Beanie level: Rooftop room dweller

Week 30~

*whisper* You got this.

What is β€œthis”?

Don’t know.

But *gives you a little boost*

Be it getting through the day, a certain task…

You got it. (*hands you a blanket, a fan, tea, cookies, a listening ear, water, a green tree, and a reminder that it’s okay to let yourself rest or lean on a friend*)



Week 29~

To face-splitting smiles and the things that bring you joy, encouragement, and comfort. May you all have them in plenty.

The smells that would waft from my amortentia, and have caused the widest grins I’ve had this past week


Week 28~

I didn’t get a chance to take too many new photos this week, so I’ll instead tell you five beautiful things from the week :

~ Waking up to the sound of lightly pattering rain
~ The feeling of being enraptured by a novel
~ A full, full, full hug from a friend
~ A finally-organized shelf of books
~ Warm tea seeping through my bones

*tries to share the warmth (or some coolness, if you’re too hot to handle) with y’all*

Have a rad week full of the best of the little things.


    An organized shelf of books is the best. Have a beautiful week Bammsie 💕


    @bammsie I love these too! Little things can bring much joy.

    I’ve always like the sound of rain, watching the rain drops on the window pane. The weather here is hot throughout the year so we only have rain to bring respite from the heat. One of my favorite things is to lie in bed, with a good book and listening to the pattering rain.

    Is it your birthday today? Wishing you a blessed birthday full of joy and happiness!


      Yesss, that is an absolutely delicious feeling. We’ve been getting more rain here this year, and I almost don’t know what to do with it, I’m so used to the drought. It is a total blessing whenever it comes around.

      And yes, it is! Thank you so much! πŸ€— Have a wonderful day, too!


    Happy Birthday Bams!!!🎂🎉🎊 I hope you have an awesome and amazing day! You are such a sweet person and I am very thankful to you for being one of the first Beanies to get me out of my shell and talking to me on DB:) May God bless you so very much😀

    P.s. I really love your Tuesday posts! They remind me to look at the beautiful things around me when life gets hard, so thank you for that!!


      Jelly!! How I’ve missed you, it’s so good to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely wishes and words, I’m so warm. I smile whenever I see you posting, your reviews or little comments are such fun to read.
      Hope you’re doing well, and God bless you, too!

      I sound like Pollyanna at this point, so let me lean into it completely to say I’m so glad, glad, glad that they serve as a gentle reminder and not a completely silly, preachy thingamajig.


        I’ve missed you too Bams! I’ve been doing good, just busy, busy. Then wouldn’t work on my phone and my bro has my laptop so i haven’t had the time to catch up with you all, not that my fam would let me since they are soooo needy, lol. Hopefully I get to chat more with you soon!


Week 27~

The year was 1988, a time when it was chilly, but our hearts were fiery, a time when we didn’t have much but people’s hearts were warm.

It is not 1988, but nevertheless, this quote resonated with me deeply this week.

Taking a mo’ away from the busyness and the chaos to rest, and to say that I’m glad y’all are around. πŸ™‚ Take a little rest with me, if you haven’t stopped for a bit. Or if you need a some motivation to keep at something you need to, then have a little β€œHwaiting!” from me.

I have baguettes and hugs full of affection for any dumbling who wants any.

Have a wonderful week,
From some things that I hold dear


Week 26~

Like a simple piece of cake that fills one’s stomach,

I hope you can find a little joy, a little peace in small moments this week. πŸ™‚

My small moments to share.

(The sun was so warm and refreshing this week, without tipping into burning temperatures! The flowers aren’t quite as abundant as they were after the rains, but they’re still around, blooming beautifully.)


Week 25~

*pew pew*

*pew pew*

(It’s the love shot.

At all y’all.

Have a little extra love today from me. 🌺💕)

(We can also see this as pew pews at anxiety, fears, stress, and guilt. Hi-YA! *flying kick*)


*ring ring*

Hello, world? Yes, I would like to keep these two in my pocket. Thank you!


Week 24~

A great big shout-out to friends, because life is infinitely better (not necessarily easier or cleaner or less complicated) when it’s shared.

*squeezy hugs* Have a lovely week!


