my life is messy perhaps less messy than it was like idk 5 mins ago but still messy but i…………………i am getting more involved in stuff and will use my “art” skills so. no job tho!


    doing more work with orgs and literal organizing. learning more. i’m gonna work on a media group and try to get hat running for my part of the world. i won’t get paid and honestly i’m pretty stressed…after my frickin healthcare got taken away for like a month i’m also pissed. but my existential angst could be worse. i’m glad i’m doing more things lol let’s see how far i’m willing to go. i mean i’m willing to go far but i really need to learn how to fight HAHA

    while this is happening ill try to like keep up editing and finishing my film and trying to feel ok about my artistic career. it’s tough. and rn i am…displeased but whatevah