Beanie level: Rooftop room dweller

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Lee Min-Ki,

Happy birthday to you!

Following the example of non-traditionalist ways, I have traded out the triple-decker cake for three kimchi pancakes.

Happy birthday, good sir. Thank you for making us laugh and cry and embrace our ahjumma pants and love of pottery. You’ve touched our (uri) hearts for good.


Week 12~

Wishing for a peaceful day and week for you and yours. Peace through whatever you’re going through, peace with where you are at, peace with yourself.

– From me, my book, these plants, who are still growing too, the rain, petrichor, and my inability to utilize semicolons when necessary.


Hey, Twoppa.

I heard that today marks your 24th revolution around the sun, so here\’s a post, dedicated just for you.

When I learned about you, you made me groan. The character I found myself liking exists in a flawed, bonkers drama, and the fact that your sleepy, snarky, weirdo, terrible-violin-playing ways were making my maternal walls crumble made me annoyed beyond belief.

So I resisted and denied. And made faces.

And even as I turned away,

I stressed because you played with bubbles, and umbrellas, and wore dumb ol\’ turtlenecks, and there were behind-the-scenes pictures of you playing with kids and smiling at your mom. And the genuine, food-stealing, trying-to-be-a-good-friend-even-if-his-methods-were-quirky character kept worming his way into my heart. Ugh.

I liked you so much, I wanted to strangle you.

So happy birthday, Darren Chen. You\’ve tortured me for half a year now, but your character caused many a good laugh, and for that, I am grateful.

*cough* Those laughs weren\’t usually mine, but that\’s okay.


Come Snark With Us!

The Last Empress watches continue in all of their glory this Friday and Saturday at 7PM EST!

@kimbapnoona @natzillagorilla @justme @egads @stpauligurl @katakwasabi

and anyone else who wishes to join, because watching laundry being done is riveting.


The Cray Cray, the Clown, and the Cutie <3


Week 11~

Aaaaand the 💖 things photographed this week are : a steaming cup of jasmine tea, tasty ramen, raindrops on roses (no whiskers on kittens 🙁), cinnamon caramel, and cheeeeesecaaaaaaake.

πŸ€— Wishing you a good week with whatever you need most, be that rest, comfort, snazzy dramas, or quality time with a puppy (or maybe a friend.)


The directing is gorgeous.
The cinematography is stunning.
The score is thrilling.
The acting is phenomenal.

Thank you, The Crowned Clown! (Alternatively titled Cray Cray And The Clown…. Thank you, @leetennant) You’ve officially kicked me back into dramaland. Bring on episode 2, and all of the other dramas I had on hold..

(Thanks for putting it on, @ultramafic! The rabbit watch was 💞. Mooooooo!)


Week 10~

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BEANIES! I am so thankful to all of you for making 2018 precious with your thoughtful discussions, caring messages, and quirky, snarky words. Have a fantastic 2019! Thank you Beanie overlords and staff for all of your hard work, too!

May the kimchi and drama writers be with us. Onwards!

(The following images are a representation of my emotions regarding the new year.)


Sending all my best wishes and love over to @neener today, the best and kindest and most savage intelligence agent there ever was! Thank you for the fun times and conversations we’ve shared, the silly memes and the important event info you dig up, and most importantly, thank you for being inimitably you! You’re so thoughtful and lovely and so many other things that I will never know. (Thank you also for putting up with this crazy maknae.) Happy Birthday, Nee Neener Neen Unnie! 😘 May this next year be blessed and bright, and may you have the courage and strength to face whatever lies ahead. (May it be full of flowers and hikes and amazing music and what you love.) You got this! Fighting!

This song’s for you. 💖


Happy Birthday, Taehyung!! Hope the day is full of smiles and wonderful memories. Thanks for adding your special touch to some of my favorite songs ever. <3


Waiting for you Anpanmaaan!

Ballin ballin still Bangtan~

Making anpan is so. much. fun. 😍


Week 9~

Merry Christmas and have a beautiful day and week from me and my food! 😁 Thank you Beanies, for making this year so lovely, with your discussions, support, snark, and hugs. 💞


Merry Merry Christmas, Beanies! Have a fantastic and wonderful day. 😊


Week 8~

I’m laaaaate!

Hey, that rhymes.


It is still technically within the week for me, though, so.. better late than never!

This week, I felt reminded of the beauty in simplicity.. of little lines on a page, of ordinary sunshine trickling through the trees, of everyday dew clinging to flowers, of yearly orange blossoms, and of brownies with no special ingredients.

They’re utterly commonplace, and are just as utterly precious.

Hey, you’re just as utterly precious, too! So have a good one, okay? Be gentle with yourself. *narrows my eyes at you* Okay?


The other day, I went on a hike. It was the perfect weather for it, and I felt happy and accomplished when I reached the top of the mountain.

In a celebratory mood, I wanted to get a picture with my friend on an overhanging rock formation, from which the whole landscape below was visible.


I have a fear of heights.

So to encourage myself as I inched my way onto the rock, very determinedly not looking down and not focusing on the fact that I was standing 2,000 feet above ground level, I started chanting.

Louder and louder.



Dear @greenfields informed me in regards to this drama’s existence, and you know this means I have to watch it, right? Right? It’s the law. These darned titles pull me right in. (Why do you think I was so enamored with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food before it aired? It certainly wasn’t the coats, or the lovely actors, or the ambiance, or the premise. No, no, not at all.)


Thank you right back, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. Thank you for your music, your hearts, your time, your energy, and the casual waterfall that’s hanging around my house.


Week 7~

β€˜In this silent moment
I feel everything about me’

And in these quiet moments this week, I found joy in : an exquisite song, the vastness of the hills, glittering green branches, new life peeking out after the rain, and buds of lavender.

(I also found joy in watching Boyfriend and The Last Empress, but I gotta day, those were some really loud moments.)

Have a fantastic, wacky week, Beanies!


Hello οΌˆοΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎοΌ‰


Week 6~

Through the busy busy of life this week, I confess to neglecting my mission a bit, and I had to scrounge through the photos I took instead of having them prepared.

Nevertheless! Let me share with you : dewdrops smattering the roses, gold glittering on newly-made chocolate, my cinnamon-dashed hot chocolate, autumn-touched leaves warming in the sun, and the sky.

β€˜Cause the sky is cool. And I bet you were getting tired of reading my wannabe-poetic descriptions of my findings this week.


*throws some good foods at you to warm your belly and your heart*

Have a good day and a good week, Beans of the land!