Week 23~

β€œHeart don’t fail me now,
Courage, don’t desert me
Don’t turn back now that we’re here”

”I must stop all these doubts,
All these worries.
If I don’t, I just know I’ll turn back!
I just dream of the things I am seeking.
I am seeking the courage I lack…

I have confidence in sunshine,
I have confidence in rain,
I have confidence that spring will come again,
Besides what you see I have confidence in me!”

I’ve been repeating these words to give myself courage, despite that fact that I rarely truly feel courageous or capable. But trying to believe is a start, right? I’m speaking it into existence.

I can be confident.
I sound like a motivational speaker who likes to oversimplify complex and difficult mindsets to overcome.
I am capable.
I can do this.

And it’s not easy. But I’m very glad that I can believe that I can get to place where I can believe in myself.

*sends you some stones, not to knock you down, but for your self-love/respect/esteem/motivation to step on, so that they can receive a boost, too*

Let’s go, life. Let me embrace you with stumbling steps and the best scraped knees you’ve ever seen.

Have a good week, Beanies. 💖


    I totally sang those lyrics in my mind as I read them 😄
    Happy Tuesday bams! I always look forward to your weekly post 🙂 Have a great week and I hope find the courage you lack.


    Jack-Jack! 💙 I always thought the coolest thing about Jack-Jack isn’t that he’s a baby yet kicks ass with a ton of superpowers, but that because he’s a baby with a ton of superpowers, he has potential to develop any of them into his main superpower. I’d like to think we all have a Jack-Jack in us. Hwaiting to you too, Bams! 😊


      Yes!! I heard a bit of trivia about him the other day that I thought I had known – that the Parrs’ superpowers were based off of their roles in the family. I got it for Bob and Helen, but hearing that
      Vi has force fields and invisibility powers because she’s the teen, when they usually are dealing with identity crises, being outcasts, and feeling misunderstood,
      Dash has super speed because he’s the elementary schooler with that unstoppable energy and enthusiasm for things,

      and Jack Jack, who’s still growing, so his potential is unknown but so very vast and varied.

      We don’t know what he’s going to choose or be best at, but the fact that he does indeed have that ability to choose and hone his powers is inspiring indeed!

      To the Jack Jack in all of us!


    I should have tagged you to this earlier! I hope it brings you a smile to your face!


Week 22~

*goes up to my rooftop room, hangs onto the rail, and screams*


Sometimes, you just gotta do that.
It may seem childish or silly, but.. I don’t think it is.

a gal who’s learning to be okay with validating her emotions, and releasing them.

*continues screaming*


Scream if you need to, cry if you need to, talk things out if you need to, and remember to eat and stay hydrated.

You got this.


As I was looking for an old post of mine, I realized that today marks a year since my first day as a non-lurker! It’s been such an eventful time, and the site feels like a little safe haven, that I can’t believe it’s been so long and so short at the same time.

Thanks for being the best online community, Beanies! You’ve made me laugh and cry with your wit and honesty, and I love reading all of the discussions and talks about.. anything, really!

(And as my first post was regarding YWFP, have a finger heart from me and Minho!)


(Photo credit to the owner)

Breathtaking and inimitable? Absolutely.


Week 21~

Thankful for the minutiae of everyday life today. They’re not always fun by any means, but still, there is beauty among them, even when I can’t see it.

Have a wonderful week, everybody.

*sends you some brisk, fresh air to renew you*


For @raonah, and anybody else who needs some sweetness and warmth right now. These are β€œminis” that inflated to become much bigger than I meant them to be, but they can still keep their original title, right?

(Also, happy Pi day!)


Week 20~

Spring has sprung, and nature is in full bloom, sending a hello to the world!

Dear old world, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.

*sends a hand squeeze out to the Beanieverse*

Because it’s hard to be glad, sometimes, but I hope that there can be reminders around you of the brighter things that you can take joy in.


In light of the recent goings-on in The Light In Your Eyes, I have some musings.

It truly is a magnificent show, so masterful that I couldn’t even dream of where it was taking me at first.

Perhaps it is still flawed, and maybe I’ll pick it apart another day, but I truly feel as if I have just watched a birth of a beautiful creation.

