine, when things are hard
I’ll run with you, don’t worry
Get up and roll up your sleeves, don’t give up

Feels like you’re running without knowing where the end is
It’s a cycle of having a tired body and tired heart
You’re about to give up
But you’re the one who decides the end
What’s your decision?
Just the fact that you’re running toward the end

You’re doing enough
You’re doing just fine
I know you and you’re trying your best right now
That’s all you need
Just keep your pace
Don’t be nervous, trust yourself

You’re doing fine
Have strength, just endure a little more
I’ll be next to you
You gotta take your time, you can do it
You can do just fine”


Thank you for all you do – the service you give to others with your presence. Hope you’re giving the same service to yourself.

The warm things of the week (that aren’t my sweaty forehead that disagrees with the heat)