I feel like I’ve never seen him smile that wide before. It beautiful. This scene genuinely made me cry. Would I spend $300 for my little sister? Perhaps, but inclusive of all my 6 sisters. Wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise hehehe.


    I cried too when I watched it.
    It was so powerful.
    Those two love each other so much and they will never say those words, but they just are devoted to each other the in the way only siblings can be.
    During this episode we saw a part of Hwi we never saw, introvert, sad because of her fear that his beloved brother wouldn’t come back anymore.
    And we also that wide open smile of EunSeob when he sees his little sister so happy with her bike. We’ve seen him happy, but I believe never THIS happy.
    I declare this scene my favorite in all drama so far.


    He’s been smiling a lot more since he was true to his feelings for Hae-won but you’re right. This is probably the biggest smile he’s ever had and I’m glad it’s with Hwi. After his uncle has been hammering him with thoughts that he’s a stranger and that he was meant to be alone all his life, Eun-sseob still chose to be with his family. If this was the usual Eun-seob, he would have fled but this Eun-seob stayed. Omg wait crying again


      As good as the romance story is, it’s this particular scene that stole the stage for the week. Probably the entire drama so far. As long as there’s love and care in the water, blood doesn’t matter.


        I declare this my favorite scene of the drama so far.
        I’m loving the OTP and the Bookclub scenes, but this one is just the one that stole my heart.