I liked the first episode of The Crowned Clown though it was a bit long. It would be not a real sageuk if at least 5 high-ranking people weren’t executed for their alleged involvement in treason. And there are no unnecessarily prolonged scenes (in which tvn usually takes pleasure). Yeah!
I find the Queen’s meek and spiritless character very boring. I’m not going to watch this drama for the romance, I guess.
To my great surprise, there is no familiar face among the actors who play the ministers. I must admit I’m such a strange person that I like the old scheming ministers in sageuks.
Last but not least, Yeo Jin Goo is excellent both as the paranoid king and as the simple clown. And how handsome he is!

PS Personally I ship them! (But I’m prepared for this girl’s suffering because a young noble man at the party was staring fixedly at her.)