You know you’re entertaining when you’re given the most airtime…. BTOB is not known as one of the most beagle idols famous as effortlessly entertaining for nothing.
Their TIPSY live broadcast is the longest one yet (second longest is Heechul’s). Can’t wait for the subs.

I love how so many comments are either about how people see no difference between their drunk and sober behavior (Pffft), or how Minhyuk our rapper slayed all the falsettos and adlibs and harmony, or how they sound good even drunk and fooling around, or how Sungjae is so drunk in the video he forgot the lyrics. Haha.
Sungjae said many times before that he doesn’t enjoy drinking much because he can have fun without drinking and doesn’t hold his liquor well… I don’t know about the not enjoying part, but for sure I believe him about the getting drunk way too easily part. lol. He was beetred.