At first, there were the bold strokes of color that captured my attention, streaking across the canvas in a glorious wave.

And then the strokes stopped, and the small flourishes came in. A dot here, a smudge there, and I was left feeling a bit unsure. β€œWhat is this artist doing? The outline is marked over, and it seems so… messy.” But still, it was beautiful, and I kept watching, mesmerized.

The artist kept going, with a gentle, steady pace.

β€œThere are so many dots! How will any of this ever come together? I’ve never seen this shape before.”

β€œOh, that color, there? Are you sure? Maybe you could get rid of that bit. And why are those pieces so far apart?”

Then at last, artist took up her brush again, and with a deliberate and practiced swoop, began finishing her work. At the same time, she motioned to a ladder, and I tentatively climbed it, and looked down.

And it all came together.

The outline I had seen in the beginning was only a fragment of her piece. I was right; the portrait is still messy, smudged, and discolored.

But it only adds to the story that is breathing out of it, pulsating with life and longing and love.

Because life and its frailty is messy, smudged, and discolored. And it can be so very, very sad.

But it should also be treasured.


    I stopped watching it after about 3-4 eps, but clearly I need to pick it up again. Also Bams, are you sure you’re not a published writer with a wealth of world and life experience, just pretending to have a different identity on DB so we don’t discover who you are?


      It’s so odd, because it’s a show that I’d have a hard time recommending to people, because it’s so unusual. You think it’s going one way, and you don’t realize that the path has widened until you pause and spin around a little bit.

      Haha, well, I would love to be a published writer (*files that bit away in my dream box*), but I’m afraid not. I’m just a small bean trying to figure out what in the heck this crock is doing.


    “Because life and its frailty is messy, smudged, and discolored. And it can be so very, very sad.

    But it should also be treasured.”



    Such a beautiful piece! Thank you!

    You said everything that’s needed to said and so aptly and beautiful written!


      *blushing* Thank you!! I was such an inarticulate mess while watching the latest episode, so I’m glad I was able to explain a little bit of how I felt when I felt like everything fell into place.

      I also compared the feeling to Elephant and Piggie (I adore children’s books), in the book Waiting Is Not Easy!. I felt like I was the elephant Gerald, excited for what I was going to see, and intrigued along the journey, knowing that it’ll be good, but still ultimately impatient. And then I finally saw what was there all along, and it was so much more than I could’ve imagined, and it was breathtaking.

      *wants to ramble on and on and on*

      I love this drama.


    Bams, I’m still a jumble, but all the words you said I feel so deeply. What wonderful insight, and so beautifully put. We shouldn’t be surprised. You are just a young woman in a 75 year old body after all.


This was my very first BTS song, the one that started it all, and made me fall in love with the discography of seven that is rich with vulnerable and real storytelling. Thank you, Min Yoongi, for sharing your story, your struggles, your corner of your memory. β™‘ Have a wonderful 25th year, full of adventures, and rest.


Week 19~

With a gentle grasp, I pick up your week,
and add a dash of color into it!

Some burnt orange,
rich brown,
fanciful yellow,
dashing blue,
warm red,
delicate purple,
vivid green.
Black and white too, for contrast and boldness.

Kabam! *hands your week back to you*
There, isn’t it purty?


I like it, I like it!

What a sweet message to debut with, txt! Thanks for making such a refreshing, bright song. 😁 It made my morning cheerier. Keep up the good work!


So in French class today, all of the students had to write about an invention (one we created, or one we like/want), and explain why it would be useful. We wrote a whole paragraph on our papers, and then had to sum it up in a couple of sentences.

After some struggling and many taps of my pencil, this is what went on the board :

β€˜Les Lampes CΕ“ur’ vont amΓ©liorer votre vie quotidienne avec amour. Vous appuieriez sur votre lampe, et la lampe de votre ami s’allumera.

(Heart Lamps will improve your daily life with love. You press on your lamp, and your friend’s lamp will light up.)

(At least, that’s what I think I wrote.)

My French professor saw my sentences, shook her head and laughed, and said, β€œSo very sentimental. I like it.”

Thank you, Jia.