It is quiet on here so my final batch of favorites without feeling like I’m spamming.
Want by Taemin. The song but also the album is wonderful. I feel 2019 belongs to Taemin. I’ve heard him say that when singing he is careful because his voice will slide into a lower register and there is a verse in this song when he does that…..and he needs to do it more often. It sounds so good. And as always his dancing is wonderful, he has such control over his movements.

I Wanna Be by Key. I’m trying to think what to say about it and keep thinking, “Its so good”, lol. Its catchy and fun with some humor and Key just shines and he lets Soyeon shine to who could almost run away with the whole thing. It reminds me of Complex where I like the whole song and find myself anticipating the rap break.

Closer to You by EXO -SC. This song is a summer night. Chanyeol ‘s singing voice is such a delight to me here and blends so well with Sehun’s. I also think the MV is adorable and humorous with how it goes with the lyrics.

Dreams Come True by The 8. This song and performance is so charming. I really wish it was on Spotify so I could listen to it more often. I know like one Seventeen song and this would of passed me by if I hadn’t heard about it on a podcast. I hope, if you haven’t, you watch it. If Closer to You is a summer night this is a spring day.