Next batch of favorite 2019 songs.

above the time by IU. I’ve slowly been delving into IU’s catalog. I like the way she uses her voice like a musical instrument. Maybe because she is a solid singer and not playing off of other’s harmonies I’ve noticed how she plays off and with the instruments. I think this song showcases it well, plus sometimes her voice is so clear and pretty it almost hurts.

You Calling My Name by Got7. I like how the majority of this song feels almost spare and very concise but also layered and warm. It shows of some lovely vocals. I still do not understand the addition of Mark’s spoken lyrics. I’m assuming he was like “ok if you want me to, but you know they dont make much sense. ” But that is a small quibble.

Pink Magic by Yesung. What can I say I saw him on Knowing Bros and liked his face. So over to YouTube I went. This song came up and I fell for his vocals. Love a voice that feels like it has texture to it. And it looks like he is having fun with it. Also, enjoy this slightly adorkable live stage…..that dance.


    I don’t know how I missed this! I thought I had caught up on the fanwall posts. Thanks for mentioning this in your reply to my comment 🙂
    It seems like Mark often gets the lines that are sort of cringey 😬 The song is supposed to be about the fans calling their names though so the ‘If you’re not here, I’m not here’ is about how they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the fans.
    Also, if you liked that, you might like Jus2’s album Focus. It was a similar style.